Another Pak Army Abusive Video Appears while US increases Military Aid

Yet another video can be seen on you tube where apparently Pakistani Army severely beating up the suspected militant. While thrashing and whipping him, men dressed in Pakistani military uniforms can be heard asking the prisoner, “Are you a Talib?” Mixed in with other questions is some laughter and threatening “you should know, our bullet never miss the target”.

There are more than five prisoners are lying on the ground, among them an old man with long white beard and hands tied up is screaming with pain however the army men around, nudged him with sticks.

Last execution video had already raised concerns among human rights organisations and US officials (although I have some doubts about the reliability of expressions of concern by “American officials” about human rights violations in Pakistan) about how Pakistan’s military has been conducting its battle against militants, with the financial support of the United States. Responding to New York Times  American officials said, Pakistani officials acknowledged that the video had not been faked, whereas they have denied the credibility of the video earlier, US official also informed Times that Pakistan Army had identified the soldiers and would take appropriate measures against the unit.

What US law says about gross human rights violations by the US funded militaries around the world:

The Leahy Amendment is a law passed in 1997 that prohibits U.S. funding of security forces whose members have been credibly implicated in human rights violations, stating:

None of the funds made available by this Act may be provided to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the Secretary of State has credible evidence that such unit has committed gross violations of human rights, unless the Secretary determines and reports to the Committees on Appropriations that the government of such country is taking effective measures to bring the responsible member of the security forces unit to justice

US law clearly mentioned here that no funds will be provided to foreign military units where they found to be violators of HR in their military operations. US Officials also admitted that Pakistani Government has acknowledged the authenticity of the youtube execution video and there are units who are affected by the cutting of funds including Pakistani special operations forces who have carried out attacks on the Taliban in Pakistan’s Swat Valley and South Waziristan.

While talking to times the champion of this legislation, Leahy said:

I told the White House that I have real concerns about the Pakistani military’s actions, and I’m not going to close my eyes to it because of our national interest in Pakistan, If the law is going to have teeth, it has to be taken seriously. Pakistan’s military leaders have made encouraging statements about addressing these issues, but this requires more than statements.

Leahy is absolutely right that we need more then statements by Pakistani officials, the second video is an obvious example that how responsible Pakistani troops are!!

Furthermore Rights group Amnesty International warned that bullet-ridden bodies of those who have been abducted, many showing signs of torture, are increasingly being found across Baluchistan whereas previously bodies of the missing were rarely recovered.

Victims’ relatives and activists often hold Pakistan’s security forces and intelligence agencies responsible.

Concern over growing extra judicial killings and torture over suspected militants by Pakistani army have been raised time to time by Human Rights Organisations and US Government is fully aware of the fact.

In conclusion, while the Leahy amendment provides the legal framework for the U.S. to pressure Pakistani security forces to respect human rights and to aggressively prosecute violators, why public at large is not aware of the reports coming out as the result of the inquiry committee set up by Army Chief,  following the cuts of the abusive troops funding.



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30 responses to “Another Pak Army Abusive Video Appears while US increases Military Aid”

  1. Aziz Ahmed Avatar
    Aziz Ahmed

    How the hell you are saying it is fake are you blind or soo….nice work done by our enemies and we and our bullshit army is opposite to each other.We and our army is damm u ever think that white beard man will ever say to his children after this that pakistan is our land but he will fight and fight against pakistan. *uck u pakistan army if you are unable to protact your own nation.*uck u pakistani nation including me.

  2. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar

    who ever is the producer and director of this VDO at least hair cuts should be like army men, if you ppl want them to be recognized as army personals 🙂


    these are the planted VDOs, having no reality 🙂

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      There you go again …….

    2. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar

      Few Questions for all of you. please think before you answer.

      Q1: if this clip is true what could be the reason behind it?

      Q2: if there waz a reason behind waz in favor of Pakistan its OK and if it was really a personal grudge or extremism should we blame the whole army for that or to a certain group ?

      Q3: if the army itself not involved in it and a group of army persons is doing this what could be the reasons and objectives?

      Q4: if objective is to damage the Pak Army image so they only need to advertise these kind of Videos & stuff?

      Q5: if they need to advertise this stuff to damage the image of Pakistan & Pak Army ???? so what are we doing ???

      Q6: R V working for those anti Pakistani Forces without any cost?

      so my dear Brothers and sisters what ever is the reality i can not offer my services to anti Pakistani Forces to do their Jobs @ cost of my "Country's Image".

      Signing Off


  3. Kamran Ghafoor Avatar
    Kamran Ghafoor

    Another fake VDO 🙂

  4. shobz Avatar

    doc, the US isn't an angel when it comes to dictating about human rights. It seems they have forgotten about all those human rights incidents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. I am sure you haven't forgotten how prisoners from Pakistan were illegally transported abroad and tortured.

    However it does not mean that i endorse the Pakistani Military to resort to torture. We are also prone to committing such acts. If the US asks us to fix things, then they should also follow their own advice and prosecute all those responsible for torturing people.

  5. Aziz Ahmed Avatar
    Aziz Ahmed

    How the hell you are saying it is fake are you blind or soo….nice work done by our enemies and we and our bullshit army is opposite to each other.We and our army is damm u ever think that white beard man will ever say to his children after this that pakistan is our land but he will fight and fight against pakistan. *uck u pakistan army if you are unable to protact your own nation.*uck u pakistani nation including me.

  6. Abdulaziz Khattak Avatar
    Abdulaziz Khattak

    I am no fan of the Pak Army, but then this scene from the video alleging abuse looks all fake to me.

    I second Mr Ghafoor's comment. Since when did the army allow its jawans to grow hair this long???

    Animosity towards anyone shouldn't blind us to the truth.

  7. mosa ghani Avatar

    markhanay wala bhi insaan nahi marnay walay bhi janwar hain samajhnay walay samajh jaiin or insaan honay ki khasoosiyat pay zara ghour krain…ka insaan ki kia qualities honi chahyain…pakistan is full of animals

  8. Masood Akhtar Avatar
    Masood Akhtar

    I second Kamran Ghafoor as his coment is sense based upon this non sense VDO…..USA is talking about humane rights? give me a break man,come out of your day dreams,I invite you to visit me in the region where I am working for USA victims,come & let me show you the live real stories (unlike your fake clips) of US militry crimes…..why dont you work on improvement of impartial analytical skills rather than to be Tom & Jerry framed charactor? think upon my sugestion :)))

  9. Shakeel Khattak Avatar
    Shakeel Khattak

    awab kia papi karien in G terrorists ko, they did right thing like baber did in karachi ,

  10. Arshad khan Avatar
    Arshad khan

    Some of these military men have long hair. I think it is Indian Army in Kashmir trying to confuse people that its not Army but some people dressed up as "Pakistani Army". Our innocent Pakistani Army men would never do such animalistic acts. It is the Indian Army practicising for Gazwa e hind.

    1. AS Avatar

      Please pause at clip 0:58 and it can be easily seen the soldier is wearing a black clothes at his head and it not long hairs as some people are think they are

  11. khalid humayun Avatar

    Kamran Shakoor has raised a valid point that has raised quite a suspicion. Is there any way this point be raised by those responsible for foreign affairs of Pakistan?

    I also have reservation on the authoress' projection of Leahy Amendment Act 1997. Pakistan is getting military aid under Kerry-Lugar Bill. Does this Bill is also covered by Leahy Amendment Act? But, in all fairness, it is the inhouse problem of USA, not ours. Is the authoress a Pakistani-American? Just curious! All she was called upon was to condemn the act that would have been fair enough, but siding with the voices of American critics and even "take action call" to International Human Rights agencies looks ridiculous to me, more so, when the Video itself is questionable. It is simply un-Pakistani. Just how many articles has the authoress written on Afghan War files that prove beyond reasonable doubt the hegemony of US Forces in Afghanistan?

  12. AS Avatar

    All the faces and voices are easily recognizable in this movie and can be easily traced. Name of the battalion and soldiers.

    So instead of making lame excuses of the movie being fake, inquiry should be held and the culprit should be punished.

    Likewise a movie was shown on all Pakistani channel about a Taliban torturing a women. Inquiry was held and it was found out that ISI paid the actors in the movie and the movie was fake.

  13. Sheheryar Khan Avatar

    poorly directed (agreed with kamran ghafoor) i guess they have directed it on urgent basis cuz they know our Army chief is in US those days but anyways I don't know why they don't promote the videos which made on 9/11's drama like loose change, zeitgeist, Road to Guantanamo bay, Fahrenheit 9/11 & several others.

  14. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    When did Pak army start using AK47, the one held by the soldier? A bit of common sense would have made this fake video look a little more real.

    And Awab, why did you post this video on your blog without properly working out its authenticity? Has your hatred for the Pak army made you blind? But hey, you are not that innocent, are you? You seem to have a wider purpose and design. Though you yourself may not be the brain eating amoeba, but you surely are an HIV virus for the nation, just like HIV cripples the body's defenses for outside infections to attack, elements like you only have a purpose to create enough hatred and propaganda against your motherland's defenses to harm and ultimately cripple it altogether.

    I deeply apologize to be harsh, but as a Pakistani, it is upon me to show total ZERO TOLERANCE to elements who are acting against national interest especially in these difficult times when our country and our jawaans needs so much moral support. Shame 🙁

    1. Arshad khan Avatar
      Arshad khan

      you mean especially in these difficult times when our country and our jawaans needs so much moral support to fight for America and kill our own people ruthlessly. Slaves:-(

  15. afaq Avatar

    Excellent tribute to NaPak Army

  16. safdar khan Avatar
    safdar khan

    well the army isn't fighting normal,civilized armies of america or india.we are dealing with religously inspired barbarians who want to take us back to the 7th century.the insistence of liberals to scream about perfect human rights when trying to defeat religous barbarians is disingenous.

    i know human rights are important but these barbarians aren't just trying to take over land of others,they want to change the our attitudes,beliefs & values to those of the dark ages.

    1. irfan Avatar

      dude, this army was never meant to be fighting a *civilized* army…

      The moment they fight a regular army,they piss in their pants and surrender….(1971),

      yeah go tell Zaid Hamid Kezzab to change that history too..

      Do you think they get AID for humanitarian reason?

      They are simply justifying their salaries [PERIOD].

      Even a pimp who eats on a whore is better, he only sells one body and a soul they have been pimping the whole nations's body and soul

  17. Imran Ali Avatar

    Wow, very brave.

  18. umair Avatar

    Teeth Maestro is getting bitchier and bitchier day by day … whether true video or not .. that is not the point .. but this is the method of interrogation world over .. Mr Teeth Maestro should be sent for interrogation with his kisses and smiles .. stop being such a nice punk .. armies have to do this .. judiciary doesnt work in these kind of situation where timely information is the most important way of winning .. those people can cut throats … run away with peoples kids, blow up our mosques and we cannot interrogate them .. in which world do u live .. u must be living in Karachi Defense or something ..

    1. Arshad khan Avatar
      Arshad khan

      Ok Prevez musharraf

  19. abdulaziz khattak Avatar
    abdulaziz khattak

    whoah umair!!!

    cool down mate. you seem to be from the army or from a family of soldiers.

    i guess what the army did in 1971 raping thousands of muslim bengali women must be a method of interrogation too then???

    they blow our mosques, so do you!!! (read the army)

    they run away with people's kids, so do you!!! (read the army)

    they cut throats, so do you!!! (read the army)

    so you two seem to be the same side of a coin, you khaki taliban!!!

  20. nota Avatar

    And yet another:

    Don't know if this one has made it here yet:

    1. qasim Avatar

      lagtaa hai pakhtunkhwaa waley bhee jald

      "pakistan naa khappey" kai narey lagaingey….

      jeetay raho Pakistan kee fauj kai jawanoo,

      tum zindaaa ho to RAW aur Khadd kee kiaa zaroorat…

      maro maro pathano ko bhee maro, baluchon , muhajir aur sindhion ko to martey rahey ho, abb patahon ko bhee maro…

  21. Arshad khan Avatar
    Arshad khan


  22. Laeeq Avatar

    We should be not merciful towards Taliban. We know their atrocities in Swat and other parts of country. When court system in Pakistan is corrupt and failed, and no hope for the punishment for the culprits, then this kind of treatment from military is ok for the blood thursity Talibans. They should kill their womens and children, who will only produce more Talibans and their children will be only future Talibans.

  23. SAM Avatar

    OMG ! this video not belongs to pakistan Army, this video is of Stupid & bastered Indian millitants in kashmir, killing old and white beared person. following are the prooves,

    1. Pakistan army never beat people with long sticks,

    2. all soliders of Pak Army do not have long hairs, but often

    you can see in kashmir indian army millitants with logn hairs.

    3. They are asking about some one during beating, but pakistan Army did not ask any thing during beating, they always investigate.