Even the Pakistani Embassy in Washington – DOES NOT trust the Govt of Pakistan

In a very interesting email sent out to Pakistanis in North American the Pakistani Embassy in the United States of America at Washington DC has invited people for a fashion show by Deepak Parwani of which 90% of the proceeds will go towards flood relief, but in an interesting use of words it seems the negative perception of a total lack of trust in the Government of Pakistan in collecting funds exhibits itself in seemingly a desperate attempt to ensur that people come and be a part of the event – they categorically wrote in their email “no portion of the proceeds will go to the Government Pakistan”

Siliconistani spotted this blunder today, attached here is the official invitation sent out from the Deputy Chief of Mission’s office, at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC.

From: DCM [mailto:dcm@pakistan-embassy.org]
Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2010 3:52 AM
Subject: INVITE: Fashion for Pakistan Flood Relief

Please join us on November 16th to celebrate the launch of Fashion for Pakistan Flood Relief. We have teamed up with the top designers in Pakistan to design and produce clothing for sale in the United States. This event will feature tunics designed by Deepak Perwani specifically for this project. Thanks to his extreme generosity, over 90% of the purchase price of each tunic will be donated back to organizations that are providing critical relief and rehabilitation services to the flood-affected people. All funds raised will be distributed to approved charitable organizations and no portion of the proceeds will go to the Government Pakistan. Please come and mingle among the models, meet the designer and preview his beautiful designs.

Date: November 16th
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Place: Ambassador’s Residence located at 2343 S Street NW, Washington DC
Tickets may be purchased for $100 at www.fashionforpakistan.com or by calling 202-220-693

It may at best be a funny blunder but one has to wonder that the immense negativity regarding the corruption of the government may have weighed heavily into even their minds too. Am being updated by Siliconistani that Husain Haqqani, the Pakistan Ambassador to the US, is looking into correcting the text, but truly can you bring back the thousands of emails sent out earlier.



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6 responses to “Even the Pakistani Embassy in Washington – DOES NOT trust the Govt of Pakistan”

  1. Sohail Mahmood Avatar

    Heading used here is bit too loaded. On first place Embassy, simply tried to accommodate the concerns of those who don't believe in the government and tried to make them contribute from an alternate forum if they want. Secondly, who will decide who is more credible, Pakistani embassy in Washington has been under fierce criticism even more than its mother government. We should at least try to add positively. Had there been a heading " Embassy joins Pakistani Hindu designer's drive to help the flood victims" It would have been morale boosting. Think about it.

  2. MB Avatar

    not surprised

    who will trust a chor, badmash, daaku sitting at top with his spoons in all 4 provinces. People of PAK showed their whole trust on IMRAN KHAN and NGOs then this Bhutto Gang.

  3. khalid humayun Avatar

    Considering the chain of command perspective, the author has raised the issue on a wrong footing. The author must write afresh discussing about the perception prevailing in American Society that Pakistani government, be that it is Military or Civil, does not act honestly and that bulk of the revenue disappears during bureaucratic transfer to the real donatees. There appears no lighter or sarcastic flare in the article as who will believe insubordination by subornates.

  4. NMC Avatar

    Muslims are under kuffar attack that consists of lies and corruption, i.e. deceit and decadence aka moral bankruptcy.

    Brothels and porn which become rampant nowadays are a small part of the "International Diabolical Empire." Most of the money comes from CIA drug trafficking, sophisticated blackmail, money lending and currency trading.Government.pk dances to their tune, end result Moral Bankruptcy.

    These kuffar did 1st incursion, 2nd infiltration, 3rd perversion, 4th subversion, and 5th corruptness and by these method they have taken over almost all organizations including our govts.

    Our govt is obey these kuffar whom we are to occupy the lower ranks of their cult as servants and chattels.

    The first and foremost responsibility of government is to prevent devil worshipers from taking control. It has failed rather they sold their souls to the devil and importuning us to do the same who not is a terrorist in their eyes.

    What do I say about a youth.pk who can't tell the difference between good and evil? Increasingly this is the condition of society as a whole.

    The world is indeed controlled by diabolists who indulge in the most heinous crimes with impunity. Membership in this club appears to be the price of success, whether political, economic or cultural. "Progress" and "social change" are synonymous with mass social induction into diabolism.

  5. WHA Avatar

    Dear NMC:

    Do you live in some make belief world? Please wake up to the reality. Stop blaming others for the problems. The world will remain a place where technically advanced nations will dominate the weak nations. Islam successes a few centuries ago only on the basis of technical and scholarly basis…We failed when we started blaming others, stop advancement in education and focused on faith only.

  6. ozi Avatar

    dude these are funds by blue collar class to blue collar class, not for elite class to elite class