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Chris Anderson – Sharing of Ideas

Chris Anderson in his TEDxKarachi talk, discusses the importance of sharing ideas, his motivation of creating TED and transforming this project into a global idea worth spreading

Chris Anderson is the curator of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference, an influential annual conference. Previously he founded Future Publishing. Anderson is British but was born in Pakistan in 1957. His parents were medical missionaries and he spent most of his early life in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan before going to public school in England. In 1978 he graduated from Oxford University, with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics


  • Daanish |

    Funny prospective,it look like citizen of Pakistan are brain washed by these nerve breaking news.No one care about problems of common people:electricity,jobs,safety.

    Do you know Presidency,Parliment,COAS,any beauricrat get load shedding? nope.

    They don't care,they have dual citizenship,their children are living in foreign countries.

    Why we have given them Right to rule our country?

    There should be a constitutional ammendment to block people with living in foreign countries10 years before or after seeking any government position to bar them. that's it !

  • Nazia |

    Asad omer is working on excellent project where power generation would be produced through our coal reservoirs which are still untouched and undiscovered for many years .

    These aliens professionals might give us excellent ideas

    but nothing can be successfully achieved unless we would get political stability.

    Countries can be run with such a huge defense budget where only way of employment is make cantonment and hire soldiers to serve these generals and typical political groups.

    There is urgent need of creating stability and peace in Baluchistan as our all natural reserves have been stuck there due to conflict between its feudal lords and military mafia.

    These reserve can fulfill our enegry needs in coming fifty years but all govt have been failed to explore it as who eat more policy is not working properly here.

    So on temporary basis looks very good to hear and sit in such seminars of ideas but bleak political and miltiary situation around us wouldn't allow any such project workable for the benefit of people and Pakistan.

  • Fayaz |

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