PkRelief raises $142,000 and Feeds over 61,800 flood affected people

Ever since the start of our first flood relief mission to Sukkur on 14th August 2010 the sheer number of lives that we may have impacted is truly unimaginable

PkRelief has to its credit the following statistics

  • Provided 36,800 people with food hampers, each hamper contained basic food for a family of 5 for a week
  • Provided 25,000 people with immediate ready to eat one-time meals
  • Provided 280 tents in various locations, Sukkur, Shikarpur and Thatta which will provide shelter to 280 families or 2800 people
  • Provided 500 families with clothes
  • Provided 6 trucks of water bottles approximately 1000 cases of 1.5 ltr bottles

It gives me immense satisfaction that ever since the Floods 2010 have hit Pakistan there has been an immense out pouring of love by Pakistanis and the citizens of the world to help rehabilitate the poeple of Pakistan affected by the floods in Pakistan. On 8th August we initiated launch from our blogs and partnered with for tapping the online donors this was augmented by a strong local offline effort amongst our family & friends to have Mashallah have raised over US$ 142,000 [last tally on 13th Sept 2010].

Being based in Karachi the PkRelief team which comprised of primarily members from the OffroadPakistan club which was also joined in by the 70GDP group to launch around seven relief missions to the Sindh region. Credit for the on ground effort must go to a large group of volunteers like myself (Dr. Awab Alvi), Rehan Bandukda, Faisal Kapadia, Nabil Jangda, Atif Ashraf, Aman Ashraf, Taimur Mirza, Khizer Rashid, Hamid Omar, Adeel Ashraf, Hamid Zahur, Rashid Zahur, Sabiha Omar, Khalid Omar, Sadiqa Awab, Zantiana Saqib, the 70- GDP group lead by Capt Shahid and his family and Cmdr Raza while there are many others who played a significant role and would be difficult to name each individually but we salute their commitment as well. It is my belief that all these volunteers have done their part not for any personal gains but for their patriotic spirit to have served tirelessly for the people of Pakistan.

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We as a team have taken great care to ensure that each food hamper or item is hand delivered to our best ability and hope that we have done justice in disbursing these Zakat and Sadka donations in the proper way. It is also for the reason of transparency that we choose to fully document all entire relief missions online on Twitter, facebook and also on our blogs, the intention was not to tweet our own horn but to show our donors how their contributions are being spent, while another major reason was to draw the worlds attention to this disaster in pakistan. We started on 14th August as our first relief mission to Sukkur following up going every week in Ramadan to our latest mission on the 3rd day of Eid to Jacobabad via the C-130.

All this would never have had been possible without the generous donations from over 300 individual donors who contributed in cash both online and offline to raise over $142,000 or Rs. 1,21,77,863 this as well a large quantity of in-kind donations that we have recieved in the due course in the form of Water trucks, Food items, tents and many more items which we approximate to be worth Rs. 3,500,000 if not more

In the same spirit of transparency I share below a broad expense distribution of our relief missions, exact specifics are available upon request to anyone who would like to have a look. We have more or less utilized 65% of the donations targeting towards immediate relief of the flood affected people, the remaining aspect will be disbursed slowly in the long term rehabilitation since the flood victims will soon start heading back to their lands and start rebuilding their lives.

The expense sheet is live and being updated as we continue to aggregate all are efforts

Flood Relief Missions by PkRelief - Expense Spread ($142,000)

Please continue to donate to the PkFlood relief fund, as it is our belief that this is a long disaster and our relief efforts must continue with the same vigor as before.



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11 responses to “PkRelief raises $142,000 and Feeds over 61,800 flood affected people”

  1. Atif Iqbal Avatar
    Atif Iqbal

    Well done great achievement.

  2. Rehan Avatar

    TO all,

    the above is with regards to the cash donations which we recieved.

    pls keep in mind, the expenses only include what we had to actually pay for the goods…. people donated provisions as well, for example we got a lot water, rice, rusk, wheat, milk and bread/sheermal for free.

    and whenever we went out to buy rations for food stuff, factories of our friends gave the items to us at cost price…

    IN ADDITION to the above, several people donated complete trucks full of food hampers and water….

    The total value of these goods have not been taken in the above given donation/expense sheet, our best estimate is that the value should be somewhere in the 35lac region..

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Rehan – thank you for pointing out the lapse on the "in-kind" donation – I agree this is a very important aspect and I have updated this blog post as well as the excel sheet to reflect the same

    2. Salman Avatar

      there is also a need for the medical camps in Sindh. Recently, we had organized a medical camp in Mitiari with 2 docs and medicines worth Rs. 25K. Patients mostly included women and children suffering from common diseases like eye infection, fever, skin infection, vomiting etc.

      I think this is an area which needs some attention now.


  3. Mustafa Teli Avatar
    Mustafa Teli

    Great Job Awab/Faisal/Rehan/Nabil and other team members. All of you giving so much of your personal time gives immense confidence to donors. If you are planning to travel again on a sunday for a day trip I would like to join.

    Also Please read below.. Report official Water Council's dt India wil complete 40dams on river Jhelum &Chenab. Out of which 4 large dams&16 small hv become operational. India is building world's 3rd largest dam KARGIL on river Sind. Also a water tunnel is now working &taking 45% water of river Sind. India hz completed disputed BAGLIHAR dam on river Chenab &it is working. India hz decided 2 make Pakistan A Desert &its nation on d knees without firing a single bullet by 2015. This is WATER WAR. Why we & our Government r sleeping.

  4. KIID Avatar

    I just contributed. If I can do it, so can you. If I must do it, so must you.

  5. Sher Zaman Avatar
    Sher Zaman

    $ 142,000 is a handsome amount and will certainly play its part to reduce the stress that is on the government due to unavailability of resources.

  6. Hira Mir Avatar
    Hira Mir

    An act which was much needed when Pakistan faces turmoil. Utilization of previous accounts will feed in more dollars I am pretty sure.

  7. Ammar Avatar

    The process of flood relief needs to ensure transparency at all levels, the government and NGO’s needs to join hands and work together for smooth and speedy flow of aid. Greater level of transparency will encourage the donors to pledge more