PICTURES: OffroadPakistan takes Flood Relief to Sukkur

Offroadpakistan in conjunction with MotorSports Club of Pakistan and SARelief we embarked upon a relief mission to Sukkur. Offroadpakistan took charge of three trucks and distributed the goods by establishing a tent city on the outskirts of Sukkur while the MotorSports Club of Pakistan went ahead to Kashmore to distribute the remaining three trucks. Pictures from the offroad team is included here

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8 responses to “PICTURES: OffroadPakistan takes Flood Relief to Sukkur”

  1. Zeeshan Avatar

    Hi Dr. Awab,

    I send two emails regarding flood relief as I am collecting some funds in Dubai and want to send it to you.

    Please reply as soon as possible.


    Zeeshan Saeed

  2. chaudharyiqbal Avatar

    Very poor condition of the people in the flood area. Nobody is there to take care of them except Allah.

  3. QaimKhani Avatar

    Amir Mughal,

    I hope all of your kins are safe and I hope all the people of Jacobabad, Sukkur and other areas of Sindh and all over Pakistan come out of this disaster safely, Ameen.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar
      Aamir Mughal

      Thanks Qaim Khani Sahab,

      Half of my relatives are stuck in Sibbi, Dera Murad Jamali and towns [under flood] near Jacobabad. May Allah help us all from Karachi to Khyber and from Pasni to Kashmir in these tough times. Thanks again for the concern.

    2. QaimKhani Avatar

      Ameeen, Ameeeen, Ameeen.

  4. Sincere Pakistani Avatar

    It is the moral duty of every Pakistani except corrupt politicians and godfather to help as much as they can for the flood affectees,if they are not in a position to help then they must pray for them.

  5. Ahmad Ali Avatar

    All of us should donate atleast one time meal daily to the victims of floods.

  6. Naveed Saloom Avatar

    Greeting! we are working since 4 months among in my city around the Rohri between flood victims, there are lot of families those belongs to Jhat pat area, and no any n.g.o are helping them they are hungry and thristy and shelter less. We are working among them by our church resources, but now we have finished our resources, so please contact and visit us with emergency respons.


    Naveed Saloom.