What’s a Meridian Jet doing in Karachi?

Last week while traveling to Islamabad for a personal visit I noticed this jet parked on the tarmac near the PAF sheds, little did I think again about the airplane until I read a blog post by Omar R Quraishi who also happened to notice this plane while he was jet-setting to Lahore for a day, upon his return he put his journalistic talents to use and Googled out some concerning facts.

Meridian Airways previously known as Air Charter Express is being used by British Ministry of Defense from RAF Lyneham base and may also be engaged in flying to Afghanistan as well. With extensive involvement of the US and British forces in Pakistan, it might be as simple as a routine trip to Pakistan shipping supplies to the American forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But Omar logically deduced some similarity with CIA covert rendition program to say

The plane looked very similar to other aircraft that have appeared in news stories every now and then on the whole so-called ‘rendition’ programme in which the CIA uses private aircraft to ferry prisoners to various countries where they are then interrogated so that US laws regarding prisoners and torture don’t have any bearing.

We know for a fact that the US has in the past smuggled out a number of Pakistani nationals out of Pakistan, so I too would be worried as to why this jet is being operated in Pakistan it being suspicious parked behind three PAF Jets at the Karachi Airport, Omar Quraishi rightfully questions

Who came on it? What was it being used for? And how many such planes use Karachi airport in a week? A month? We are taxpayers and our taxes go to pay for installations such as Karachi airport and for the salaries of the air traffic controllers who interact and guide these planes to land — surely we need to know –who is going to tell us this?



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      //"Approximately 1 and half year was one of my best time in the life."//

      Dr. sb. sorry to say this but what kind of a joyless existence do you have that commenting on teeth maestro was the highlight of your life?

    3. Nazia Avatar


      This way you can judge the standard of enjoyment of dr khan.

      I am still unable to understand why he left his tiny, harmless enjoyments of life just because of this spam filter.

      You know in our religion all acts are allowed with restrictions some are soft hurdles and some are strictly not allowed to pass.

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  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar

    –who is going to tell us this?


  3. khalid humayun Avatar

    Teethmaestro: We are as much ignorant of the fact as you are (although you saw the plane live). I do not believe and write on presumption as I do not write UFO seen on a desolute place.

    However, for those who like presumptions they should bear in mind before writing on this that you have mentioned Meridian was taxied in a hanger near PAF. PAF has a management that logs every event of the aerodrome and every soul and product is documented before departure and after arrival.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      well the question poised by Omar Quraishi is relevant, no major conspiracy theories, just plain questions as to why its there

      As far as documenting people going on and off the plane – I could agree – little does it inspire confidence when our very own Army has admitted to have let a large number of its nationals extradited out of Pakistan – and forever remain on the missing persons list. I believe this might NOT be the plane, but in a place where our own government conspires against us – we as the civil society need to step up and act like watch dogs, most of the time we might be wrong, but once in a while we might step on the wrong toe.

      The reason I shared Omar's investigation was to maybe elaborate on the power of citizen journalism as potentially to protect our civil liberties amongst a pit-full of ready-to-eat-your-head-off politican snakes

  4. Newb3e Avatar

    Sania Malik has landed lol

  5. khalid humayun Avatar

    Teeth: I appreciate your concern, yes our past history is exactly the same as to what you have explained. Even there were soulless persons in our army but I think the culture has changed. Again this is my "presumption" which may be wrong.

    However, I agree that media should bring into notice every odd and strange things happening in Pakistan.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Since the time of musharf regime these UFOs are intruding in Pakistan cities and critical areas that is why Musharraf and shaukat aziz took no time to quit Pakistan after 80 convoy car protocol had been taken away from them.

      Kiayni shahib is masat malang soldier whose life rotates his realgod father and around his seat of COAS so green siganl is given to them but trying to create hindrance in their visa entry so might increase share rate.

      First these UFOS come in foreign airlines and moved and picked what ever location for their residence by paying heavy price to locals.here Near rawat Malik riaz under musharf orders has created an outstanding living area for such UFOs where they are living like lord of rings,

      Now due to media coverage now these UPS changed their styles.They land on such airplanes and then hide under skin of local companies and doing in secret business.

      Dyne corps after arrest of capt zaidi now taking the help of sunshine agency run by some major.Now all houses, bullet proof cars, hiring of SSG jawans,purchase of sophisticated weapons are being hired by this local group in which payments are made in huge amount dollars along with 5 year US visa offers to owner of this company.

      I hope that Mughal would give you exact tips about such moves of UFOs as all deals are being made in FIUs specially under IB.

  6. Observer Avatar

    Who should we complain to?

    As long as there is no revolution we will only be yelling loud and clearly……among deaf awam/leaders.

  7. Nadir El Edroos Avatar
    Nadir El Edroos

    Issue of transparency no? there could possibly be a very harmless and straightforward reason why the plane was there – could have nothing to do with anything illegal, just that if history is a guide we have to assume the worst!

  8. jamhoore Avatar

    they probably brought the 'Sitar-e-Bharwat' for our Generals.

    Since the briefcases cannot be carried in a smaller plane they had to use a cargo plane.

  9. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Some anon has posted a pretty comprehensive reply on the Ripple Effect blog: