British Foriegn Secretary to answer Pak/UK Questions on Twitter

Today at 10:30pm (Pakistan Time) British Foreign Secretary William J Hague on his trip to Pakistan is going to come on twitter [@WilliamJHague] to answer questions. I believe this is a great initiative by the UK govt to engage with the general public on a one-on-one basis, I fully support the effort. You are welcome to pose questions on Twitter using the hashtag #FSinPak and I am sure quite a few will be answered live in the 140-character twitter style responses

My question posted earlier yesterday was “Q to @WilliamJHague #FSinPak > your position on liberating Pakistan from this War OF Terror when will it all stop, were sick of runin ur war”. I am sure many would have other pertinent questions to ask of the UK Foreign Secretary today



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8 responses to “British Foriegn Secretary to answer Pak/UK Questions on Twitter”

  1. Hakeem Avatar

    Confidential Pakistani document reveals plans for stricter control of the internet and freedom of expression

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      I wonder! Why don’t they put a ban on computers/internet altogether. Next step should be to put the eyes out of every Pakistani for seeing “Forbidden” things like “Unknown Women”, then should be the turn of “ears” to refrain them from listening anything evil and forbidden, Ultimate Solution “See no Evil, Hear no evil. Why don’t put all Pakistanis to death and send them all to Allah to save Pakistanis from further sinning.

      “There is no way to check which links and sites are accessed by users. Nonetheless, we are doing our best,” the official told Dawn. “Blocking search engines may be disastrous and will draw a lot of criticism,” he added. He said that this was what “we will tell the court when representatives from MoIT and PTA appear on June 28 — we have done our best to implement orders without disrupting major online websites”, he said. An IT entrepreneur pointed out that continuous ‘interference from the authorities’ was disrupting commercial activities. “Blocking new links and opening up others is also slowing down the Internet access,” he said.—Staff Reporter PTA asked to monitor Google, other top sites

      Saturday, 26 Jun, 2010

    2. Nazia Avatar


      Such ideas can come from dumb military heads or confined brain like rehman malik who can think of such stupidities in this modern world of communication.I enjoy such moves as during Musharraf regime all blockages were tried but in the meantime Musahrf suffered for all that.

      I think that after Musharraf setback through media and lawyers, new kind of techniques are being tried to diffuse the public pressure on military and govt inefficiencies.Lot of fake blogs from ISI people in Karachi and Islamabad are trying to breach into people's mind.

      Journalists are still under treat by agencies and babar awan is getting C13O ride with cash and carry bags to disburse lawyers group.All are signs that miltiary govt is sill politically very active in underground ways and trying to make maizes of confusions in public places.

      It is surprise for me that why active and real blogger challenge the court's writ for such blockages .I think judges are unaware of significance of such web world and only inse side is being presented to them which is covering only blasphemy issue .

  2. Nazia Avatar


    you are so short tempered on orders of judiciary.

    Nothing has been blocked since court passed this order.

    facebook was block for some period as part of protest and nothing went wrong in this disturbed country.

    If few papers of any web is blocked then it is normal process and it had been done in past many times in Pakistan and other Muslim country.

    You are very narrow minded toward decrees of these courts.

    Dont worry here no govt, no mullah and no islamic party can ever close red light areas for one night.Drinking alcohol is punishable offense but it is only unavailable to those who dont drink it All can get is as per range of pocket. Even official cars and its drivers are fully utlised for such kind of prohibited jobs.Cigarettes are injurious to health and forbidden to young ones in our state laws.All smokers have it even now found in school children bags.

    Drugs and related things are in approach of even poor community of this country.

    SO don't take so much tension that somebody would come and block your net world shut your eyes or ears like that.

    So try to behave like law abiding citizen and if court pass some kind of unlike decree there are very practical and logical ways to counter it instead of throwing hails of taunts on them.

    It is very easy to revert this order.Blogger or internet uses should go to court and prove that such orders are worthless and hardly can be adopted by this generation who have been addicted to this world.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Nazia says: – June 28, 2010 at 12:15 am Mughal you are so short tempered on orders of judiciary.

      MAM: That the way it is.

  3. Nazia Avatar


    you are just wasting your temper on working courts.instead of this if you would think what your dream party is doing to Pakistan and its institution then it worth more in your life.

    Steel Mill corruption case: SC rejects FIA report.

    the Supreme Court on Tuesday gave the last chance of two weeks to the government for furnishing a comprehensive report regarding the whereabouts of missing persons and ruled that the court would decide the case during the current month.

    No immunity in Asif Ali Zardari NRO cases

    he federal government said on Monday the Supreme Court had committed a mistake by annulling a ‘valid piece of law’ and ruling to reopen $60 million money-laundering cases involving President Asif Ali Zardari in Switzerland and Pakistan

    These above mentioned are the real reasons of anger for real jiayalas of PPP so dont divert the attention of people toward irrelevant issues.

    Courts are doing job as per constitution of Paksitan and those who have doubts are challenging them as per law so your invalid criticism on them is not showing your practical approach.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Since you have quoted Links on Judiciary and Alleged Corruption Cases so let me quote just one and i.e. on PCO Oath [violation of article 6] of CJ Iftikhar and several of his brother judges not once but many PCO right from 12 Oct 1999: General Musharraf's Bureaucracy under PCOed Judiciary.

  4. Nazia Avatar

    as an ex govt official and hard core jiyala you should think that what PPP is doing on the name of running state matters in this tenure.
    People who support this judciary know well that who and how Pakistani judges are hand picked or promoted in our system.
    Let this change which appeared in Musharraf regime with in judiciary as last effort to work for people and state only.
    Change in working communicates wouldn’t come from aliens of mars but sinners,cowards or corrupt people have to change their mind set.
    We all know what was happening in 1999 and who had actually given way to corrupt and weak Musharraf to lead the nation through Psych ops.
    So few judges couldnt stop the way of Musharraf and army at that moment.