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Strangers in Our own Land

A few days back at around 8:45 pm, I was heading home via the now well known bottleneck on Khayaban-e-Shaheen, outside Zulfikar Mirza’s residence.

I noticed that there was a group of about 50 to 60 women standing outside the home minister’s house, all in head scarves. Slowing down i noticed that they were yelling at the home minister who was standing outside his gate. Obviously I was intrigued and came around to the other side of the road to try and hear what they were saying. I stopped my car near a sidelane opposite the home ministers gate as my curiosity was aroused. After all its not every day that you see a minister, surrounded by the “awam” holding a kutcheri on the road. I wanted to take a quick snap with my cellphone.

Obviously the police on duty didnt like the idea. He came upto me and asked me to leave. I tried to humour him and said its a public road, and Im an citizen journalist, (shehri press) . While we were talking a THUG brandishing an automatic weapon came menancingly towards me. He looked extremely sinister and the type who wouldnt hesitate to riddle my car and I with bullets.

Too tired and a little intimidated i left the scene, but not without a blurry picture. The incident reinforced once again, that the democracy we are living in is a sham. I dont even have the basic right to move around in my own neighbourhood, as a citizen of the city, on a public thoroughfare. If Zulfikar Mirza wants to stand outside his house does the public at large have to clear the surrounding public space?

While the cop was trying to do his job by moving a curious bystander by saying saying “meri izzat rakh lein, app jalee jayen, ) what made the THUG come across and threaten me with a gun? Obviously Mr Mirza thinks that his government’s police force is not good enough to protect him and has his own private army there for his security.

I feel frustrated and angry that my rights to move around freely in my neighbourhood have been curtailed by Mr Mirza’s presence there. These are the people who say Democracy is the best Revenge. I wonder why they are taking their revenge on the public at large.


  • Zubeir |

    "These are the people who say Democracy is the best Revenge. I wonder why they are taking their revenge on the public at large."

    There is a great difference in simply stating something and implementing it in true spirit, it's one way democracy for them to exercise beyond their lawful rights and not for common citizens to admire it's effects.

  • ali prime |

    Just goes to show what a banana republic we are. This country is there for a few select people who have made a system to exploit the rest of the masses. They control the economic, judicial and social systems and even own the media. If you think you have some interest in the system, then its either because you are blind or stupid, or that you are one of the few exploiters.

    Until the masses rise up for their own interest, the few select will continue to do as they please. They are never going to sacrifice their interest for the interest of the rest of the people. The few in power have no fear of consequences of their actions. Mumtaz Qadri may have broken that sense of security just a bit.

    Question: Whats a hundred pakistani politician, generals and bureaucrats at the bottom of the ocean?

    Answer: A good start.

  • Kamran Ali |

    Strangers in our own land.. speaks more of the mindset of us all. How we cease to exist as CITIZEN of a country. When we start giving our share of taxes and start questioning these very people. and we have every right as we are the tax payers.. and you have to listen to us and not those fund/donations providers than I think we as a nation will stand on our own two feet.. The MONEY is the root of all status in this country.. and if these people just understand what the MONEY is talking about.. Then the CITIZEN should become the MONEY PROVIDER…

  • Ali |

    Are you kidding me!?

    No picture.

    No reason given for the crowd gathered at the spot.

    No explanation for them being all women.

    A conclusion so far-fetched that it seems almost forced.

    No consideration given to the potential security hazard that a car parked 'near a side lane' presents to a 60 odd gathering.

    Refusal to listen to the policeman and yet accepting no part of the blame when a 'ghunda' has to eventually force you away.


    My Question: Why did you think it was worth sharing with others?

  • ali prime |

    Third Class Citizens in Our Own Land!!

    @Ali, Are you kidding me? Do you seriously think that our entire population is not being *^$#%#$@ by the haves?

    irrespective of this case, anyone forced to stop when one of these VIPs are passing is ridiculous. People have lost their lives so these fools can move. I have had to wait for all these bastards many times.

    I had a close relative die in the marriot attack and the government minister said that luckily they missed the real target which was the parliament. So these bastards lives are more important than our?

    @Doctor, well the web sparked something in Tunisia. Unfortunately we are a nation of slaves ruled by people who regard us as slaves. The government institutions treat the common man as subjects of the empire.

  • Ali |

    @ my namesake:

    I was writing 'with respect' to this particular article.

    Not that the point the author tried to make is incorrect. Its just the fact that it feels rushed and out of context. Plus the gross assumptions and generalizations. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think its not the right way to do it!

  • Dr.Jawwad Khan |

    Neither it sounds strange nor fiction that if some one reports about army of private guards kept by these land lords turned politicians. It gives a sense of pride and false sense of security.Today he again boasted and challenged target killers to attack him. This is ridiculously over confidence.He must realize that no human on earth can catch the bullet. I hope he shall learn to avoid inviting troubles.

  • Junel |

    Could you tell at all what the women were yelling? I'm very curious why they were upset.