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Azm-e-Ali Shan – The Great Resolve

To be a part of this initiative visit and register your AZM: www.azmealishan.com or send an SMS “azm |space| name to 5454” – NOW

Centered around the idea of the Lahore resolution 70 years ago, a group of independent activists decided to help mobilize citizens to celebrate the unity and spirit of patriotism and to drive them towards a more progressive Pakistan, this unique initiative aims to revive the same spirit of nationhood and community that lay at the heart of the vision of Pakistan. Drawing on the idea of the ‘azm’ made by our elders and leaders 70 years ago, the Azme Alishan website www.azmealishan.com invites citizens to make their ‘azm’ to be part of a brighter and more prosperous Pakistan. Azm-e-Ali Shan, an urdu term means “The Great Resolve

Each user who registers and makes an ‘azm’ claims his/her pixel and declares himself/herself as a ‘Nishan-e-Azm’. Each pixel thus represents a resolve to contribute to bringing Pakistan back to its rightful glory. As more and more ‘azms’ are made and more and more pixels filled in, a colorful picture of Minar-e-Pakistan emerges. People can also take part in contributing pixels via SMS. Sending an SMS with azmname to 5454 also unveils a pixel in their name.

The website also includes the National Song Competition that encourages budding singers to submit their own national songs and be a part of Azme Alishan National Song CD. The website is further to be unveiled on the 23rd of March 2010 as represented by the time counter on the website.

The project also includes some on the ground activities proving that patriotism runs the cyberspace as well as the streets. Among them are the Dia activity in Lahore in which people lighted dia’s {candle lights} to represent their ‘azms’. In addition, a motorcycle rally is also being held to create awareness of Azme Alishan. 70 motorcyclists will ride throughout the city of Lahore and symbolize 70 years since the signing of the Lahore Resolution. The motorcyclists will be carrying the national flag and and wearing Azme Alishan t-shits and helmets to signify hope, optimism, solidarity across the country.

The concept is a unique attempt to bring together Pakistanis and unite them in this drive of digital and on-ground patriotism by combining a number of campaigns on this new media platform. The idea is to recreate the sense of unity and patriotism that was present in our leaders 70 years ago and to mobilize citizens to come together and rebuild their country ‘one pixel at a time’.

To be a part of this initiative visit and register your AZM: www.azmealishan.com or send an SMS “azm |name| to 5454” – NOW


  • heehaa |

    paaaak srrr zameeen shaadbaaad,

    kiaa bacheygaa zardari kai baad,

    khagaey mardood, karengaey barbad,

    Jo kabhee thaa azm-e-alee shaan,

    rah gaya haai jaisey toota hoaa makan,


    DHA kai phases aur generals kai makan,

  • Aly B - DiscoMaulvi |

    Dear heehaa, Dr Jawwad Khan & Raza M Qureshi

    You lament the politicians and generals taking quai's Pakistan in their pockets, but you forget that it is us who is letting the do it. Shouldn't we be asking this very potent question? Am I part of the problem or part of the solution? https://teeth.com.pk/blog/2010/03/22/am-i-part-of-

    Have we really tried to stop these people from corrupting Pakistan? Fact of the matter is, it is WE who are corrupt, whether it is breaking that traffic signal or whether it is bribing that cop after getting caught breaking the signal. Let's not blame others for the sorry state our country is in.

    "Ask not what your fellow citizens have done to your country, ask rather what you have done to prevent them from doing it?"

    • dr jawwad khan |

      “Ask not what your fellow citizens have done to your country, ask rather what you have done to prevent them from doing it?”


      Good question!

      i didn't do significant things….but i swear by God if i got a chance, i shall kick some liberal butts really very very hard.

  • Nazia |


    It is not very serious matter that they are eating away Pakistan resources, but it is worth to ponder that they are leaving hell like situation for common Pakistanis.Here we are all time vulnerable to state crimes and terrorist attacks without any protection from state, foreign invasion and drone attacks and highly insecure future for our next generation.

    They are moving their assets and generation to west and Musharraf and zardari the last and latest ruler is clear example of their trends.

    What clue we need more to call then traitor or absconder!

  • Nazia |

    Dr khan

    Again failed attempt to show your helplessness.

    why your pattari(pandora box) is void of any sensible and reasonable comment or you have some childhood default problem?

  • dr jawwad khan |

    yes i am helpless human being!

    I can't give any one a "hidaya"

    regarding your reasonable comments!!!


    1) like Quaid e Azam was worst husband and father.

    2) Allama Iqbal is philanderer.

    3) Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan is a criminal

    4) Indian muslims are getting justice

    5) Highly unreliable and biased links showing atrocities

    against minorities?

    there is must be a limit for every thing….God damn it

    Who are you people?

  • dr jawwad khan |

    chamar and Amercan agents like pervez hoodbhoy are respectable person?

    Why all qadiyanis, liberal asses,apostates ,islamophobes, followers of maccauli and goebbels are keen to post unique ideas on internet?

  • Nazia |

    If you cant digest the truths and reality then I am not responsible of respecting your idols and ideals in this world.

    You can make photos of all your heroes and give them salute after each hour.Who is stopping you??

    There is no limit of human thinking and some minds cant digest hypocrite and wrong interpretation of reality.

    If you are in search of reasonable comments match with your reasonable personality than PTV is here to listen or join it for carry your mission of deception.

    For coming to independent forums, if you have weak heart for listening others' bitter views, then either dont come there or ignore people who have different nature .

    This blog world is not barrack of army or primary school of govt where session starts with obedience and dictation.No other choice is placed there for confined and limited minds.

    We are real people and you people have to accept it in coming days.No one is demanding hidya from little heart and mind people like you.


    hi m going to make video about azam e alishan.. coz m doing project of video editing send ur video clip 30 to 45 sec at discoverwtali@yahoo.com

    i can do any thing for my pakistan



  • Babar Sharif |

    Yes truly agreed. The GREAT RESOLVE needs to be revived and instilled into the next generation of Pakistan. The true meaning of freedom and the essence of patriotism, that is what I have mentioned in my article. Please have a read: