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PICTURES: OffroadPakistan takes Flood Relief to Sukkur

Offroadpakistan in conjunction with MotorSports Club of Pakistan and SARelief we embarked upon a relief mission to Sukkur. Offroadpakistan took charge of three trucks and distributed the goods by establishing a tent city on the outskirts of Sukkur while the MotorSports Club of Pakistan went ahead to Kashmore to distribute the remaining three trucks. Pictures from the offroad team is included here

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K-L Bill – Yes or No?

Kerry Lugar Bill‘Do you know why these suicide attacks are suddenly one the rise again?’ asked my friend. ‘No, but I guess you have a reason to justify them’ I replied in a cold manner, wondering when did the attacks actually slowed down.

‘Yes I know it is because of the Kerry Lugar bill. You know, these people (read: agents) are attacking our institutions and people to prove that we are in such poor condition that we cannot survive without aid’.

No doubt this Kerry-Lugar bill aka Killer-bill has become quite the talk of the town and people are now blaming the bill for our basic problems such as the electricity issue without realizing what the bill actually aims at.

On Sept 24, the US Senate unanimously passed the revised version of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, titled the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act 2009.

On Oct. 15th President Barack Obama signed the bill into law which will triple non-military US aid to Pakistan to $7.5 billion over the next five years and hence leaving no choice for Pakistan government to request for any amendments in the bill.
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Kerry-Luger Bill: Signing a Political Death Warrant

kerry-luger-billKashmir policy, acquiring nuclear asset(s) and Army has been sensitive issues for Pakistan since its birth in 1947. Though there can be no disagreements that Army rule could not bring change by ridding corruption and opening flood gates of economic progress by sacking popular leaderships in their four trials in 1958, 1969, 1977, and 1999 respectively. Having said that there has not been a paradigm shift in the love for its main stream Army, lust for independence of Kashmir and acquiring a sustainable mechanism to hold on to nuclear assets for a just deterrent, and maintaining state sovereignty.

Kerry Lugar Bill entails conditions quite to the opposite of Pakistani people’s psyche and character. USA has always been supportive of Pakistan’s military regimes and to some critic it’s a long standing policy of the west to mentor its upcoming generals and through nexus of Judges and Generals bring about a Govt of military Generals after a brief spell of civil rule on the name of ridding corruption, economic progress, stability and accountability. Past state record of Pakistani governments supports itself of that version of theory.
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Swat Crisis: Support the Internally Displaced Persons [IDP’s] in Pakistan

Credit – Chowrangi

There is a very serious military offensive in the northern areas of Pakistan [Swat, Dir, Buner and adjacent locations] the offensive is to uproot the terrorists from the region but innocent Pakistani are suffering and are actually being displaced out fo that region migrating to safer regions like Mardan, Charsadda and Peshawar. They are fellow Pakistanis and they need our help

With an expected 500,000 people to be displaced from their residence, Swat Crisis is being termed as largest humanitarian and displacement crisis in recent times. Whether we support the military operation or not, these Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) need our help.

There could be other ways how we all can help make thier suffering a little less – share you ideas but at the same time this is an appeal to all individuals, organizations, charities and NGOs in general and nationals of Pakistan in particular, whether resident or expat, to come forward and help by extending financial, technical and moral support to hundreds of thousands, feared to be displaced in Swat Crisis. If nothing else, please spread the word.
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