Dissecting Pakistani Documents on Wikileaks

Over the past few days Wikileaks has been regularly releasing an interesting set of secure cables on Pakistan. it is my belief that these documents will without doubt go down into history books to have been a world changing event, We here in Pakistan till now dont see anything that may suprirse us, we knew that these bafoons running our country are enslaven to the American interestes, literally calling them up practically at every juncture to appraise them of the issue quite often seeking advise and suggestions, even internal issues.

To me these cables are seemingly like an immensely long chain of love letters written by US embassies around the world, their disclosure embarrasses the participating countries, its without doubt, practically all nations, including Pakistan will be very careful on sharing their ballads in the future, hurting years of American diplomacy. What one does have to wonder, who may actually stand to benefit from supporting Julian Assange and his team helping them to spill the beans, many conspiracy theorists have their own theories, but time will only tell who suffers the least. Fingers have gone pointing to Israel, could it possibly be China or would you speculate someone else? Care to venture a thought

I fully support Julian Assange and his team in this whistle-blowing effort, we here in Pakistan can, after this, claim to be a better informed electorate [for whatever that means in Pakistan] but no longer are we shooting theories into the wind, as to the extent of American involvement in our day-to-day affairs of Pakistan, but now they are documented that all our bafoons running our country blatantly report to their masters quite frequently. I share with you a TEDGlobal2010 interview of Julian Assange with Chris Andersen on Why the world needs WikiLeaks

I personally have been reading these cables regularly and highlighting some interesting sections, commenting on the particular cable where necessary and simultaneously tagging them for ease of reference, its a work in progress all available on my account at Diigo, if you dont have the stamina to read each of the cables just read the relevant highligted portions or select the releavant tags to narrow down your interest. Dissecting and Highlighting the Pakistani Wikileaks: A Work in Progress


4 responses to “Dissecting Pakistani Documents on Wikileaks”

  1. RockStar Avatar

    Kudos to people who freed information..

    I'm just surprised to the extent this guy and his website are attacked.

    If a person had exposed chinese govt and China had censored him then the whole world would be crying foul-play, but in this case all the western world seems to be attacking ASSANGE…

    Don't worry about our *leaders*, they are here to make money and they are quite successful at that. As far as their support is concerned our blind people would still support these Haram Khours. Have you not seen *CHUMAAR JIYALAS* defending Zardari??? and *ANDHEY SATHEEE* supporting PEER ALTAF?

  2. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Here we come again…

    A million dollar question….Why the world needs wikileaks?

    Answer is simple.wikileaks is a mirror and we can see our ugly faces….

    but the strange thing is that it didn't ripple of skock and awe in pakistan….why?

    Because most of these things are merely a mirror image of our perception of pakistani and international politicians, diplomacy and global control.

  3. skeptic Avatar

    Saray bhanday bhoor datya.. Great job wikileaks…

  4. Asma Avatar

    Well i may not be in the position to say that this all wikileaks are lies but I do feel that all what are leaked are somewhat more related to Islamic countries especially Pakistan which make me feel that they are carefully released to give bad name to Pakistan. But in the end its only what i think. It may not be fact.