Laidback Show Episode 12

28th December Bomb Blast on MA Jinnah Road during the Ashura Procession
Awab’s video report of the next days tour of the area
Faisal Kapadia celebrates his Birthday
Aman Ittehad holds a Solidarity day on 1st Jan and had a Press Conference on 31st December to hype up the media
All Pakistan Youth pays hommage to Quaid Mazar on 25th December, Abid Beli and Sarfaraz Khan coordinates this effort
Awab’s video report on the 25th December Quaid Mazar visit
Awab goes to Ayesha Tammy Haq’s show for the Aman Ittehad
Sana Saleem outshines the old-bloc of Nadeem Farooq Piracha
Faisal plans to go to the Hingol Offroading trip on 8th Jan


One response to “Laidback Show Episode 12”

  1. Ahmad Avatar

    I think its ok to use english when we are typing on the forums or internets, but i see it extremely offensive when people say some sentences in urdu and some in english, may be mixing couple of words is ok.

    I just lose interest if i see this. might have been a good effort i will never know.