Protest at Karachi Press Club Against Civilians Killings by Army

On Saturday April 10, 2010 Pakistan Army launched an air strike in tribal area of Khyber and as a result at least 73 innocent civilians have lost their lives. Pakistan Army’s first reaction was denial and only confirmed the civil casualties after 5 days. This is not the first time that the Army has been involved in killing innocent men, women and children in NWFP, There have been innumerable incidents in the past when the rescuers were also targeted by the second round of air strikes.

The activists of People’s Resistance in Karachi feels that this is a War by the Pakistan Army on the innocent people of the region in the garb of fighting against terrorism and condemns the killing in the strongest terms.

People’s Resistance would also like to call all the people of Karachi to come join their protest on April 16 at 4 pm at Karachi Press Club to show solidarity with the people affected with this war and call for an end to this war.

Protest: Protest Against the Killing of Innocent Civilians by the Pakistan Army in Khyber
Location: Karachi Press Club
Date: April 16th 2010
Time: 4:00PM



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16 responses to “Protest at Karachi Press Club Against Civilians Killings by Army”

  1. sajjad Avatar

    how about protest against those innocent killed by these khyberians some day

  2. Nadir El Edroos Avatar
    Nadir El Edroos

    we must hold the best amongst us to the highest standards: This conflagration of protest against the Pakistan army is unpatriotic has allowed the army to get away with murder, land grabs, trampling over the rights of citizens etc.

    Given that we pay for them they must be helf accountable! The same way as every part of the government needs to be be held accountable should be extended to those in uniform

    1. jibran Avatar


      I don't think we pay them. We don't have enough to take care of ourselves.

      Some one *else* pays them and thus they are accountable to *them* only.

      I guess *THEY* ignore the slaves' shortcomings as long as the slaves accept the slavery.

      The day the slaves hold their eyes higher, that day all the 'accounts' would be opened, just like Saddam Hussain's.

      Its just a matter of time.

  3. Arshad Khan Avatar
    Arshad Khan

    No matter what anybody says Pakistani Army dances on calls of USA. At least most of the leadership of Pakistani Army.

  4. alphaso Avatar

    Pakistani fauj kai jawan hain ham,

    har gharee bikney ko tayyar hai ham

  5. Talkhaba Avatar

    This is Need of the time, i will participate inshaAllah, although i don't like Dr riaz who want to toe his own socialist agenda in the name of people resistance

  6. Nazia Avatar

    Who cares about ordinary civilian in this islamic republic of Pakistan.

    Bhutto murder's blame is put on musharf govt through UN in 50 bn rupees inquiry.

    Get one single secret clue from such expensive inquiry which is not known to geenral public since the time of her murder.

    They even didn't bother to locate the official who ordered the wash of crime scene through pressure water.

    So as long as center of power is on hands of GHQ and US dont think of any kind of reaction of protest.

    Kiyani is least bothered even if 10000 people come out streets for any kind of protest.

    For protecting his skin he had already hired the services of zardari and rehman malik like kamee kameen to absorb all kind such curses and people cant judge who is real controller of state affairs.

    So protest of civilians doesn't matter in our ineffective system unless some foreign pressure is put on our slaves of worldly super powers who are ruling us.

    1. kukulu Avatar


      no you are wrong. it is not just foreign pressure.

      it is: People pressure + Foreign pressure

      which works !

  7. kukulu Avatar

    and a small group can put a lot of pressure !

    1. Nazia Avatar

      I have witnessed the efforts of missing people in Islamabad .They all are firm on their stand for last many years and all time ready to protest against govt.

      All looks belong to very humble and religious background and the way they are consistently doing protests for knowing the whereabouts of their love ones should be praised but no positive response is seen from agencies which are actually responsible of their abductions.

      In a country where no body close to Bhutto bothering about real kind of investigation so how would you consider that importance would be given to those people.

      So there is no harm in unified protest but reality is far behind in our dark system.

  8. Amna Zaman Avatar

    Army is being tested. It has a tough task in this war with the Taliban. Whenever there has been war, civilians have been killed and casualities reported. All I want to say is that Pak Army has done great job till now. Civlians are only killed my the cruel Taliban and we must support army till w are victorious.

    1. alphaso Avatar

      Amna Zaman,

      So if Talibans kill civilians we would like the army to do operation.

      If Army kills civilians then it becomes ok?

      No, you don't hate Taliban because they kill civilian, if that was the reason you would have hated army too.

      I feel ashamed that Pakistan has been hijacked by crooked Generals for so long.

      I hope a Sipahi of Pakistan Fauj would stand up to the cause and take down the bastard Generals who have been sucking and cutting the roots of my Pakistan.

  9. Amna Zaman Avatar

    The Pak army needs the support of the nation and not protests such as this. We are facing a time that we have not faced ever before. The enemy is invisible and the army is doing a lot and giving many lives to neautralize these Taliban. We support the army to the fullest and hope they will be victorious soon.

  10. Hira Mir Avatar

    @alphaso. So where did all this start from?? TALIBAN started all this. They have been killing so many Pakistanis over the recent decade. Can you imagine just in 3 months over 450 people have died!! Who is to be held responsible. Ofcourse the TALIBAN who else!

  11. Wasil Arian Avatar
    Wasil Arian

    The loss of human lives is highly regretable, but in a situation like the one prevailing over here it is inevitable.

    The performance of our military notwithstanding the tall claims by some has been dismal and poor. It is however the first time that they appear to be in for doing somewhat positive. It threfore doesnot deserve to be judged so harshly.

    Any move in the garb of peoples resistence is absolutely uncalled for and unwarranted. It does not mean that we should condone their mistakes, but their present assignment to save the country from barbarians who like to throw us in the abyss of backwardness and ignorance may also be kept in view. It should be kept in mind that they are not well trained to do their jobs of guarding for remaining occupied in unrelated activities. As such they have to be so prone to errors and clumsiness.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      The loss of human lives is considered regrettable in civilized society and then they follow accountability procedures to stop such losses usually done by by human miscalculations and errors.

      I think long tenure war like situation and terrorism influences in our surroundings have brought us in the state like barbarism where loss of human life becomes events of joys.

      So game of enjoyment of few has become death trap of many souls.