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Telenor – Karo Mumkin

For this past month Telenor Pakistan has been running an initiative called Karo Mumkin. Celebrating its 5th year of mobile services in Pakistan the team at Telenor have committed themselves to making it more of a national celebration then a mere anniversary for the company.

The idea is to have faith in the ingenuity of the people of Pakistan and inspire them to think of creative ideas that can make a difference in Pakistan. Telenor is committed to making that idea a reality. Initially Pakistanis are being sourced for submitting ideas till the 31st of March, after which Telenor will select 20 of the best ideas to be presented in the Karo Mumkin show, it is then the people of Pakistan will judge which idea should make it as Telenor’s Karo Mumkin initiative to create a positive change in Pakistan

I believe this to be a a great positive step taken by Telenor and hail the entire company to have truly thought out an inspiring concept. Go submit your Karo Mumkin idea and be the inspiration for change in Pakistan.

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  • S.A.R.A |

    My Idea is that they should make more use of it, and actually start SMS classes for the masses – Don't know how, but they should come up with something in collaboration with the ministry of education. It will be a great step towards development of the country, and superb marketing for their brand.

    • Nazia |

      It is one of progressive idea generated by any mobile company other than stupidities of free late night packages.

      Ministry of education has been corrupt more than our thought and only change can be brought through private sectors.Our FBR and Finance ministry should assign similar jobs to such groups that instead of giving taxes, they provide education facilities along with their all boosters net work setup all over the Pakistan.if such booster towers can reach in remote areas of Pakistan then why education system cant penetrate in our lower class through same companies.

      But no one has courage to literate the deprived class.

  • Nazia |


    I dont know what is happening in Karachi but in Rawalpindi circle specially in commercial areas, pamphlets and and news paper name jirar or zarar , are on high campaign against telenor.I read this paper and pamphlets on many shops in which telenor is trying to be charged under blasphemy.I was shocked reading the hatred level in these papers.I have asked shopkeepers that what the hell is going on and who is doing this and why you are accepting all this mess .

    The people told me we are ale suunit and this paper and newspapers belong to some sunni group and we are obliged to buy this paper.

    I said you know how much Pakistani are working with this group and if you would want to close its offices how many families suffered like that on the bases of baseless allegation on this company.They have only one reply of my all questions that ahle suunit are against this that is why it is happening like that.I just end my discussion with them that who told you that we or employees of this company are not followers of sunnah do you think we are ahle Musa or ahle Essa.

    My personal perception is quite different and I think some rivals of Telenor is financing these paid mullahs for ousting this company and business would be diverted to some particular company.Same theme of relgious fanaticism is being applied to create chaos in streets of Pakistan against particular group.

    After this ignited literature, I think telenor has decided for such inspiring campaign .

  • Rashid Saleem |

    Indeed an effort to inject the positive spirit into a nation marred with the shadows of terrorism. I wish to see more efforts like these in future. Plus it also highlights the social responsibility of corporate giants.

  • Waseem |

    I really appreciate the effort of telenor. I think Telenor makes excellent job(Karo Mumkin) on celebrating its 5th year of mobile services in Pakistan and have committed themselves to making it more of a national celebration then a mere anniversary for the company.

    Thanks Telenor