Extra Judicial Killings by Pakistan Army

The past few days I was being forwarded a shocking video of a few Pakistan Army jawans assissinating six blind-folded shalwar kameez men. This is a low quality mobile video showing a number of Pakistani Army soldiers escorting six blind folded men to a corner, they lined them up and a high ranking officer walks to each of the six person, as if asking them to beg for forgiveness, having received none he conveintly walks back to his jawans and orders them to open fire. The uniformed soldiers raise their G-3 rifles and let loose a volley of shots killing most of the prisoners instantaneously. After the dust settles two soldiers walk up take aim to shoot the targets yet again to ensure that they are dead

This is the scene of a shocking video that is circulating on the web, every portal that puts them up is quickly blocked by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, as it is within their policy framework to immediately remove content that is deemed abusive of the Pakistan Army.

The New York Times providing some independent reviews have deemed the video more or less credible saying

“American officials, said it appeared to be credible, as did retired American military officers and intelligence analysts who have viewed it” The video adds to reports under review at the State Department and the Pentagon that Pakistani Army units have summarily executed prisoners and civilians in areas where they have opened offensives against the Taliban, administration officials said.

On the flip slide, the Pakistan Army denies, the spokesperson ISPR Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, dismissed the video as part of a propaganda campaign by jihadists to defame the Pakistani Army. “No Pakistan Army soldier or officer has been involved in activity of this sort,” – wants the world to believe that this is a staged video counter offensive to damage their activities in the region. Admittedly it could very well be rouge Talibans dressed in Army uniforms and assassinating army soldiers in this video, an important aspect of this video is that this is NOT a covert / hidden video, and is being documented as video evidence, a covert mission, would not document incriminating evidence against themselves, that in my point of view is the only weakest link. Rest is open for discussion

Without doubt this is a shocking video, it is also by no surprise that we hear ISPR vehemently denying this video, and it is my opinion that their comments should more or less be ignored, since they are a party to this incident. Were they framed, possibly, but one must then must look at the larger picture and question if these practices exists within the Pakistan Army cadre and I can bet Musharraf’s Tushie, this is a standard operating procedure since long.

Pakistan Army has used these and other torture tactics in the past – In the 90’s when Pakistan Army was given the green light to crackdown against MQM in karachi – it was then that MQM was most vocal on the in-humane methods used by Pakistan Army in the crackdown against them. It is also a known fact that every militarized party in Pakistan has deployed similar inhumane tactics against their opposition to show their muscle power, from the torture cells of the 80’s and 90’s in Karachi to the present day battlefield in Swat and also more recently again in Karachi by the rival gangs hoping to come out victorious.

Another suspicious silence is by the media on this issue, they are seemingly numb to this incident, or is everyone on their pay-roll….. ?

The video at the moment can be see on LiveLeak, please watch with care



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  1. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    Sir i strongly disagree with this VDO and i will request all true Pakistanis that please stop promoting anti Pakistani forces

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Kamran – either you flatly say – I give Pakistan Army – total right to violate Human Rights – say that and I can then understand your argument… and your position –

      Saldy I am TOTALLY against human rights violation – I can allow the Pakistan Army right to kill in battle, but assassinating UNARMED individuals [guilty or not] is totally UNCALLED FOR

      I VEHEMENTLY OBJECT your postion – I would like to hold MY JAWANS to a better level and not expect them to stoop to the level of Talibans and go on an eye-for-eye tooth-for-a-tooth rampage


    2. honorliving Avatar

      @Kamran Ghafoor.

      Would you give the same advice to Americans who are disgusted by Abu-Gharib and Gitmo?

      Your argument is that Pakistani Army is doing to keep Pakistanis safe. Do ends justify the means for you?

    3. skeptic Avatar


      Dr. alvi is correct. The point behind systems of judicial due process is to ensure that no innocent get punished even if some guilty are let off.

      COIN operations are based on human intelligence. Human intelligence is not only fallible but also can be based on biases enemeties.

      Take a hypothetical case. As an example think of this war spreading to the whole of Pakistan (It already is to an extent). Now suppose some army person sends for a rishta for a sister of yours. Your family refuses. The army guy takes is very badly and becomes your enemy. Turns out the guy is in Military Intelligence. So he gives an intelligence report from an informant known to him that Kamran Ghafoor is an alqaida agent.

      Now if you don't have due process of the law, your goose is cooked. We are all at risk if there is no due process. Its not just a question of people in swat, its you, me, all of us.

      Due process of law is critical and thats why openness is important to ensure that the government does not prosecute anyone unfairly.

      Even as we speak if you are poor and the police get hold of you. Boy you are in for the time of your life. You do not want an unfair judicial system without a proper defense.

    4. skeptic Avatar

      To add, the Jordanian who blew up the CIA team in khost, was basically deliberate bad information by the double agent. The CIA and the Jordanian intelligence had such trust in the guy that they got him into their base.

      The taleban could easily have double agents out there pointing their enemies to be taleban agents. Similarly such scenarios of people settling personal enmities are cited in the western press as something quite well know in AfPak. Thats why transparency and due process is important.

      Patriotic pakistani should want the truth, so that if there is a problem it is fixed before too late. You dont want a repeat of bangladesh where you keep doing ex judicial killings and punishments until you are hated. Same issue goes for baluchistan where it seems that the buluchis hate Pakistan now? why has that happened?

  2. Naeem Shamim Avatar
    Naeem Shamim

    They were doing the same deeds prior to the Dhakka fall !! Everyone must know what's coming. Pakistan is in the ICU on the ventilator now, not much of life remains !

    1. skeptic Avatar

      Naeem, I hope you are wrong. It seems incredible that someone would be so stupid to repeat such a dreadful mistake twice. If you are right then God help us.

    2. Naeem Shamim Avatar
      Naeem Shamim

      @ spektic

      The Khakis are repeating it, and so are the awam and the politicians and mullahs !

      Good luck !

  3. S.A.R.A Avatar

    Doc, its not Pakistan Army this time. This video is well scripted, and put up on the net for a reason at a time when there is a call for change in the country.

    Please make note:

    1. General Kiyani's extension is still not officially notified, so there is a good chance he's been played the carrot and stick. At the same time, as the US so wants this incapable government to continue, they would not want the strongly developing impression of the Army to take affect after the floods.

    2. Previously the PPP media wing has released Hamid Mir's recording, and their propaganda site of LUBP is at its full swing, along with their newspaper Daily Times.

    Therefore, if someone is to investigate what is really going on, then we should not forget the abilities and the media warfare played by the political parties in Pakistan.

    Just identify the friend from foe and you will get it. Our soldiers even if they are practicing this, will NEVER make a video of it. We don't have bullies in our Army, like the one in the US who boast about their kills for fun even.

    1. Honorliving Avatar


      They (Pak Army) has done it before so, they are definitely capable of doing it.

    2. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
      Kamran Ghafoor

      Doc is not ready to understand what to do 🙂

  4. skeptic Avatar

    If its not true, then no big deal.

    But if the army is doing this, then its Bangladesh again. There is a facebook group with a lot of angry pathans with some more videos too.

    I read a comment by an unnamed Pakistani army officer saying that he had made videos of such abuses as he did not agree with the policy and thought this would create problems for the army.

    Gen Talat Masud gave comments to the effect that he believes the video to be real.

    It could be taliban propaganda, but if it is its very easy to expose it. If the government is sure its a forgery, simply spread pictures of the victims and the soldiers and plaster them in the media and give reward for information about the identity of these people.

  5. skeptic Avatar


    this has additional videos. this page was mentioned in one of the major us newspapers, i forgot which one


    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbas Avatar
      Wasio Ali Khan Abbas

      That is true. Although I haven't seen the other videos, I was able to view the one whose link is in this blog and it is really sad to know that Army is repeating mistakes of 1971. I hope it is not too late and mistakes are mended before the way to return is no longer available for all of us.

  6. dr jawad khan Avatar
    dr jawad khan

    but i would like comment- there is nothing extra judicial when you kill terrorists and that to by the Pak army.
    terrorists need not only to be shot at they need to be nuked!


    1. shoaib Avatar

      agree 100%- dr jawad khan says:

      but i would like comment- there is nothing extra judicial when you kill terrorists and that to by the Pak army.

      terrorists need not only to be shot at they need to be nuked!

  7. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    you can see my views on facebook Awab Alvi’s page

  8. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    100% fake VDO

  9. dr jawad khan Avatar
    dr jawad khan

    As one American said that "you can't fake every thing", unfortunately this is true in the case….

    The problem is not that as a Pakistani we never learnt any thing from our mistake, the problem is every time we face the deadly consequences of our mistakes we become more committed to repeat those.

  10. klasson Avatar

    Even if we say this video is genuine for the sake of argue

    Can someone please answer the following doubts?

    How it is possible that Army would let this be captured?

    How difficult it is for Anti Army/Pak forces to produce such defaming material?

    C'mon guys don't be hypocrites

    This is 100%%%%%% FAKE

    1. Masood Akhtar Avatar
      Masood Akhtar

      Those who doubt the capacity of Pak Army be my guest go and make such film and get out alive….va funkulo this is 100% fake video and propaganda against Army,let me re phrase this is 100% FAKE VIDEO but even if it is geniune video we support our Pak Army as we believe in transparency of our Army that targets were 100% guilty and action is 100% legitimated under the law frame of WAR AGAINST TERROR which is being used by US,British & NATO in Afghanistan,Iraq,Guitnb,ABu Gharib,Bagram and same frame legitimates the drone attacks…Pak Army is assuring the safety of Pakistanies,we have no sympathies to terrorists thats it Pak Army Zindabad!!!!

  11. Masood Akhtar Avatar
    Masood Akhtar

    Well the same link I found on a network of Palestanian activist where it was under the title"Indian Army Killing Kashmiris".Although I have my doubts about the credibility of video attached,but if our army did so I fully support them its to assure security of Pakistanies same as US & NATO are doing in Bagram,Gitonm,Abu Gharib……I support Pakistan Army even if its 100% true!!!

    1. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
      Kamran Ghafoor

      this is all rubish propaganda against Pakistan because they know they don't need to put extra efforts to De track us

  12. Masood Akhtar Avatar
    Masood Akhtar

    Yes this is 100% fake and propaganda against our Army…

    Let me rephrase,this video is 100% fake but even if it is true,we support our Army,this is what exactly being done by American,British & NATO in Afghanistan & Iraq even they are killing innocents via drone atacks…why so? just to ensure safety of their people & country…so if Pak army does the same its under the same frame of WAR AGAINST TERRORISM…No argument!!!

  13. shoaib Avatar

    sorry, i could not view the video as it is blocked by pta.

    but i would like comment- there is nothing extra judicial when you kill terrorists and that to by the Pak army.

    terrorists need not only to be shot at they need to be nuked!

    1. skeptic Avatar

      Lets hope the americans dont listen to your suggestion and nuke the whole of Pakistan

    2. shoaib Avatar

      but at least those areas which are declared terrorist safe heavens.

    3. skeptic Avatar

      That would include southern punjab, and parts of karachi according to the americans and their media. Unfortunately as the war goes from bad to worse the possibility of amrican punitive action increases…..

  14. shoaib Avatar

    these terrorists are at war with the people of Pakistan and they killed thousands of innocent civilians. they have to be wiped off from the face of the earth. what these terrorists are doing is neither Islamic nor moral. they are not even Muslims so they have to be dealt in the same way.

    when will the people of Pakistan and its media stop supporting the terrorists? like they have done in the case of Lal masjid, akbar bugti, dr aafia siddique, faisal shehzad……………

    1. skeptic Avatar

      Exactly what terrorism did dr. afia do?

    2. shoaib Avatar

      The mystery of Dr Aafia Siddiqui -The Guardian
      A Pakistani neuroscientist is to stand trial in New York for attempted murder. But is she a victim of American brutality?

  15. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    My opinion is that Video is 100% fake,its propaganda against our only well stuctured and organized institute…..Let me repharse that VIDEO IS 100% FAKE but if the VIDEO IS 200% GENIUN we support our army as we trust and believe that our Ar…my is doing their best to protect us and clean the shit of terrorist and extremisism right from the roots….Such killing is under the same legtimated frame of war against terror which is being used by US,BRITISH GOVT & NATO Forces in Afghanistan,Iraq,Abu Gharib,Guntanb and under the same legitimate fram of war against etrror US is doing droe attacks at Trible belts of Pakistan and it has alredy been confessed by US that more than 70% of victims of drone attacks are INNOCENTS…..We trust our Army,We Love our Army We Support our Army,We dont care about F*** Humane rights when someone found guilty in Anti Pakistan activities…We just like to crush such elements because Pakistan is 1st…!!!!

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      @Kamran – then I believe you and I need not talk any further, you are assuming "innocence" yet justifying the killing of unarmed men.

      Think about the repercussions of your argument – What logic do you stop when the families of the same unarmed men turn to a roundabout in Lahore and target kill six more people and say "we fucking care about human rights" – now whose the terrorist?

      Sir the terrorist is label depending on which side of the coin you favor…. they might be terrorist in our definition, but in the same breath we are also the terrorist terrorizing their people [right or wrong] as well.

      Another example if In a war with India – we blame the Indians as terrorists, while Indians blame us –

      Its been a good number of years where we have been bullet riddled the talibans – has anything changed ? NO – i think rather then drilling our grave even further we need to seriously stop taking orders and re-evaluate.

      Kamran I also believe – you and I have wasted enough time on a mere "I know Pakistan army is innocent" argument – comeback WHEN you have undeniable evidence – else please dont waste our time – let the Army come clean themselves, your emotions cant help them much

  16. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    above comments are from another true Pakistani who love Pak Army

  17. Masood Akhtar Avatar
    Masood Akhtar

    Thanks Kamran for helping me to share my coments,I have tried quite a few time to leave coment but aparently failed yet trying once again if it works…..Follow the 1st part of my statement that VIDEO IS 100% FAKE & IF ITS GENIUNE THEN …..this IF maters alot indeed!!!

  18. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    Dr Awab as i mentioned the previous comment was from another Pakistani my friend Masood Akhtar he is not able to post his comment on his siteso here i am posting his reply

    Kamran Thanks for helping me to share my views,I have tried quite few time to leave reply in weblink but failed…..My view point should be read in right manners rather than self framed way…..1st part of my opinion is that video is 100% fake (same video I have seen on network of a palestanian activist under the tag of "INDIAN ARMY KILLING KASHMIRIS") but IF VIDEO IS 200% GENIUNE THEN FOLLOW THE 2ND PART OF MY OPINION & one who reads ,should know that IF maters alot indeed….Masood!!!

    1. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
      Kamran Ghafoor

      and i 100% agreed with Masood Akhtar

    2. shoaib Avatar

      @Karan no need to be so apologetic – if u believe in what u say.

      @Dr Awab- wake up man. time to clean up the mess of taliban once and for all! these terrorists are at war with the people of Pakistan and they killed thousands of innocent civilians. they have to be wiped off from the face of the earth. what these terrorists are doing is neither Islamic nor moral. they are not even Muslims so they have to be dealt in the same way.

      when will the people of Pakistan and its media stop supporting the terrorists? like they have done in the case of Lal masjid, akbar bugti, dr aafia siddique, faisal shehzad……………

      just nuke the entire strong hold areas.

    3. Muhammad Saqib Ilyas Avatar

      Shoaib bhai. What Dr. Awab is saying is that we have never seen a Taliban in person. All we know of them is from media reports. We all know that it could be true or it could be propaganda, just as this particular video could be true or false. If the Taliban exist and are the way the media lets us believe, they follow arguments against you similar to the arguments you have against them. You have faith that they are evil, they have faith that you are evil. You want to wipe them off the face of the earth, then how can you blame them for wanting to wipe you and me off it? We are, then, as wrong as they are.

      In no way am I commenting about the right or wrong of the possible execution in the video. The authenticity can be questioned, just as the context can be questioned and so on. Like Dr. Awab said, hopefully, things will become clearer as we go on. But meanwhile, the Taliban never claimed to be civilized. Right, maybe, but never civilized. We are the ones who claim to be civilized, so it is upto us to live up to those claims and be rational.

    4. shoaib Avatar

      @Md. Saqib-then how can you blame them for wanting to wipe you and me off it? We are, then, as wrong as they are.

      i don't blame them- they can do what they want. what i am saying is that they are evil and they should be wiped off even if they choose to adore us!!

      u have to take a stand against them, fight the evil and we should refrain from taking their side.

  19. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    @ Shoaib i am not apologetic Bro and i have blind faith on my words.

  20. shoaib Avatar

    time to isolate and speak against the frds of taliban!

  21. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar
    Dr.Jawwad Khan


    what a sweet couple!

  22. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    Pak Army is not a joke Doc . one of the best armies in the world and let me add one thing here what Pak Army do nobody can even smell it, ask somebody who knows Pak Army well

    1. Sam Avatar

      Do you know how ridiculous it is when Pakistanis claim Pakistani army is one of the best armies in the world? Chuck Yeager one mentioned Pakistani pilots to be among the best in the world. Extrapolating that, everything military from Pakistan becomes top of the world.

      Facts are Pakistani Army is guilty of the mother of All surrenders in 71. Loss to India in Kargil, 65 was a strategic loss as kashmir was not liberated.

      On a tactical level surrender of over 200 soldiers to a bunch of taliban on video is shameful.

      The dishonesty of the generals is incredible. How many times has bajur been liberated?

      With no military wins and having lost half your country and about to lose balauchistan and KP, you claim to have one of the best armies in the world? hah hah hah.

  23. dr jawad khan Avatar

    so if Pak army does the same its under the same frame of WAR AGAINST TERRORISM…No argument!!!


    They are doing with others not with American citizens….

    No matter what American citizen(muslim or christian) do, they put him/her on judicial trial.To best of my knowledge they never killed any American extrajudicially…

    Your army is killing its own citizen.

    Big difference….Isn't it?

    This is why i call it blunder after blunders.

    There are two blunders in this act.

    First,the anger and frustration would be higher because of ages of those boys.Put yourself in the same position as the fathers and brothers of victims and try to imagine the sentiments….You think that you just eradicate your enemy? No! ….more are coming.

    Second, you are turning your still respected soldiers into a cold blooded murderer.You just destroyed the moral high grounds of these soldiers.You are opening a gate which even you have no idea what monster is behind.

    Once much before the separation of east Pakistan,a wise American said that "pakistani water is devoid of wisdom"

    and i believe that his comment in one sentence describes the history of Pakistan….

    I know only a very few people who can do justice with God given wisdom and intelligence and do not allow their affiliations to destroy their rational and logical think process.

  24. shoaib Avatar

    really surprised at the number of sick people on this forum who would rather side with the taliban rather then with the Pak army!! the taliban is killing the Muslims- the people of Pakistan and the Pak army is killing bastard taliban who are neither muslims nor Pakistanis. SICK PEOPLE LIVING IN A FOOLS PARADISE!!………………lol

    1. ali Avatar

      "O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide people who are unjust. (Quran 5:51)"

      This ayat scares the hell out of me. Pakistan is a front line ally of America and NATO. Pakistani people by and large supported musharrafs decision to join the alliance to save Pakistan. I am very scared what it means for Pak Army, Pak Govt and for the rest of us. After becoming a front line state on the war on terror, the last thing we Pakistanis should be doing is calling others kafirs.

  25. shoaib Avatar

    people in Pakistan find it difficult to admit the realities and love to live with an Islamphobia! I think we are getting an overdose of Islam by the mulla community and this has brain washed our minds and we find it difficult to understand the real Islam which calls for peace, compassion, humility, brotherhood, one humanity and righteous conduct. I strongly recommend that Pakistan is declared a secular country and there is a ban on mulla activities and on madressahs. If we do not wake up then the road to hell is very much close at hand.

    1. Honorliving Avatar


      “Real Islam”? What is real Islam? There are as many versions of Islam as there are Muslims. So who is to say what is right and what is wrong.

      No one is siding with Talibans here. All these good folks are saying that everyone deserves a fair trial before being declared guilty.

    2. Muhammad Saqib Ilyas Avatar

      I'm sorry to say that you sound like Pervez Hoodhbhoy. Are you saying that in secularism there will be no crime and no injustice? All forms of societies, religious or secular, have problems that result in violence. Secularization will not result in peace and harmony. The roots of violence and crime lie elsewhere. Religion is not to blame here. Mulla maybe, but not religion.

    3. shoaib Avatar

      Let Pakistan be a secular country which respects all faiths, all Prophets and does not distinguish between one and another.

      We want peace.

      we want to live in a common brotherhood and not in a divided world.

      we want one humanity created by One Allah.


      ONE GOD, ONE FAITH (Islam-to submit), ONE HUMANITY.

      Let us follow the path which leads to Allah and not divide ourselves (people who call themselves Muslims) into sects just like the christians and jews did. Peace to all.

      there is no religion in the spirit world except Islam( submission to Allah).


      Man is born as an eternal creature. When God created man as such, He divided his life span into two parts, the pre-death period, which is the time of trial, and the post death period, which is the time for receiving the rewards and punishments merited by one's actions during the lifetime.

      Every soul that comes to the earth has a mission- it may come to wash off its past sins, to help another near and dear soul, to fight the evil in the world, to spread spirituality and restore the law of Allah. Whatever it may be, but it should be with total sincerity and commitment.

      I strongly believe in a 'common humanity' and 'in all the Prophets and revelations' as from the same Source and being the creation of the 'One God' and in all the sects and religions having been the creation of mankind for their vested interests.

      God made me in His reflection – And my God, as I know Him, is Logical. He does not discriminate between his Creation based on caste, creed, color, race, religion or gender – Then how can we? Let us find Unity in Our Plurality – This is my Islam.

      Pluralism-ethnic, linguistic, cultural and confessional- is critical for this country: mutual trust and respect amongst ethnic groups are essential if peace, stability and equitable development are to be achieved. In diversity lies strength.

      Islam is a faith of Peace. It promotes pluralism, tolerance, compassion, humility. Islam encompasses all faiths, but unfortunately some of the people who are the followers of Prophet Mohammad have tried to make this faith exclusivist and tried to force their interpretation of Islam on others.

      Exclusivists were able to promote their view was through the declaration that the many verses calling for pluralism, commanding Muslims to build bridges of understanding with non-Muslims, had been abrogated by other verses that call for fighting the infidel.

      Understanding the Real Islam- Salvation, according to the Qur’an, will be granted to any person who submits to the one God, to anyone who is a submitter to Divine Will (the literal meaning of the word muslim). Repeatedly, the Qur’an declares that on the Day of Judgment all human beings will be judged on their moral performance, irrespective of their formal religious affiliation.

      THERE is no place for intolerance, extremism and terrorism in Islam.

      We have to bring an end to the islam taught by the fanatic mullas who are spreading intolerance, hate, sectarianism, extremism and terrorism by baning the mulla and the Madressah culture. This is the real cause of all the terrorism around the world and for brain washing innocent children to blow themselves in the name of Islam.

      We need to give the best education to our children and not send them to madressahs.

      The taliban, al Qaida, the extremist tanzeems are taking advantage of this madressah culture and brain washing them.


      if we do not understand this Islam then we are sure to be misguided and doomed.

      we have to rise against the Mullaism islam in order to uphold the real Islam.

      we have to give more weightage to ethics of faith and to righteous conduct instead of just being drawn towards the rituals and practice of faith.

    4. shoaib Avatar

      For last fourteen hundred years we have heard a slogan one Allah, one Prophet and one Qur’an and so all Muslims should unite and constitute one ummah. Also, interestingly enough our ulama narrate a hadith from Prophet (PBUH) that “my ummah will be divided into 72 sects and only one of them will be naji i.e. will achieve liberation and others will be doomed”. Thus we ourselves contradict ourselves. On one hand, we desire unity and then go on dividing the ummah in 72 sects conflicting with each other….. We may not be able to overcome our differences resulting in complete unity of ummah but certainly we can work out strategies to reacts un-emotionally and more intellectually so as to project a peaceful and dignified image of Islam. It will greatly enhance respect for Islam and Muslims in the world.

    5. skeptic Avatar


      Surah Maidah 44… Those who do not judge by what Allah has revealed, Those are the kafirun.

      Later in the same surah

      Those who do not judge by what Allah has revealed, those are the Zalimun,

      Later again

      Those who do not judge by what Allah has revealed, those are the fasiqoon.

      Please read tafsir of surah maidah in detail.

      Islam is a deen and not just a set of beliefs or religion. It include a complete system of justice.

      To deny that system of justice in favour of secularism is Clear kufr according to ALL ISLAMIC schools of thought. There is some argument about not implementing Gods law due to weakness, whether that makes one kafir or zalim or fasiq.

      However wanting secularism instead of God law is Clear Kufr. Need to be very careful here. This whole part of surah maidah is a charge sheet against the jews and the christians for abandoning Gods law.

    6. Honorliving Avatar


      In today’s world Secularism doesn’t mean la-mezhub (irreligious or non religion) it means hama-mezhub (all religion). All religion have equal respect.

  26. Arshad Khan Avatar
    Arshad Khan

    Pathetic video of Pathetic Pakistan. With it even more Pathetic Pakistani military. I bet this video is true no matter much anybody tries to prove it a fake. Because what else can you expect from slave minded people and its leadership.

  27. shoaib Avatar

    sorry folks, i do not want to be a part of this forum of sick people.

    1. Muhammad Saqib Ilyas Avatar

      That seems to be the most popular line to exit when someone points out that you don't understand the basics of logic in arguments?

  28. dr jawad khan Avatar

    sorry folks, i do not want to be a part of this forum of sick people.


    This is a lovely part of the discussion 🙂

  29. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    Is this VIDEO worth consideration even for a second ?

    1. dr jawad khan Avatar

      Why not? contrary to the claim it is almost impossible to prove that it is a fake video…

      If you have genuine technical reasons than kindly share with us.

  30. Talkhaba Avatar

    This was indeed a worst day when a Meerasan gave birth to the bastard man who would later become chief of the army staf and then president of Pakistan. Look this high class meerasi says he will bring light in the dark lives of we pakistan with the help of Atiqa Udho known for her easy goingness and high class Dauos (The person who present his wife to his bosses and others).

    1. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      shocking revelations about Atiqa Odho…

    2. Talkhaba Avatar

      What happened at Expo Centre Karachi during the last visit of Musharraf as president there is not hidden from those in media and Police. The incident that took place at the main entrance couldn’t be reported.

      She was also banned from a TV channel because she had offered "something" to the one in TOP Management in return for letting her show on-air on the channel. Later, that show was telecasted on HUM TV. Very recently she managed to normalize her relations with the channel and got NOC to be seen just as an actor in out source Dramas only, even today she can't become a host of any show.

    3. dr jawad khan Avatar

      that's interesting talkhaba sahib,

      kindly tell us more or could you compile all the information you have about these so called celebreties?

      so the poeple may know their real face…

    4. dr jawad khan Avatar

      and kindly shed some light on the incident of Expo Center Karachi.Inspite of being a internet worm,i am not aware of such incident…

  31. Talkhaba Avatar

    Daous Rashid Qureshi

    1. Brumby Avatar


      It is so sad that you would write such things about someone you don't even know. You are indeed a true Pakistani. A decent person would not say such things even if they were witness to it but, not us Pakistanis. We are ready to repeat something that we heard from our friend who had heard from his friend’s friend who had heard it from his friends’ friend’s cousins. It is pathetic.

    2. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar


      kia tumhen izzat daynay kay liye Atiqa Adho hi mili hay?

      jinhen apni Izzat ka aehsas naheen jo Qom ki beti ko bech denay walon ki himayat karen unkay barey men maloomat share karna behad zaroori hay.

      Kanjaroon aur kanjariyon ko izzat day day kar to yeh hal ho gaya hay Pakistan ka….

      Bherhan loosi! charyo thi weyo ahey chha?

      i believe that talkhaba has very good reliable sources to know these things.He shared many good and authentic information before.


      Please ignore the brumby shurmby and do share..

  32. jibran Avatar

    I am shocked that this bearded guy went to those guys and looks like he asked them to recite Kalima….

    Kahan margaey Zaid Hamid Kezzab, tumharey baaap kiaa kaam kar rahey hain….

  33. junoon Avatar

    Na-Pak Army is preparing another Bangladesh known as PakhtunKhwa.

    Soon only Panjab will be only part known as Pakistan.

    I bet the latest blast in Karachi is an achievement of our agencies to enforce Pakistanis to believe that what Pak(napaak) army is doing is justified.

  34. Janu Avatar

    It is a fake movie clipping, weapon used in movie was the snatched weapons these G3s are also in use of Police and para military forces. Uniform if anybody like to buy please visit Hathi Chowk and chotta Bazar Adjacent to Rawalpindi Railway station. Now US and NATO uniform and weapons are also available in Quetta and Chaman Bazar anyone interested to make a similar movie to undermine US and NATO forces they can buy such items from Quetta or from Allaqa Ghair. But you may not to make such clips for US forces as they are doing it openly and no one can do anything against them even there own countrymen don't write against there forces without checking the authenticity of Movies or clip. For your information Attack on GHQ was also done using uniform and same weapons which are in use of Pakistan Army. In first Instance even Army people did not recognized the intruders.Let us say if is actual clip so please I may remind you people Pakistan Army do not make movies for killing innocent people. Rather it is a trademark of Taliban who kill innocent people and Pak Army soldiers and release their movies on internet , plz search same site Live leak you will get many. Bye

    1. ebad Avatar

      @Janu Dhakkan,

      If the movie is fake they why Kiyani has ordered for investigation.

      You guys are loosers, you have eyes but you refuse to use them.

      You have brains that never grew, because you never used them.


  35. Ali Avatar

    I have seen many videos of people killing and cutting throats etc, never enjoyed single video, made me sick…. but this is the only Video I enjoyed….because I have suffered and lost my brother in Suicide attack……. Soldiers are doing their job, If I were there, I would have raped their mothers and sisters and forced them to commit incest..

    Die Taliban and all their Die hard supporters just DIE

    1. ebad Avatar


      Thanks for exposing yourself. When you hope bad for others, the same may happen with yourself.

      I don't hope bad for your mother nor sister, but if you are of that taste then go for it (Incest), since thats where you are and you are so fond of incest.

  36. farrahshah Avatar

    The COAS has ordered inquiry into the matter Geo News.

    quite surprised good to put the case to rest.

    Either the army is clear or maybe it is the beggining of accountability.

    But I am sorry and remorseful for the families who will not know what happened to their children

    They were young if they were trained for sucide attacks they should have been put into rehab and prison.

  37. Imran Khan Avatar
    Imran Khan

    Extra judicial killing of unarmed persons (even terrorists) must not have happened. Its totally rediculous and is NOT allowed by any standards. ALL RESPONSIBLE IN CHAIN OF COMMAND MUST BE BROUGHT BEFORE THE JUSTICE.

    I am not giving any justifications (as there is none), however, it may also be seen under what kind of environment it has happened. While Army's prisoners are beheaded and brutally killed by terrorists and operations going on in which Army officers and men killed by these terrorists. It seems little natural to apply the tactics of terrorists on them. Moreover, Courts freeing lot many terrorists due to lack of ordinary proof have contributed towards such actions.

    Reformation of judicial system could avoid such incidents as Army would not like to clear the mess created by CORRUPT judiciary members. I respect judiciary but there are many black sheeps among them also whose stupid actions must have prompted such actions.

  38. Khizar Hayat Avatar
    Khizar Hayat

    When Taliban Kill or beat any offender the vidio is orignal all hypocrites and american cry but when american or their allies (hypocrites)kill innocent peaple the vidio become fake. This mean your eyes and mind is 110% fake.

    Khizar Hayat


    1. Adnan Avatar

      well said!

  39. Arshad Khan Avatar
    Arshad Khan

    Pakistan is one of the most corrupt places in the face of the earth the world has ever seen if not “The Most”. Its about time blind Pakistanis realize it because the Leadership, media or “Military” of Pakistan will never tell them this truth because they are major players in this abused country called “Islamic republic of Pakistan”.

  40. Fahim Avatar

    That bearded guy asked young men,

    "Kitnay logon ko Kalima aata hai ? Sub ko ata hai, App parho, App parho …."

    so he went on to each person to make sure everyone recites "Kalima" before the shoot out.


  41. afaq Avatar

    Heejron kee fauj hai…

    Saree taqaat Pakistanion per hee utartee hai inkee.

    Jab koi taqat war samney aata hai to mahndeee laga kar hathyaar daal detay hain yaa 100 taweelain pesh kardetay hain.

    Yai heejray samjhtey hain "sab sai pahley Pakistan" kaa naaraa laga kar, Qaum ko aurr Chotiaa bana lengay.

    aik woh thaa "akhreee mukkai" wala bharwaa, jo beron-e-mulk darbadar hai

  42. devastated Avatar

    Seems very genuine to me for the following reasons:

    a. People making a fake video would not be smart enough to add '2IC sahab bula rahay hain'.

    b. The guy making the video is doing it stealthly. He is probably making it from a hidden mobile phone camera attached/pinned to his chest (see his arm covering the video at times).

    c. At the sound of some kind of fire early in the clip, the guy making the video hits the ground. This is probably a result of military training and not taliban training.

    But what the hell was going on? I just hope this was an isolated incident and not something widespread in Pakistan Army. How on earth these guys can take the law in their own hands, and kill people like this? Even if their comrades died, even if they suffered in various other ways, even if these were criminals, these military people are not the ones to decide. These guys deserved a trial at any rate.

    I would say the Pakistani Army should come out and accept this. And charge the offenders. And make it public so others know that this is not acceptable.

    God help us. In the name of fighting for Islam, we have crossed a few lines and fell into barbarianism. I am feeling really disgusted and upset.

  43. Fauji Jawan Avatar
    Fauji Jawan

    All these sissy people watch this.Mr.Kamran Ghafoor this should shut them up and put the Dr at rest.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84g2Xqr9rAk, and this

  44. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Its good to know that Pakistani Army won the gold medal in this mega event.

    I wish Pak Army could behave like an independent army rather than a hired hand.

  45. AS Avatar


    copy paste the above link to see what Abdul qadeer has to say about General Musharraf

  46. nota Avatar

    @Kamran Ghafoor

    "and i have blind faith on my words."

    Looks like the words are coming out of your …

    (BTW: Have heard of people having blind faith in God, but never in their own foolishness)


    "I VEHEMENTLY OBJECT your postion – I would like to hold MY JAWANS to a better level and not expect them to stoop to the level of Talibans and go on an eye-for-eye tooth-for-a-tooth rampage


    Hear! Hear!!

  47. skeptic Avatar

    Evidence of how good our investigations are…


    Problem without due process you dont know who you shot! Did any of these kids kill anyone? any proof?

  48. Arshad khan Avatar
    Arshad khan

    This video is probably being taped by an american soldier and almost certainly not by a pakistani soldier.