Zardari Shoe Bombed

Yesterday probably ranked one of the most happiest moments in Pakistans history when late at night the airwaves were abuzz to have heard the news that someone had the guts to throw a shoe upon Asif Ali Zardari while he was speaking at a function in Birmingham UK.

It seemed the impromptu action of the elderly gentleman shared the feelings and frustrations of each and every Pakistani to have been watching this corrupt president waltz in power while 14 million people suffer due to one of the biggest floods in our history amongst many other frustrations over the past 3 years of his rule. Following this shoe throwing breaking news, the government pressured many cable operators and shut down Geo.TV and ARY News in a number of localities

The video of the shoe still remains elusive but the person who threw the shoe has been interviewed by Geo



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  1. Sincere Pakistani Avatar

    This old brave man must be awarded medal of "NISHAN E HAIDER" who did this great job.

    1. Rei Avatar

      Dude Nishan-e-Haider is not that cheap to be awarded to the persons doing such ill activities.

  2. Shoe Buster Avatar
    Shoe Buster

    Nice try,

    If at first you dont succeed, try try try again.

    I think pakistani abroad in the free world should shoe bomb Zardari, Fauzia, Babar Awan, & Co, when ever they go abroad. May be they will quit taking trips then.

    Anyways, may I suggest a crap filled sock for el presidante next time around.

  3. farrahshah Avatar

    I hope it will encourage people to stand up for themselves.

    MrZardari should really think of exiting honourably.

    1. hahaha Avatar

      ppl showed their courage last week when they voted to success the PPP candidate to NA is Gujranwala supplementary elections ..

      really why would zardari think of exiting or anything like that when people are still willing to vote his candidates to power ..remember dasti ?

  4. Nadeem Ahmed Avatar
    Nadeem Ahmed

    The person how try to hit the shoe win the heart of all Pakistani,such a breave man he is and I appreciate his effort atleast he make us happy in such a difficult time Good luck Mr. Shamim and Thanks for you did

  5. awaara Avatar

    Farhat Babar should throw a shoe on himself, if he missed that shoe and so should other jiyalas.

  6. Amin Khan Avatar

    This old man deserve the national award, “NISHAN E HAIDER". for did this great job. thanks for very much Mr. Shamim

  7. MB Avatar

    "Sitara e Jurrat" to the old man !!

  8. dr jawad khan Avatar
    dr jawad khan

    folks! hats off for the brave pakistani.

    the most awaited news so far.

    i wish if i could get a photage of this history making moment.A new age will be started in pakistan InshaAllah.

    A era of shoe hurling.

    Dr Sahib …be careful.Although the shoe is dropped on Asif Zardari but it devasted those who broke this news.

  9. Syed Jehanzeb Avatar
    Syed Jehanzeb

    People living abroad specially in the free world, should make their responsibility to throw shoe on these goons whenever possible.

    They should practice first to make sure of their success in the process.

    Wish this attempts were possible in Pakistan

  10. Mohammad Afzal Avatar


    Such actions are not appreciateable, but in this case I am happy. Zardari deserves for much more worst than that.

    He is a dacoit

  11. fatima Avatar

    britian should give us the cctv footage of birmingham cc & we ,ll forgive Cameron!

    1. fatima Avatar

      I m dying to watch it!

  12. farrahshah Avatar

    after the press of the world Britain and New York ,Zardari is a history now.

    All down to one man see what a single person can do

    Zardari Image has damaged Bilawal as well.


    Well the disappearence and silence of Zardari is defeaning ??

    Would he return to Pakistan ?Is the question?

    And even if he does the world press would never accept him as a President ?

    He should seriously think what is the point ?

  13. achohan Avatar

    BTW, I would be more happy if the ppp workers had done that.

    I'm desperately waiting for the moment when the poor workers of these political gangs would take the courage and shower their shoes on these so called leaders be it MQM, PPP, ANP, PML, etc etc etc.

    Bilawal Zardari, we are in the process of making fresh shoes for you too. Just tell us what size would you like!!!!..

    1. jasim Avatar

      not said to bilawal that we making fresh shoes for u.

      it is bad act.

      bilawal is next prime mister of pakistan.

      so next time u careful

  14. KIID Avatar

    I have a pair of boots I want to throw at Zardari.

    Zardari is a horse's ass and US puppet.

    Zardari has the brain of a potato.

  15. Quarat ul ain sami Avatar
    Quarat ul ain sami

    I don’t even know what the fight is all about, when there was no shoe that hit Zardari, and neither can you see it in the video. It was just media hype. If anybody was to ever through a shoe at me, I will immediately put him to sleep without any hesitation. Like throwing shoes is going to change Zardari. It reminds me of when a student refused award from Salman Taseer, which made everybody wonder what was the reason for the refusal. And when I heard the reason, I thought how did he even get the award. His reason was that Salman Taseer was making pro Qadiyani Statements. And this is Pakistani Youth. Who elected Mr Zardari president of Pakistan ? Were they Pakistanis or some zombies from outer space? When a nation elects, which is its right, someone to be head of its state then that person deserves the nation’s respects. If he is not desired then there is a constitutional method to oust him which is through impeachment. As long as you do not do this Mr Zardari remains our president and our Head of the state and any disgraceful behavior or insults hurled at him is an insult to Pakistanis and the State of Pakistan. One just cannot glorify such criminal acts no matter how hard anyone tries.

    1. Shamyl Avatar

      Quarat ul ain

      I subscribe to your rational slant on this issue. I, like many, am interested in defending (not attacking) my country and its national institutions from rampant slander and misuse from people with no clue of things. Voter turnout in the last elections was just 35 percent. So keeping that in mind the remaining 65 percent folks have no genuine moral ground to attack the Presidency in a manner that can best be identified with total paranoid insanity. We must not cross limits of civility when it comes to criticism of government and its policy.

    2. jasim Avatar

      i agree with u

  16. dr jawad khan Avatar
    dr jawad khan

    Were they Pakistanis or some zombies from outer space? When a nation elects, which is its right, someone to be head of its state then that person deserves the nation’s respects.


    Did any of us (any one in this forum) voted for Asif Zardari as a president of Pakistan?

    People say that USA is a land of possibilities and opportunities but i say that Pakistan is the land of impossibilities. This is a land where a "murghi chor" OR "chappal chor" can become a president.

  17. Mensur Avatar

    Teeth Maestro,

    The problem is much deep rooted than your medicine practice as a dentist permits you to grasp, dont make a folly. Better you should just practice your profession, politics is not your cup of soup.

    To understand politics you have to raise your intellect standards and search beyond, blogging from the dentist chair is not a wise thing to do.

    How much do you understand local politics.

    I am not into politics and living abroad most of my life. I never voted in my life or support any party.

    What I can say is that GEO & ARY media are pro neo con channels. Hamid Mir, Amir Liaquat, Kamran Khan, Shahid Masood are all agents , promoting anti state sentiment.

    They are here to weaken Pakistan to its foundation.

    So you should treat them as mega stars, they are traitors.

    Shame on you, Zardari is now our president and even we have political differences we should not disrespect him. Zionist media in UK publishing cartoons of him and again shame on you guys that you are instead of criticising it, celebrating it as if you guys have won the world cup.

    Stop supporting zionists and wake up now. You are not doing any good to the nation.

    Change your ideology dont become a street politician.

    Thanks for listening.

  18. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar
    Dr.Jawwad Khan

    To understand politics you have to raise your intellect standards


    this this the most funniest thing i have ever heard….

  19. Sincere Pakistani Avatar

    Mensur !!!!!!

    Shame on you who is supporting such an idiot person. Zardari & his all ministers who are corrupt & traitors have destroyed our country. It is only media who highlights their

    such events, other wise public don't know what the bloody

    hell all these street politicians doing with this nation.I was very much disappointed by your views. I don't believe

    you are living abroad most of the time, may be you will be living in Dubai where your master is holding his headquarter.Really shame on you.

    1. Mensur Avatar

      Sincere Pakistani, first of all as I have mentioned I have no affilation with any political party, and I am living in Europe not even UK, and am a successful business person here and very well educated.

      Politics is above forwarding personal agenda, we shouldnt insult each other and look beyond, this is the problem with Pakistanis, we are in habit of making things impossible and today our country is paying the heavy price for that.

      This person is currently your President whether you accept it or not, we should respect him equally, the old guy didnt do anything respectable he doesnt look educated and this is not the way to express your disagreement specially if you claim to be from same party.

      If I disagree with Imran Khan, or Nawaz Sharief it doesnt give me the right to start throwing shoes at them, it is also very unislamic deplorable act.

      Now the ARY and GEO both are crossing limits, and 24-7 their studios are initiating mass hatred against Government that is being elected and running the country. In any western channel they dont give 24-7 airtime to anchors promoting disharmony and illusion, then why media should be the exception in Pakistan. Dont make this show throwing a political issue.

      Both channels are creating disharmony, painting a negative image of Pakistan within and outside.These channels and their policies are anti-state, they are being run by Jew and Indian lobby, the influences are visible. Look at their programs they are crossing morale boundaries to make Pakistan a shamless country with no values. Specially GEO, 90% content is indian focused.

      Unfortunately because these activities are carried out in a scientific manners people like you cannot point these out and become a victim of your own narrow minded thinking.

      Now they are showing cartoons published by UK media. For God sake this media is all zionist and they will never say good things about Pakistan not even when Pakistan have won the world Cup. They are biased.

      As I belong to the elite class of Pakistanis, and have the education and wisdom to think above, I have expressed my disagreement what has been published in this blog.

      Teeth Maestro despite belonging to a political party didnt show enough maturity in expressing views openly that sounded very much biased.

      I am a die hard fan of Imran, unfotunately Imran hasnt good the right team to deliver him the victory, Teeth is one of them. Sorry.

  20. Sincere Pakistani Avatar

    Mensur !!!!!

    One can make differences with an educated,competent,intelligent person and not with a person who is murderer,lier,greedy,dishonest,gangster,traitor,selfish,looter.Zrdari has all these qualities, so why should we give him respect, as regards elected president, he is not, what ever he gained votes it was due sympathy and idiot ppp jiyalaas. I don't belong to any political party in Pakistan, neither I like any one of them, but of course I have some feelings for Imran Khan, but i know who won't get chance to lead this country, because he don't have majority & cunningness just like other politicians.

  21. Mensur Avatar

    Sincere Pakistani,

    Yes Imran is a good choice but has a limited possibility to lead the nation in the current situation. Pakistan is suffering on major fronts, Jews have imposed war on us, we are a insolvent nation and Zionists are killing us every day, they are followers of Dajjal, a cult that worships the devil. They have very strong influence in Pakistan and they are actively involved in destroying the political system. Our army has caused all these problems, they want to control all the financial resources and even a simple army soldier living a luxurious life. Army chief is also a traitor and they have sold the nation to Zinoists. Without the so called help from US your country cant pull on one day more. We are killing each other every day in the name of Islam.

    Please get it right no matter who comes in power, Zionists will keep playing same strategy. They want to control you, your resources, your water, your food, your everything.

    May Allah help us and help our country, Ameen.

    Zardari is too weak a person, he has no capacity to face US. US has fully occupied Pakistan, you are not a free country. They want to westernise Pakistan, they want Pakistanis to leave their religion, and beg them for their mercy. These zionists are destroying the whole world including Pakistan, the end of times are near.

    1. Imtiaz Khan Avatar

      Imran pepsi khan is never a choice.

  22. Mensur Avatar

    You know what they tell to our Army Chief, kill more Pakistanis and innocent Muslims, we give you money to survive.They wont still give you enough money just bearly enough to pay back IMF and world Bank, both are Zionist institutions. So our major problem is with US, Pakistanis should make a strong voice against the invasion of US. They want to weaken us, without peace and food you cant mobilise and this is what Zionists wants to do. Even US is under their occupation, the whole world is under their occupation.

    The situation is dangerous, they are causing man made natural disasters, from Heiti to Pakitan to China they want to destroy everything.

    Climate control is new world order.

  23. jaasim Avatar

    zardari is really geart man

    wo buhat asha insan ha hmy un ka kelaf bori bukwas ni karni chaey

  24. Sincere Pakistani Avatar


    I fully agree with your all thoughts.All the religious leaders,all the politicians, and our army all are just like dogs. They can't rise their heads before Americans, and Americans knows the mentality of these people, so he just throw some piece of beef in their mouth and they start licking their shoes.No doubt zardari has no value before them they simply throw a small piece of cake to him and he bend his knees & obey their orders without any hesitation.. The day Pakistan become a neuclear power its down fall started by its own corrupt politicians.Unfortunately we Muslims have no unity and western knows our this weakness, so any one try to go against them either they bought him or killed him, same situation is in Pakistan although we called ourselves as free country, but after the age of 63 yrs we are not breathing freely.We are still slaves of our corrupt politicians who are ruling on us. First we gave our blood in 1947 for freedom, now again we are giving our blood to these corrupt politicians for our survival.. Unfortunately this time army chief is supporting these culprits on the instructions of US,so how we can celeberate our independence day, when we are not a free nation.This govt has used such an evil strategy that they have snatched bred & water from the public and made them handicap. They don't have neither strength nor time to make any protest against them.The poor man is busy the whole day to earn a piece of bred for his children, so how he can agitate or protest against these corrupt evils who are ruling on this country.The present tour of zardari to uk & France was not right, but his gangsters tola proved it to be right.We were not so helpless before,there is no one in the country who can save this miserable nation. US & Western countries are after us to destroy by the hands of our own leaders, so it's better we can hand over ourselves to these big powers so that at least we can live in peace & respect, as millions of Pakistanis living in peace & respect in Western countries.Their future and their children are safe, they got protection from law & Justice, where as we don't have any protection from law & Justice in our own country.We have been humiliated by our own laww forces.

    1. sahIl Avatar

      At always be happy……!

      saddam H.sahIl


      u r wrong…… understand

  25. kamran 509 e.b Avatar

    zardari ne pakistan totny sa bachya.

    hm us ka bary ma asi zubn istemal karty hn

    mjy afsos ha asy logo pa

  26. dr jawad khan Avatar
    dr jawad khan

    @ kamran 509 e.b

    @ jaasim


    Do you know that both of you guys are extreme height of human intelligence?

    1. sahIl Avatar

      jawad sb…….. At always be happy…..!


      contect me

    2. dr jawwad khan Avatar
      dr jawwad khan


      what is wrong with you?

      I am not that kind of person.

  27. Mensur Avatar

    Sincere Pakistani,

    I am glad to hear your frank comments and touched by your deepest thoughts and sincerity expressed.

    Army has destroyed Pakistan, they are controlling our development budget, and a burden on the nation. They are having their own kingdom, and live like kings. Their morale is low and they see fellow Pakistanis as a major threat to their propserity. If you say a thing they declare you foriegn agent, and wipe out the opposition. They cant listen or tolerate the truth. These army kings are obeying their western masters to get aid to drink and live a corrupt life. They are silent killers of humanity.

    Killing fellow Pakistanis and muslims in the name of so called war on terrorism is their business model. The more they kill the more aid they get from Jews. We have become beggers and keep begging for funding from US. They give us funds to destroy us more and more causing a domino affect.

    They want weak and begging Pakistan so that they can push forward their agenda and control our people and resources, a typical zionist strategy.

    So infact the epic center for problem is GHQ, a notorious place to carry our bloodshed every day. This has caused us social political and security problems. CIA agents are freely operating as there is nobody to control them.

    Mossad and Raw are operting freely and creating havoc in rural and urban Pakistan and our army using terrorism as a shield to legalise these operations.

    Army has failed again and again, we lost East Pakistan, our country is ever divided.

    The curse of Allah is fallen due to the army's disgustful actions to kill muslims in our land together with our worst enemies. A joint operation.

    USA through our media wants us to point our fingers at the Government, so that they can have undisputed collaboration with the army.

    Todays you see our free media crossing all morale values, nudity is on the rise self proclaimed mulvis like Amir Liaqat are now preaching Islam, what a disaster. GEO is full of Indian content because GEO is anti state zionist channel. All their Anchors are feeding us feeling of hopelessness and fear. Mirs of GEO are traitors and supproted by the strong zionist lobby.

    The current US Ambassador Patterson is a orthodox Jew and during her time the war has intensified and more innocent lifes being destroyed on the streets, inside the holy places.

    The bombings are carried out by Mossad and RAW. They buying our youth and carrying out the suicide operations.

    Why suicide operations have stopped in Isreal and on the rise in Islamic workd, again a Jew conspiracy. The Jew have joined Indians so that it is easy to attack us.

    The Jews are running pakistan to destruction, they feel threatened from us being the muslim nation.

    Do you know how the freedom voice, Luthar King was assassinated, his brther a best swimmer died in his own poool, his mother was shoot dead. Yes right, CIA orchestrated those murders.JFK met the same fate. The lsit of American crimes are long.

    Basically Freemasons have founded US, Isreal is using US as a cover.

    All the visiting displomats hold American passports but they all are Zionist jews.

    Alalh is only going to help you if you can rise up, and make a joint effort against US, once our enemy is out we can deal with other matters.

    We dont want another American supported leader in Pakistan.

    Do you know they have entered our holy place of Makkah, you sure know about Makkah Towers which is run by a Jew from Canada and it is so close to Haram Sharief, provides direct access. Shame on Saudian Prince joining hands with zionists and building a empire state building offer anti islamic activities just outside holy kaaba.

    Hilton in Makkah, Makkah Towers all zionist insitutions, they want to rip us of our faith and oney, what a joke.

    So all the muslim land is under occupation.


  28. Sincere Pakistani Avatar

    Kamran 509!!!!!

    You have said that Zardari saved Pakistan from breakage, and you feel sorry on all those people who are talking against him.

    I can only say about you, either you are mentally sick just like Zardari who has been declared from his own personal physicians that he is mentally sick.

    18 billions Pakistanis are cursing on him and praying for his death, so that nation get some peace.

  29. Mensur Avatar

    It is funny that we live and breed under one corrupt system. Everyone is corrupt from Government to Army, Religious leaders, Media, Bankers, Multinationals, Judiciary and the list goes on and on.

    Cheating has become an epidemic 😉 and merit is out of question. Everyone cheats one another such as Petrol Pumps, Milk Shops, Restaurants,Educationists,Sunday Bazars, Meat Shops, Post office, clothing, and list goes on.

    So everyone who lives in Pakistan experience corruption and cheating every day.

    So how could you produce a Leader out of such filthy system.

    I guess not.

  30. Mensur Avatar

    Instead of borrowing from US masters and plunging citizens into heavy debt. We should rather print currency notes and distribute to the victims.

    But Government wants more dollar reserves, printing notes they argue creates inflation, well on limited supply it shouldn't make much difference.

    Money is debt one way or another anyway so why borrow from IMF?

    Shame to those who invented money and then using it to controll the economies. Money is the biggest scam on earth.

  31. Imtiaz Khan Avatar

    So far, i have not seen the vedio of the shoe throwing incident. Only,and old man is shown decrbing his heroic act by relating his action as divine to lead the nation by moblising them taking shoes in their hand and changing the govt to reach the glory.

    Symbolically, it was a nice gesture for President to stay at home but to decide to visit abroad was not of that amount to creat such hue and cry.It was because , he did not act accordance with the wishes of the establishement or in line with the DG ISI. We will have to get out of the state of denial and face the truth. This compaighn was a continuation of presuurizing the govt by non democratic forces and to get zardari opeartion first and then the PP govt.

    Who is this old man who says , i will also throw the shoes on kashmiries who are running around zardaries like slaves. This means zaradri , after 20 years , for the first time went there to organise PPP in UK and the PML(N)and Imran pepsi khan party were determined to diffuse the effect of the visit.

    The mind set of old man reminded me of the speaches by Zia-ul haq and the impression that whatever, the cicumstance may be, these forces will act non democratically as if no guns , they will use shoes as old man pointed out himself.

    They are on the other side of the history.

  32. Ali Avatar

    Shamim Khan is a convict and has been charged plus proven guilty by UK courts. This dude spent 1 year in Jail. So If he is your hero, then laanat on you all.

    1. junaid Avatar

      Is he a bigger culprit than Zardari?

      if not then should we all sent lanaat on you and your idols?

      Farhat ullah babar and all the chooossss-lots should throw themselves in the flood waters, as I'm sure the "chullo bhar pani" would not be enough for these "begheraaats".

      Jeay Shamim Khan

      Jeay Shamim Khan

      Jeay Shamim Khan

      Jeay Shamim Khan

      Jeay Shamim Khan

  33. Sincere Pakistani Avatar


    Ali son of asif ali (zardari), you have to pretend your father, because if Shamim Khan was convicted in Uk court but he has the courage to show his anger by throwing shoes on asif ali. Asif ali was convicted & imprisoned for 10 years in Pakistan jails, but he has no courage to say truth.

    180 millions Pakistanis saying laanat on him, you are the only one who is denying from this fact,so laanat on u.

  34. zardari ka jawab Avatar
    zardari ka jawab

    asey harami to hain hazaroon mulkoon mein phirty hain mary mary

    main us ka jota khaoon ga jis ko khuda k bandoon se pyar ho ga ok pa g 03127618927 . ………………03436524348………