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  • Honorliving |

    Thanks for the insight and the help you all have provided. I hope that you all stay as dedicated to the cause of Kucha dwellers. How about if you all can make you own association and reach out to Pakistanis living abroad. Like Shazad Roy and Imran Khan. You don’t have to be a celebrity to raise funds, just tell us some stores like you did in this video and share with us the good work you are doing on the ground. Please maintain contacts you have built with the folks from interior. I feel connected with them through you and I can tell you this much that a lot of Pakistanis living overseas are looking for and need doers like you all.

    If possible could you share with us what is happening to the minorities in the interior? Are they getting any aid?

    May gods bless you all.

  • hamid |


    ohhh, Paki Army men treated like bloody civilians at Dulles airport…

    They forgot to take the manual "what to say and what not to say" in US…and then they were treated like bloody Pakistani Civilians…

    I bet rest 8 of the 9 men team are cursing this guy…poor guys missed the blondes.

    • Honorliving |

      It is sad that anyone would be treated with disrespect any where. On the other hand Pakistani Civilians are mistreated everyday in their own Pakistan by the Government employees including army (Army is a part of a government).