Op-Ed: A Global Ideas Bank

Just published in The Express Tribune my Op-ed on “A Global Ideas Bank” talking about TEDxKarachi and the power of positive energy, I wrap up the discussion with “We have to start believing in our own selves to bring this country on the road to progress. We should no longer tolerate mediocrity; our own ideas must shape our destiny, not the ideas of some corrupt Tom Dick or Harry who has no vision beyond the infinite depth of his own pocket. TEDx which is you and me and an idea, intends to do more of such events across educational institutions and very soon Pakistan will be feted to a new breed of inspiring youngsters who will lead Pakistan to a brighter future. Let there be no doubt that we shall change Pakistan.



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2 responses to “Op-Ed: A Global Ideas Bank”

  1. khalid humayun Avatar

    Nobody in Pakistan believes in themselves with empty stomach. This project (Global Ideas/TEDxKarachi) may be a bright move in Developed countries, but I am sorry to say, the youths of Pakistan might be motivated by this project, but soon their motivation would evaporate in thin air when they enter in the practical (if there were a practical) life in Pakistan. In Pakistan, after education, struggle for existence starts.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Industrial and educational ideas and its modification work when surrounding shows political stability.

      Karachi is still under high threats of riots and in in last 3 months almost hundred people killed due to political fights without taking any notice from govt and its LEAs.

      So such kind of meetings can be desired and dream of few honest professionals of Pakistan but present uncertainty in country wouldn't support such ideas to gets its roots and infrastructure in the system.So lets hope and think of improving the peace situation around us which has come in the hands of Dons like leaders of political parties.