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Proud of Samar Ali Khan for standing up against VIP Movement of Zulfiqar Mirza

HOT NEWS: Samar Khan is free, al charges have been dropped he is going home

PROTEST For Release of Samar Ali Khan who was standing up against VIP movement of Zulfiqar Mirza – Darakshan Police Station [map] 6pm TODAY

Last night at 11:30pm Architect Samar Ali Khan was arrested on Khy-e-Shamsheer for standing up against the VIP protocol blocking the road for Minister Zulfiqar Ali Mirza. After dropping a fellow architect home after dinner, Samar was proceeding home when at Khayban-e-Shamsheer a road block in front of the house of Minister Zulfiqar Mirza totally irked him, as a very active member of civil society in Karachi Mr. Samar Ali Khan, stepped out of his car and voiced his objection, he was able to walk up to the gate, rang the bell and demanded to speak to the owner [which was Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Mirza. The police escort immediately started pushing him around, naturally things got a little infuriated and a tussle broke out. Samar was arrested and taken to Darakhshan Police Station, where he spent the night and is being taken to court for a hearing, the family has still to know what charges have been levied against him

The PPP cadre and Mr Mirza is pushing the news in the media that he was enraged and out of control attacking, but witnesses say the entire provocation later was by the minister and his guards. A few people who met him barely two hours later at the police station say that Samar was generally ok, no major bruises, a little apologetic to have created all this fuss in the heat of the moment, but there is no doubt he was in high spirits

Either way, ever since Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza has moved onto the house on the main street of Khy-e-Shamsheer two speed breakers have gone up around his house and a convoy of police escort remains surrounding the area ready to block off traffic to allow the free unrestricted movement of the Minister. I personally have been caught up on that street once too many times and it might be possible that a fuse may have sparked within Samar to let it all go.

I feel it is a proud moment, for someone in Pakistan to have the gutts to stand up against this hegemony of VIP movement. Samar Ali Khan, what you did was right, we are proud of you and may this serve as an example for others to challenge this idiotic VVIP movement trend so common of our elected leaders

UPDATE 1: Samar was taken to court embarrassingly draped under a black cloth, the judge was not there so no bail hearing, he has been sent back to Jail for another day

UPDATE 2: A Protest has been organized outside Darakhshan Police Station [map] where he is being held at 6:00pm today [Jun 16th] Show up in numbers to protest against this VIP hegemony and support Samar Ali Khan

UPDATE 3: Talked to Samar on phone just now, he was definitely worried, as he was being treated like a criminal as a black cloth was being draped over his head – have told him to hold the fort and keep his hopes up high, pressure needs to be applied to break the hegemony of Zulfiqar Mirza

UPDATE 4 HOT NEWS: Samar Khan is free, al charges have been dropped he is going home


  • Sincere Pakistani |

    If Mr Hussain don't know the spelling of "sincere" then better contact your honourable president who will tell you.

    By your all comments I must say, that you are idiot who is living in Cantonement area and don't know the problems of Pakistanis. You are not only idiot but you are blind and looking democracy in the country, whereas the present period is worst then dictatorship.I understand all the stupid ppp jiylas think just like you, they can't admit the poor administration of their govt.The whole nation is fed up from this vip culture in which people like you who must be benefitted by this govt are pretending these vip idiots other wise every body hates them and this is the reaction made by Khan infront of the house of minister.

    Khan is 100% right in agitation.

  • Hussein |

    Mr. so-called "Sincere" dick head Pakistani. Before you start throwing instults my way, its best you stop and do some soul searching & look where you went wrong while growing up.

    I am not the one who lives in a cantonment. Its is people like you who belong in a cantonment because that's all you know – kissing Khaki asses. I don;t blame you because you propbably grew up under military rule & while they were blocking roads for some small time tin pot military dictator, you were looking the other way because you couldn;t do shit. You couldn;t have raised your voice because people who did have disappeared. Go find out what happened to them. At least Samar Khan is sleeping in his home with charges dropped.

    You dingbat of a person can;t differenciate democracy from dictatorship. You think this system is worse than dictatorship? That;s why you belong in a military cantonment. Leave Pakistan to its people. These people you are throwing insults & hate are the elected representatives of the people. You should be ashamed of your self. You are truely a dick head !

    You think the nation is fed up of these people? Ask yourself why people keep electing them? For more than 40 years your khaki buffoons with the help of agencies have tried to destroy them but to no avail. We the people of this great country will fight tooth & nail to keep the democratic order in the country & uneducated bigots like you will remain stuck in your petty mindset.

    On the main issue of this discussion, let me tell everyone that Samar Khan is embarassed by what he did. He WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Ask him yourself. His information is available on the net. If Samar Khan wants to demonstrate in Regal Chowk for road blocks, energy crisis, inflation etc, I will be more than happy to join him but what he did in front of Zulfikar Mirza's house was totally uncalled for. This behaviour will not be accepted in any Western/Eastern civilised democratic country. This discussion should be closed as its getting to be stupid and a waste of time.

  • Hussein |

    HEY "A1"

    The alternative to licking our President's balls is not sucking khaki dicks either !! That's probably all you've done all these years. I have stopped and hope you will too.

    And YES ! its "not regardless of what Samar Khan did was right or wrong? IT WAS WRONG ! Do you understand??

    • Al |

      Hussein, so you have stopped? Chalo atleast you admit that you've licked Zardari's balls.

      Yes you are absolutely right. The alternative to that is not sucking khaki dicks that is why you will never find me doing that. The world is not black & white. I totally agree with you.

      Now look what they have done with you. In your anger & hatred for military generals they have got you believing that you should be licking Mirza's & Zardari's balls while they enjoy their 5 years in office & fill their pockets. Than when the next government comes they will be off on a 5-year vacation to Dubai, London, South of France, New York & wherever else they have built houses for themselves (assuming everything goes as planned). People like you will spend the next 5 years being f!@#$% in the ass by the Sher-e-Punjab & his party. Then when they are done with their share of the loot, your 'honorable' president & ministers will make a grand comeback & you will be back to licking their balls & thanking them for gracing the people of Pakistan with the honor of robbing them blind.

      This assuming everything goes as planned. In the meanwhile if some military general has other ambitions & gets pissed at why he is not getting his 'fair' share of the loot, than all of these leaders might have to take a forced vacation & be forced to enjoy the billions they have accumulated. Pity them.

      As for samar khan what he did might have been wrong but on a scale of 1 to 10 i would probably give it a 0.00005. What exactly should he be thankful to the 'honorable' minister for? Not pressing charges for making a lot of noise outside his house? Please grow up. And if the minister is not pressing charges for DUI than he has no right to let samar khan go free. This was not an offense against the minister but the general public & if samar khan was DUI he should be proceeded against.

  • Nazish |

    atleast don't insult the name "Hussein" if you don't have good words to say..you seem to be a complete jerk by using such lingo in your comments Mr. Hussein…

    I agree with sincere and all those people including samar who have an eye on the current situation of pakistan. this democracy is surely worst than the dictatorship. and like one of the above comments "NO JIYALA would accept this fact"

    If you don't care whether girls may also read your pathetic comments than just know that your sister can also read your comments. shows whats its like at your home and how you have been brought up.

    Shame on you, Mr. Saad and all the promoters of VVVIP culture and feudalism.

    • Hussein |

      Ms. Nazish,

      What makes you think I am insulting my name?? What is your logic? Were you educated in some madressa? I not hiding behind some fictitious name like "Sincere Pakistani" or "A1" , A2, Patriotic Pakistani. I am using my name and proud of it. I am not ashamed like your other pals who are A1, A2, Sincere, Pathetic Pakistani's etc.

      What lingo did I use? Go read the original comments of buffoon A1 to see who started abusive language. Maybe you will understand then. What words did I use and when? If supporting this government or the democratic order in this country is being abusive than I suggest that you get off this network as more will be coming from the goonda elements that support your views.

      It is time that girls like you grow out of your diaper years because you people have very little appetite for freedom of speech. That is why I initially suggested some of you belong in a military cantonment. FYI Pakistan is not a military cantonment nor was it ever meant to be so stop imposing your pathetic pro dictatorship views. There is no way you people will win in the long run. This country will be ruled by its people and not some tin pot dictator ! We are still suffering because of the long years of military rule.

      You can support Samar Khan all you want but ask Samar Khan if he would do this again?? He is himself embarassed so why are you supporting his actions?? Samar Khan is a fine man but his actions were tottlay uncalled for !! Do you understand?? This debate is about the actions of Samar Khan and has nothing to do with politics !!

    • Al |

      Yes Nazish shut up and go live in a military cantonment – You don't have any right to your opinion if you do not support Zardari.

      If you do not support Zulfiqar 'Pakistan Na-Khapay' Mirza & Asif 'Pakistan Khapay' Zardari than it can only mean that you are a supporter of military dictators. There is no third option.

      Don't you know Zardari = Democracy & that Democracy = Best Revenge. Which school did you go to? pata nahi kaha kaha se aa jaate he.

      This Pakistan belongs to Zulfiqar 'Pakistan Na-Khapay' Mirza & his supporters not to people like you. So what if he wanted to break up Pakistan. He is still more patriotic than you & if you don't support him than go and live in a cantonment.

    • Al |

      And yes the irony of what i am saying is totally lost on me.

  • Hussein |

    A1, A2, A3, ( Which one are you really??) Are you ashamed of your real identity?

    What makes you think I have admitted to anything? Since you are so familiar with "licking balls" (probably at your work place) you assumed that everyone else must be in the same boat as you. Well amigo, people have balls to stand up & believe in what is right unlike you who continue to live in a fools paradise sucking up to the military goons of the past.

    Since you have taken the liberty to use expressive language then let me add that you must have stopped sucking Khaki D##Ks as that D##K must have gone up your a$$ so you must be enjoying that ride. I don;t need to read your petty analysis on politics on who will stay or run away. We will see who will run off after 5, 10 years on forced holiday – not this lot of politicians!. Go check and see where is your last tin pot dictator?

    Our President never ran off to some far flung land. He spent 11 years and 2 months in jail right here in Pakistan. He never cut a deal to leave the country. Give him credit where its due. You can believe in whatever you want but Asif Zardari is the real Sher- e- Pakistan (not Sher-e- Sindh) who has stood the test of times. Remember he will not capitulate. Who ever has a complaint against him should go to the courts. The courts are free. They couldn't prove a damn thing with all state machinery working against him for more than 11 years. We should move on and let the electorate decide who should or shouldn't rule over us. That is the civilised way.

    As far as Samar Khan goes, his charges were dropped as the Home Minister has bigger issues to deal with & stop crime in Sindh. Have no idea whether he was under the influence or not but give credit to the local adminsitration including Police for closing the case against him. There are other serious crimes taking place in the city and Samar Khan is no criminal. So if you're not happy then please lodge a complaint that his case should be re-opened as you lost your sleep for the disturbance caused in your neighbourhood. You people will never learn !

    Keep praying for the messiah to save you.

    • Al |

      Husain: It is actually AL. It stands for Arif Lohar. Of course i am ashamed of myself. meri shakal aur hulya dekha he?

      You said: "The alternative to licking our President’s balls is not sucking khaki dicks either !! That’s probably all you’ve done all these years. I have stopped and hope you will too."

      YOUR WORDS NOT MINE. And you assumed i was sucking khaki d!@#$ so you wanted me to stop as well because you had stopped with your licking. I can understand why you got so worked up. But i can't really help you here. You have admitted to it yourself.

      Unfortunately the last tin pot dictator was not mine. Otherwise i too would be enjoying my riches somewhere in Europe or America & not sitting here arguing with dim wits who think there are only two types of Pakistanis – one who support dictators & one who lick zardaris balls.

      Actually Zardari did cut a deal with the last tin pot dictator. The courts were not free. The dictator had kept him locked up for so many years. What was stopping him from keeping him in jail longer? There was certainly no pressure on him.

      Zardari certainly returned the favor when he let the tin-pot dictator leave the Presidency with full military honors & than leave the country quietly.

      What is stopping him from going after the dictator? If he cannot stand up to the military than what is the use of this democracy? Why the empty slogans of 'democracy is the best revenge' when the military continues to run the country's foreign & defense policies.

      And please don't give me stupid justifications of reconciliation. This reconciliation is nothing but a fancy word for a code of honor among thieves.

    • Al |

      And i am fully ready to give credit to Zardari for spending so many years in jail, if spending time in jail is something to be proud of, as you seem to think.

  • Mustafa |


    I have read "Hussein's" comments. NOW DO YOU SEE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS IDOIT OF A MAN CALLING HIMSELF "A1"?? Read his comments to you.

    His mind is that of a buffoon who cannot differentiate between what Zulfikar Mirza said about Na-Khappay ! I really don't want to waste time in discussing this issue or any politics with this man because he will remain in Alice in Wonderland. Let him be. He is stupid and an idiot.

    Go do something else and don't waste time on this. Samar Khan is free and attending to his architectural projects. His case is shut and closed. Enjoy you life and wait for the next general elections so you can vote for dictatorship !

    • Al |

      Mustafa: Thank you for your kind words. So generous of you not to discuss politics with me. I was just dying over here to discuss all of these issues with you personally but just my tough luck.

      Go & read my comment again. There is such a thing called sarcasm. I think Nazish ki samajh aa giya ho ga.

  • Nazish |


    u r literally an idiot… i agree with A1 who spoke my words… i better stop wasting my words on a sick person like you

  • Mustafa |

    Mr. Al

    Thank you for your warm hearted generosity & sarcasm. I think you don't understand when people wish not to discuss things with closed minded people. Sarcasm or not people also have a way to ignore morons. I have read all your comments with respect to some "Hussein" out there and can honestly say that you missed the whole point he was saying and started using abusive language like "licking balls" etc. He did not insult you in any way. Go read his comments.

    If you don't agree with someone's point of view then just keep quiet or at least have the decency to be tolerant? Is that asking for too much? Now please get off this stupidity as the issue was Samar Khan and his behaviour and not the politics of Pakistan.

    • Al |

      Mustafa: You are welcome. Like i said i am just dying out here to discuss politics with you but i have such bad luck. What can i say.

      Yes i agree people have a way to ignore by getting all worked up & posting comments calling other people names. Yup that is called ignoring.

      If i don't agree with someone's point of view than i have a right to post my comments. Oh wait…. i forgot. Only people who support Zardari & zulfiqar 'pakistan na-khapay' mirza are allowed to post comments. Sorry. My Bad.

      And your comments really reflect what a paragon of decency & tolerance you are. Sorry everyone cannot be such a model citizen as you are.

  • Hussein |


    I seriously think you must be at that time of the monthly cycle when girls like you go hysterical & bitch about everything !!

    Have you been smoking dope lately to use abusive language? You pathetic soul. If you can't discuss anything then take a hike. You had no Goddamn business in poking your nose where it didn't belong. If you can't say much than get lost. Do you understand? If you love dictatorship so much then go live in a jungle or the closest cantonment you can find. They are everywhere. We were discussing Samar Khan and not politics. Understand?? That chapter is closed now.

    Don't poke me or I can equally get nasty. Live and let live !

    • Nazish |


      Is this what u tell ur mother when she asks u to shut ur mouth? or may be u check it by urself.. it shows from ur words how open u must be with her

      I believe u are one of those feudal who feel VVIP culture is their birth right and people like samar are just morons to disturb.

      while u have one hand checking ur mom status, i suggest u stop writing pathetic comments to me with your other hand.

    • Hussein |

      Actually I don't have a mother. I have two dads. One of them's Zulfiqar Mirza. That is where i get the philosophy of live & let live. Why can't people leave us alone & let us live like a normal happy family.

    • Al |

      Hussain: OK i apologize. I had no idea he was one of your fathers. No wonder you were so pissed at samar khan. Nazish i think an apology is due from all of us.

  • zahid |

    @ Hussein

    I seriously doubt very much Nazish would want to poke you or your kind……

  • Sincere Pakistani |

    When the dogs bark the train never stop, so people favouring Zulfiqar Mirza & Zardari group on their VIP culture, let them bark.

    Protest of Khan against VIP culture & the protocol, where the roads are being closed many hours for these Idiots to let them pass, absolutely wrong. We must protest against their this attitude.

    Please don't use bad words because our sisters,mothers they are also reading the comments, so for the sake of their respect avoid writing such words. GOD bless all of you. Ameen.

  • Hussein |

    Hey Al,

    So you are a Lohar by caste? Says it all. No wonder the name tells your intelligence level. The other Arif Lohar sings quite well but this this one only knows how to be a cry baby.

    Listen since you are so stuck with "sucking" & "licking balls", there is not much one can discuss with you. Maybe that's what you are be doing while reading this mail?

    I find it quite obnoxious replying to your low life petty minded messages regarding the political scenario in the country. You are a complete fool and an ignorant man. You know so little and keep mentioning things to show that you read newspapers – reconciliation, Pak Na Khappay, guard of honour, foreign policy, defence matters, democracy the best revenge, etc. You are so well read, I wonder why the govt hasn't found you?? You must be living in a cuccoo's nest on Shamsheer. You can do a better job than Kaira. They should really contact you- the sooner the better !

    With your low IQ level there is no point in wasting time because it seems you have nothing better to do than than sit & wait for my messages.

    You should contact Samar Khan and see if you can provide your personalised services to him. This whole discussion was about Samar Khan & his untoward behaviour. And since you have nothing more to add about his mistake of that night, you decided to bring Zardari, Mirza, etc etc. in the discussion. You are basically an intolerant rascal who can't deal with the issue at hand. Samar Khan made a mistake and he is embarassed and has apologised to the Police and the local administration. What seems to be your problem??? Do you know Samar Khan?? If you know him than I will shut up & if you don't then my advice is for you to shut up and get a life because you seem to have none of it.

    • Al |

      Hussain: No i am actually a Spaniard. My name is Alfonso Likmadik.

      Obviously you are going to find it obnoxious. You don't have any point to make but just empty slogans that 'democracy is the best revenge' & 'the worst democracy is better than a dictatorship' & some other pet peeves of your 'honorable' minister & president.

      You are getting offended by comments people are making against a single individual & you just passed a racist comment against an entire caste. Really we should learn democracy & respect for people from you & you alone. All the rest of us are just 'intolerant rascals'.

      No actually i haven't read all this in newspapers. My driver told me all this stuff. But i can see your mental level. I can see where you are coming from. I think the juices from your beloved mirza have started to enter & affect your brain. It is only good for you that you admit you've stopped. I am happy for you.

      I am not living in a cuckoo's nest in Shamsheer. You forgot? I live in a cantonment where all the Pakistanis who do not support Zulfiqar 'pakistan na khapay' mirza are supposed to go and live. Because Pakistan only belongs to its people (& people means all those who support Zulfiqar 'pakistan na khapay' mirza).

      Yes you are right. My entire life at this point is centered around waiting for your posts. I don't have anything else to do. Nothing. Just keep refreshing my browser waiting for your comment. I must admit you Mirza Fanboys really have a knack of judging people. The other fanboy just diagnosed me with an inferiority complex. I am starting to suspect this has something to do with Mirza's juices.

  • Mustafa |


    You can keep your sarcasm to yourself or for others on the list. You really suffer from some serious inferiority complexes.

    You have all the rigth to post your comments but using abusive language is NOT one of those rights. You should read your comments from the start & see how you used bad language against certain individuals.

    As far as being a model citizen, thank you !! Now can you start learning how to be one?? Think of joining etiquette school first.

    No point in wasting my time anymore.

  • Hussein |


    Trust me have no desire to be poked by Nazish or anyone else with her mindset. By "Poking" I really meant not to be bothered.

    Sometimes, one has to resort to give shock treatments so the message gets conveyed to the person concerned. Never wanted to write insulting words but it seems that she & her types (Al, Sincere, Nazish) only wanted to use abusive language. Go read the comments from the start & see who used "idiotic", "licking" etc etc. After all they are talking about the country's President. Have some decency & respect. Where did they go to school? Or what kind of upbringing was done at home?

    Will leave this discussion as I have no appetite to deal with these insignificant & insecure lot.

    Sad part is that none of these people know Samar Khan. He is embarassed by what he did that night. This whole episode is a closed chapter. He is home and I can assure you that he will NEVER do it again.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Hussein |

    Sincere Pakistani,

    Yes the dog barks and the HOGs squeel real loud. Have been hearing a lot of squeel lately. I understand it's quite obnoxious for people to write bad words. Go see and let your sisters/mothers read and decide who threw the first stone?

    You can remain intolerant as long as you wish. I am not here to open up your mind. But funny thing is that your support for Samar Khan's actions have lost steam because he feels embarassed by what he did & has promised not to do it again. In a democracy there is no problem in demonstrating but there is a right way and a wrong way to demonstrate. The menthod of demonstration carried out by Samar Khan was WRONG !! No doubt about it !!

    Have a life and next time please demonstrate in Regal chowk or some other venue but not past midnight & at a Ministers home.

  • Al |

    Mustafa: Seriously? How did you know? Yes i do suffer from some serious inferiority complexes. You have to tell me. Where did u learn so much? Did you study psychology from your mother when she was teaching you good manners? Or were they the pearls of wisdom that Mirza was dropping in your mouth when you were going at it?

    Let me clarify, specially for your pea sized brain, this is not a competition & this is not a 10th grade phadda. No one cares who started what.

    Mr. Model Citizen, I have already started learning from you. Let me use some of the words i have learned from your enlightening posts:

    You are an 'idiot of a man'.

    Your 'mind is that of a buffoon'.

    You are 'stupid & an idiot'.

    This is so exciting. Is my usage correct? Please do give your feedback.

    • Nazia |

      Cease fire decent ladies and gentle men

      you are ignoring on the top of article

      HOT NEWS: Samar Khan is free, all charges have been dropped he is going home .

      I don't know after reading such kind of decent comments, people would start reacting against VIP MOVEMENT but nonetheless I am learning a lot how we can quarrel with each other while using the power of net.

      Why not teeth introduce a forum of cock fight in this teeth breaker blog.At least we will receive new kind of innovation of fighting skills in this blog world.

  • Hussein |


    Poor thing!!! you got upset?? Why? Don't you know this is normal function of the body. There is nothing wrong with it. So RELAX !!

    Now my mother doesn't tell me to shut up and you are definitely NOT my mother. You have no right to throw insults and call people names. I DID NOT call you names. Go check my posts from the start. That dingbat friend of yours Al started it.

    I am not supporting road blocks nor VIP culture. What Samar did was WRONG and there is a right way & a wrong way to do it. HE chose the wrong way. Furthermore Samar himself is not defending his actions. SO why are you?? Now that the case is closed, you need not waste your time over this rubbish.

    Go & play in the yard and don't feel upset because I support democracy over dictatorship – which means supporting Mr. Zardari, Mirza, Gilani, Qaim Ali Shah etc.

    • Al |

      Yes Nazish, you have no right to throw insults & call people names. Please go & live in cantonment & leave the people of Pakistan alone (remember people = only those who suck up to Zulfiqar 'pakistan na khapay' Mirza & Asif Zardari & please don't forget the previous lesson Zardari = Democracy & Democracy = Best Revenge).

      In Hussein's own words "I support democracy over dictatorship – which means supporting Mr. Zardari, Mirza, Gilani, Qaim Ali Shah etc."

      So do you understand now what democracy means? Supporting Zardari & Mirza. If you don't than you are an intolerant rascal & do not deserve to air your opinion.

      You should learn some manners from Hussein the beautiful language he uses instead of throwing insults. Here is a sample for you:

      “Mr. so-called “Sincere” dick head Pakistani”

      “You dingbat of a person”

      “You are truely a dick head !”

      “…. you must have stopped sucking Khaki D##Ks as that D##K must have gone up your a$$ so you must be enjoying that ride.”

      And the best one of all:

      “Actually I don’t have a mother. I have two dads.”

      Now do you understand why he was so pissed at samar khan. samar khan woke him and his fathers up with all his shouting and swearing.

  • Hussein |


    Thanks for your comments ! I agree with you wholeheartedly that the main discussion is no more and a "Cock" has been throwing insults because I did not agree or it appreared that I was supporting VIP road block culture. The fact still remains that Samar has apologised for the mistake and tthese people can't seem to understand that. Now you know wwhy the Pakistani's are so messed up when discussing aanything. They cant discuss even in their drawing rooms.

    But I do support your point of view that a "cock fight" blog should be started except that I won;t be part of it as I don;t qualify being a "cock" and there's only one mad "Cock" on this duscussion board & he will be hitting his head against a wall.

    Many thanks and take care,


    • Nazia |

      I know very well how people messed up in daily lives on baseless and trivial matters and it is all due to their idleness and ignorance that make them like that.

      Focused,practical and fair people have no time to create such kind of messy situation as if we cant come to any conclusion then let the time pass for a while and coming days and events would reveal the real situation.

      Time is an absolute perfect judge than our experiences and observations

      I am not sure that such kind of informal discourse is some kind of real or kind of practice in free time but our way of expressions is actually our identification in this web world or might be reflection of our real life setup.

      Cocks are not mad to fight with each other but train to behave like that.Surely in case of madness they would hit the wall.In normal senses they would always in search of another cock to fight all the time.

      No need to say thanks and taking care of yourself is more urgent need of time than others.

  • Hussein |


    Oh so now you have suddenly become a Spaniard?? Wow ! What a jump. You've woken up & found your real roots? Alfonso sounds okay except "Likmadik" sounds more like a Lohar from across the eastern border. Its not Sapanish is it? Maybe you're a mixed breed? All stray dogs are such. Somehow you are so obsessed with "licking" and "sucking" that you prefer your surname to carry your obsession. That's fine with me but I think if you search for your real roots you might find a more suitable name such as "Abhay Lallu" (like Bihar minister – Lallu Prasad), or "Achyuta Lund" or "Ashok Lalit". Take your pick before you change your nationality again?? All those names have your initials. Go for it !!

    I am not getting offended at all by your insiginificant remarks on politics. You see people get upset when there is an intelligent person discussing issues. In your case your mind unfortunately did not grow from the cotton picking days. You really think you know so much about politics that you keep mentioning Na Khappay, Mirza, democracy etc. You don't understand, I don't wish to engage because that would be an excercise in futility. Without a doubt you must be burning from inside since 18 Feb 2008. I don;t blame you because in all honesty I enjoy seeing the likes of you being miserable with democracy taking roots in the country. In a democracy you can't suck up to anyone so you must be out of job?. Are you not? There are no uniformed "Mirza's" to suck up to? That;s why you keep mentioning his name all the time. Do you like the Home Minister and his nicely cut beard? And you must be dreaming all his juices coming out?? Ooo lala !!!!

    I am impressed with your driver. Where did you find such an intelligent driver who knows more than the saab? You must pay him a lot of money to brief you every morning with the news on democracy in the country. I must say we have some intelligent awam in the country. That's why they keep voting for democracy. And yes Democracy is the best revenge ! Your driver is right on the dot.

    I didn't forget- Cucckoo's nest is a cantonment & since you live in a cantonment may I ask is it in Malir where you live? because I don't recall seeing one on Shamsheer near your favourite Mirza's (with beard) house? Since you're have admitted living in a cantonment, you shouldn't be bothered how the real people live on the outside with VIP culture, road blocks, load shedding, inflation etc. In a cantonment, you get everything on subsidised basis. The common people have paid for all your luxury. So chill out and forget about the mess you see on the roads. You are safe because you've been sucking all your life from the poor of this country.

    As far as being a Mirza Fanboy? Ooo, I really think you're obsessed with our Home Minister. You keep bringing his name in every sentence. He is a happily married man so please forget about him. Don;t know other "Fanboy" who diagnosed you with complexes? You deal with that but please keep Mirza out the picture and your obsession. They may take you in for stalking on Shamsheer since you now know where he lives !

    And please get a life……don't check for my messages. I won't write to you boy, since you have already fallen for one & only MIRZA.

    • Al |

      Hussain: Look Fanboy Calm Down. Calm Down. Now you are making no sense at all.

      You are the one jumping up & down in defense of your 'honorable' minister – who we now find out is one of your dads – and you want people to believe that i am his fan. Doesn't make any sense. First you say you have stopped with your Su!@#$% and then you say i never said this. Than you say your father & Mirza are having a go at it & then you try to act all wide-eyed & innocent. And you are the one who is squealing like a girl & crying ooo la lah at the mention of Mirza's juices.

      This is what you wrote:

      //"Actually I don’t have a mother. I have two dads. One of them’s Zulfiqar Mirza. That is where i get the philosophy of live & let live. Why can’t people leave us alone & let us live like a normal happy family."//

      Are you in a habit of writing the truth & then getting all worked up & expending your energies denying it? Are you sure you are not writing these comments in your sleep?

      Look its not my fault that Zulfiqar Mirza is giving your father from behind. Why are you taking the anger out on me.

      You don't need to worry about me. I am not going to steal Mirza away from your father. He is all yours. I apologize i did not realize the 'special' relationship you have with him.

      Of course samar khan should apologize to him, you and your father for waking all of you up in the middle of the night. People have no decency.

      Thank you for your name suggestions. But i was just kidding. I am actually from Russia. My name is Anatoli letupadregayev.

      No actually, i am not fuming at all. We just replaced one jerk at the top with another one. My life is going as it was before.

      Are you really impressed with my driver because he knows Zardari's favorite sentences that 'Pakistan khapay' & 'Democracy is the best revenge'? Really shows your mental level & why you are so easily impressed. Since you think he is so intelligent he also added that:

      "yeh ch@@@#ya banane wali baate he" & that

      "badla lena he tu Musharraf se le mulk ki kyun maar raha he. Musharraf ko salute maar kar bahar bhej diya aur badla mulk se le raha he"

      Sorry i do not live in a cantonment. It was just that in your peanut sized brain everyone who is not a fan of your fathers lover Zulfiqar Mirza & our 'honorable' President Asif Zardari, lives in a cantonment.

      Don't get all worked up about it.

  • Hussain |

    Hey Al (which one? have you finally decided?)

    Don;t know what the hell your're talking about one of the fathers? Pissed at Samar Khan,? etc. Please ask your intelligent driver who may guide you. Btw, does he also write for you??

    If you think I had two fathers? Do you know who your "real" father was?? Do you have any idea? Did your mother tell you in all honesty? You seem to be a Spaniard with a name "Alfonso Lickingdicks", Lohar, Lallu, etc. Can't decide?? In English the polite way is called "illegitimate" and a more nasty word you already know.

    Just forget about Mirza,,,pleaseeeee. He is married and not into your types.

    • Al |

      Hussain: Look fanboy don't take the anger out on me. I am not putting the words in your mouth. If Mirza & your dad are having a go at it, than don't blame me for it.

  • Sincere Pakistani |

    Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls………!!!!!!

    My dear all patriotic Pakistanis

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Stop this discussion & blaming each others, just for nothing.

    If Khan protested in wrong way, he apologized, charges dropped against him, he set free honourably, case is finished.

    We all don't like VIP culture, and majority of us have suffered from road blocks when some vip is passing, so this is our right to protest against such culture.

    Once again appeal to our some active participants, your own sisters, daughters, mothers and elders are also reading your comments, so pls pls don't use bad & abusive language. Thanks.


    • Al |

      Sincere Pakistani you are right. But why are you discriminating against Hussein? His two fathers might also be reading this post. I apologize.

  • Hussain |

    Sincere Pakistani,

    Seems like you have got the message. I appreciate your comments and glad that you realise that Samar;s case is closed. The manner in which he did his outburst was wrong and not in a civilised manner. He himself feels that way.

    As far as this pussy man Al is concerned, poor boy is fuming with my comments. Doesn't know what to do. I can;t stoop to his level anymore. He has no life. Just waits for my posts so he can pee on the floor.

    Time to move on and not waste my time over this buffoon. He is low life Lohar, Lalit, Lunee, etc He knows deep down his problem ! The only thing is I am laughing all the way & I wonder what is he dreaming of?? Zulfikar Mirza & his beard??

    Good luck and believe me I did NOT use abusive language nor scarcasm in the begining. Have no desire to offend sisters/mothers & respected souls. People in this country are intolerant and can't stand someone else having a different point of view – and that point of view is supporting our government and democracy.


    • Al |

      Hussain: Fanboy if it makes you happy i am fuming with anger. I can't control myself & don't know what to do except banging my head against the wall. You are driving me crazy. Does that make you happy?

      Don't worry, be happy.

      And don't forget to apologize to your two dads when they come give you your goodnight kiss. And samar khan be damned for waking up your family in the middle of the night.

  • Hussain |

    Al (Have you decided which one? Abhay Lallu, Ashok Lalit, Anil Lund, or simply Aloo Lohar??)

    Hey, are you fuming already? I haven't started as yet? Listen cry baby, Don;t get upset because I may have hit a sensitive cord with respect to your REAL FATHER? Why are you trying to aviod this question from my last post? Did you ask your mother to divulge that information about your "real" father? Don;t feel ashamed. Take a drink & go ask her. I think she is embarassed by what happened when you were born. Wonder if it was rape? I doubt it very much. After your real father saw you they had to admit him in a mental institution because he knew just by looking at you that you will end up there one day. So he decided to go first for Daddy & Boy Lallu will join one day. If your Mom avoids answering the question then the nearest Edhi centre may by your best bet to start if your Mom doesn't tell you.

    Once you find out the real name of your father then we'll discuss "politics" (Khappay, Na Khappay etc.) and hopefully by that time you would have grown up a bit. Because your brain has not functioned since your cotton picking days.

    Don't think too much about Zulikar Mirza and his beard and what it can do to you. Stop dreaming,,,,,I know you like it but as I said before he is not your kind and is happily married & most of all He doesnt' like fags. So you have no chance with him. But like I said your first assignment for today and rest of the month/yr is to find your "real" father and his name so you can use the correct surname. You must be hurting from inside to keep changing your nationality – Spaniard, Indian roots, Russian and soon an Abaacha from Africa.

    Since you admitted your obsession with Z Mirza & his juices, I have to let you go into oblivion. Your obsession makes you use his name again & again. You are a useless man with a petty mind that has no life. Think about it!. You really have lots of time on your hands. You spend time quoting my posts verbatim (See your last posts). This only shows how much it's bothering you. Do you realise it? Now I really belive that you just wait for my posts so I can give you more. Were you abused as a child without the presence of your "real" father around? Truly are you a fag? You must really be a fruit (you know what that means – think Mirza & you'll find the answer)

    Go & find your "real" father cry Boy. Then we'll talk. In the meantime I am signing out. Remember democracy is the best revenge. And we the people will continue to support our government and its honourable ministers. (Are you fuming ?? ) I am loving it.

    No reply's from me anymore ! Go get a life and take a hike. You need it. Cry boy ! Don;t cry for me !

    Time for holidays ! S Khan on holidays too.

    • Al |

      Hussain: Fanboy, you are obviously upset about all this because it has a personal touch to you & that is why you have been jumping up & down in defense of your 'honorable' minister. If this samar khan had been making noise outside teeth's house and he had blogged about it, you obviously wouldn't be so worked up about it.

      Look fanboy i was just kidding. I am actually Chinese. My name is Chee Chwah Chang. Was just testing your gullibility. No wonder Mirza & Zardari have you believing that the only alternative to supporting dictators is giving them a ch@@$!.

      Obviously you are upset. And it is understandable too. He is one of your dads after all. I can understand why you have been jumping up & down in his defense.

      Don't worry about me. I don't swing that way. I don't think much about him at all. He is a double dealing two bit fraudster. I know its your anxiety at the thought of losing one of your dads that is just coming out in the form of senseless rants on this forum. Look he is honorable to you because he is giving it to your father, but for the rest of us he is just a corrupt loser politician.

      In your frustration you are not even making any sense at all. You say: "Since you admitted your obsession with Z Mirza & his juices, I have to let you go into oblivion." What the hell does that even mean or is it another one of the meaningless slogans like 'democracy is the best revenge'? Or did Mirza say that to your father during their pillow talk?

      I think 2-3 comments ago i told you myself that i have no life. I just wait all day for your posts & keep refreshing my browser. Have got nothing to do. But why do you realize this now? I already told you this. Obviously this business you & your father are into is slowing down your minds.

      I think not just samar khan but each one of us on this forum needs to apologize to you for waking you & your dads up in the middle of the night. I get it. What he did was wrong. People have no decency drinking it up & than going and waking up families.

      So, tonight when your two fathers come & give you the goodnight kiss, apologize to them from my side.

  • BubbaSticks |

    Wow… Jiyalas in full force here…. Power to you Mr. Samar. We all need to be more outspoken like you!!

  • Hussain |

    YES Jiyala in full force except that there is no match here. The other guy is a fag who hasn't come out of the closet yet. But you can see it's written all over.

    Agree with your comment; "Power to Samar Khan" exccpet that he has apologised and there is no case anymore. So what's teh fuss all about?? He should demonstrate in a civilised way and at a more suitable venue – Press Club, Regal Chowk or on the Constitution Avenue. That's freedom of expression in a democracy (or even write in the papers)

  • Zulfiqar Mirza |

    hussain beta chalay aap ka breast feeding ka time ho giya he. me kab say shirt utar kar wait kar raha hoo. aaj doodh kay saath paapay bhi he

    • Nadia |

      @hussain listen to your dad. he is calling u with so much affection. go & take your feed & stop wasting time.

  • Hussain |

    Al (which one?? "Abhay Lallu", "Anil Lund" "Askok Lohar") Have you decided ??

    Are you ready for another day in sunshine??? Well here I go !

    Cry baby,,,,,,,,did you do your assignment that I told you? Did you ask your mother the identity of your "REAL" father?? Dont feel shy or feel embarassed. The fact that you are around is a testament that you must have had areal father somewhere……..Your mother will tell you how you were conceived after an "accident" (not rape) and NOT planned. She regrets it to this day. You can;t ask your surrogate father because he doesn't know. All you have to do is get a DNA test and you will find out that the one you think is your father is actually a lover boy. You see like I told you yesterday that your real father is in the mental institution. He was admitted right after your birth. Maybe he's in Edhi mental institution or some other joint? Don't go on changing topics every now and then. Stick with your assignment. When you are told to do something you better do it !

    Why are you so obsessed with Z Mirza & his beard? If you're still in the closet, its okay to come out and admit it. We're in the 21st century; if you don;t belive me ask your driver who has more brains than you. It is quite obvious from your posts from the very start that you have the hots for Z Mirza. But I have told you again & again that he is a happily maried man and does not fancy your kind – fruit, swing both ways etc. As much as you dream sitting on his lap or on your knees doing what you do best, he is not the one for you. I know you like tough men like Z Mirza who is fighting real terrorist and keeping all of Sindh safe. Maybe that's the kick or a real turn for you thinking how tough he must be especially in bed.

    Tutti Fruit; you really wait for my posts ! Don't you?? I have no doubt that you must have been an abused child when growing up (not that you have grown up). You look forward to my posts so I can give you more and more. You're so used to being abused that its become part of your lifestyle. That's why you just love it coming from me. Come to think of it, you keep posting one message after another so I would abuse you more!!!. IT just shows that I must have pressed a very sensitive cord and it bugs the hell out of you. Honestly speaking I laugh all the time after reading how miserable you be feeling after reading my posts. I am really doing it to you. Isn't it? You can stop reading but you want to get more from me? Your anger and peeing all over the floor is so obvious. If you didn;t had a brain the size of a tadpole you could have handled it much better. But you're only exposing your miserable state of mind and how much it has affected you. Keep writing,,,,, Come to think of it, its not your fault. Its part of the upbringing and abuse you went through which dictates your behavioural pattern. My adivse is for you to come out of the closet and accept your sexual orientation. Your near & dear ones will eventually accept you. But you have to stop thinking about the macho man – our very honourable Home Minister. He's a tough man but not for you even though you think you can impress him with your feminine looks. I mean your writing shows it ! You are such a sensitive person and most of you fags have that characteristics.

    Now cry baby,,,,, don't cry for me anymore. I won't be writing to you because your kind seriously makes me puke plus, I am also going back to North America where I live. You can go and do all the hurray for the riff raff road blocks, Shamsheer, VIP culture, cantonment etc. I had fun getting on your case. Furthermore, with your tadpole size balls, you can't do shit except to talk about Pak Na Khappay & how bad democracy is for Pakistan. Go get a REAL LIFE and PLEASE FIND the whereabouts of YOUR REAL FATHER ! He's out there for sure. You didn't come into this world without your real father (not the one who's around). It will help you & the tadpole in you may even become a frog some day jumping all over & finally reaching its ultimate destination – Z Mirza's lap !!

    Good bye Tutti Fruit ! A fruit you are for sure !!

  • Hussain |

    AL (Abhay Lund)



    OKAY BOY !! DONT CRY. You have to deal with it & sooner you will come out of the closet in to the open with your fag feelings towards Mirza.


    But remember no matter what happens at the mental institution, the people of Pakistan will still vote for democracy & not for people who believe in sucking up to tin pot dictators !!


    • Al |

      Fanboy calm down or you are going to explode. Try deep breathing – from your diaphragm. It will help you relax.

      And always remember – no one can take your two dads away from you. You need to let go of this fear & embrace the bapta ka pyaar that mirza is giving you. This guy is even breast feeding you now! You can just tape yourself to his nipple if you are too afraid he might leave.

  • Sincere Pakistani |


    AL SAYS…..!!!!

    Please don't involve your respectable parents, they don't know what is going on in between both of you. Please shake hands, be friend and stop shelling to each other. My age is 67 years, you both are just like my sons, so being an elder I request both of you, pls pls just close this chapter and be friend. Thanks GOD bless both of you.

  • Asad Baloch |

    where is my dear mehboob wadhila

    he was going to balochistan from karachi when he reached yousuf goth in karachi pakistan army stop the vichile and kidnap mehboob wadhila we are still missing him scince 02 04 2010 we have no any information about mehboob wadhiola he has been arrested of them i am kindy requisting home minster of sindh doctor zulfikar mirza shab please do something relaise mehboob wadhila

  • Katalog |

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  • moise |

    Worked with this guy, pretty good. Showed me MacBook Pro first in my life. Good to see him standing against police state tyranny.