Stand by Samar & play your role today at 6:00 PM Darakshan Police station

HOT NEWS: Samar Khan is free, al charges have been dropped he is going home

Samar Ali Khan, An Architect by profession was arrested because he protested against the blockade on Khayaban-e-Shamsheer in front of provincial minister Sindh, Zulfiqar Mirza’s house. The police have arrested him; he is in Darakshan police station at the moment. Today he was produced in court but wasn’t released because the judge wasn’t present.

We have planned a protest in front of Darakshan police station on June 16th 2010 at 6:00 PM.

All of us must stand by him because he has shown the courage to raise his voice against unnecessary VIP blockades due to which people have died in ambulance in past.

It is giving you an opportunity to play your role against the atrocities and humiliation our government officials bring to us by abusing their power.

Please stop being a face book or a drawing room activist and participate to display the strength of people in his support and send a message that we are not immune.

Hope to see you there.



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13 responses to “Stand by Samar & play your role today at 6:00 PM Darakshan Police station”

  1. Nouman Avatar

    I am not in Karachi…. I work in Lahore. But I salute this man. More power to the protest people up there in KHI. Zindabaad =)

  2. marium Avatar

    Will be there!

  3. Saad M Avatar
    Saad M

    what a joke. a drunk man shows up at the private residence of the home minister and the speaker of the national assembly, makes blatant threats, abuses the owner and his staff – all while this man's daughters and family are home. he is lucky he got away as easily as he did – in fact, i believe that the leniency he was shown was uncalled for – he should be prosecuted within the context of the law. mental fragility and being under the influence of alcohol does not position you above the law. i salute dr. zulfiqar mirza for giving khan's family the time to make excused for his deplorable behaviour and not pressing any charges against the idiot.

    I am all for complete freedom of speech for all citizens of a country, but there is a right way and a wrong way to express this freedom. Imagine yourself in this scenario – how would you react if a stranger come to your home while you were asleep at midnight and created a violent racket. I dont think you would take that passively – you would likely call the police. I know I would have probably given the intruder a servere beating before handing him over to the authorities.

    I wish you and your bandwagon jumping readers would take a moment and think for yourselves rather than blindly taking the side of any idiot who makes a fool of himself in the name of freedom of speech and expression. shame on you all.

    1. Hammad Siddiqi is a Avatar
      Hammad Siddiqi is a

      You are a Jackass! you dont know what you are saying. Samar Ali Khan is an amazing Person and Zulfiqar Mirza is a bloody politician. Samar did the right thing who the fuck does any politician thing they are! people get their facts fucking straight period!

      Samar is a hero and a courageous man and gave bloody sick disgusting PPP what they deserved and showed how powerless the peoples party and the corrupt government is in front of a courageous Wise Civilian who is not only a successful Pakistani but an amazing person who is an awesome architect!

  4. Hammad Siddiqi Avatar
    Hammad Siddiqi

    I can understand Mr. Khan's frustration in a way however I completely disagree with his actions. A man's private residence, regardless of his office or lack thereof, is his personal sanctuary and thus should be inviolate. If Khan is so upset regarding the security provided to elected officials, why doesn't he do a drunken protest outside Taliban Madaris, which are churning out misguided murderers that threaten the safety of elected officials and their families, the REAL CAUSE behind the massive security?! I completely agree with Saad M. Bunch of Bandwaggoners!

    1. Shahbaz Khan Avatar
      Shahbaz Khan

      I totally agree with Hammad and Saad's comments. If the man was proven drunk, I have serious reservations against standing up to support him.

      Having said that, we can use this as an opportunity to protest against the VIP protocols that one tends to bear every day (had my instance yesterday as well).

  5. Saad M Avatar
    Saad M

    Hamster – pls post on the next blog post. that is where the real action is!

  6. Fatima Saleem Avatar
    Fatima Saleem

    I support Samar Khan.we need courageous men like him to bring change.

  7. Sakib Ahmad Avatar

    Having read this post and the previous one – and a sample of comments thereon – I am wondering if I am lost in a weird Alice in Wonderland world. I have no idea what is reality and what is illusion, thanks to the innumerable postings of a gentleman who calls himself 'Saad M'. The ferocity with which he is defending the PPP thug belies his claim to be impartial.

    The all-important fact, in my opinion, is that a PROTEST was made in a place where such protests are unheard of. I applaud architect Khan for that reason. In Pakistan 'life and honour' are valuable concepts only for people in a privileged and powerful position while ordinary people die like rats each day and their "honour" is trampled underfoot by the likes of Mr Mirza.

    As for the deep consideration that 'Saad M' reserves for the man's wife and daughters, the worst that might have happened was that they were roused from their slumbers. Compared to the rapes that Mr Mirza's class commits daily that "offence" is neither here nor there.

    I think there is an urgent need to "out" 'Saad M'. He probably has close links with Mr Mirza or the PPP or, possibly, both.

    1. jibran Avatar


      This is our political culture. When the people we adore commit a crime, we close our eyes and support them and any proof of their unjust comes before our eyes, we call it a conspiracy by the agencies.

      These PPP fundoos, *thekedars* of democracy, are ignorant a$$holes and would defend their *leaders* for any crime their goons commit.

      On the other hand I would warn this naive Mr. Samar to watch out. He basically confronted a mafiasco. Do you think the *firouns* of PPP would just let him walk away like this?

      Rahman Dakait thought he could oppose the mafia too. Do you know what happened to him? These mafiascos murdered him and all his bravery is gone down the drain.

      Yeah, I would support Mr Samar too, but do I have the courage and the resources to fight the gangsters of PPP?

      They can only be straightened with people in uniforms.

      Honestly these *democratic* thugs can only behave when their fathers in uniforms shove up a big bar up theirs.

  8. Sakib Ahmad Avatar

    Thanks for your very realistic comments, Jibran. I have alluded to these in my reply in the main discussion (comment 91 on the adjoining post).

    Bringing back the the gun and the boots is no solution to our problems, I am afraid. The solution that I favour is given here:

    [please read the post and ALL comments]

  9. fatima.ahtesham Avatar

    I agree with Fatima saleem

  10. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    Thank you for posting this what a heartening news.

    Yes !this is a day of true liberation of Pakistani people.

    Defy these thugs at their residence and whatever and wherever you see these people.


    What privacy and what homes these thugs have robbed us for far too long and they have taken advantage of our naivety for far too long.

    These people must be challenged?

    When these politicians invade the houses of poor( to their status) do they value or consider any right or law of any other person.


    Once Again Mr.Samar highly commendable.