Before and After Pictures of Shikarpur Pediatric Ward

Just a follow up on the Shikarpur Pediatric Ward, Umair Jaffer prepared a short PDF file on the before and after pictures of the work done at the Shikarpur pediatric ward as a collaborative effort between OffroadPakistan and CDRS-Shine Humanity. The older three wards were revamped by OffroadPakistan and we also took the burden of setting up and stocking the free medical dispensary, CDRS team took the initiative of setting up two brand new wards nearby, seeing these pictures one does get a proud feeling, that with proper team work we can seriously make a difference



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7 responses to “Before and After Pictures of Shikarpur Pediatric Ward”

  1. Shahzad Ahmad Avatar
    Shahzad Ahmad

    This is great work Doc. Awesome feeling and make us all proud 🙂 Thanks and best wishes

  2. Naheed Moini Avatar
    Naheed Moini

    Wow, great to see such work taking place. Thank God for small mercies…

  3. Hussain Avatar

    The work put in by you & your colleagues should easily earn you all sainthood. May Allah bless you all.

  4. Shereen Rahmat Minha Avatar
    Shereen Rahmat Minha

    Maashallah good job done!

    just few queries…what about its sustainability? who will take care/charge of its maintenance especially regular cleaning, electricity bill and regular maintenance of the installed AC, regular toilet cleaning, maintenance of dispensary-refilling of the required medicines on regular basis and availability of dispenser.

    any thoughts?

    Kind Regards

  5. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar


    Great work….

    You gave a really powerful message to the state and people of Pakistan that change can be brought if you have a will.

  6. Tehmina Shaukat Khan Avatar
    Tehmina Shaukat Khan

    Dr Alvi, I live in the US and I just came across an article in the BBC on malnutrition in Sindh. It completely broke my heart. Somebody told me that (R) Justice Fakhruddin Ibrahim is doing really excellent humanitarian work in Sindh. Is it please possible to post information on how to donate to him?

    I will be really grateful to you

    Many thanks


  7. Remedy Dental Studio Avatar

    Amazing story, amazing work! Thank you for sharing Dr. Alvi!