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Raymond acknowledges himself as Consultant during his 1st interrogation

Watch this video, as it was recorded by Raymond Davis himself during his first investigation interview in the Lahore Police station immediately after he murdered two people in Lahore. One comment that must be carefully observed, he does NOT claim diplomatic immunity or even diplomatic status but claims that he is a consultant for the American consulate in Lahore. This self incriminating evidence going against all bullying tactics deployed by the American lobby as they ply up the Vienna Convention and the protections for diplomatic staff
A consultant in no way comes under the diplomatic immunity umbrella


  • TightDhoti |

    We may be in the right, but are we independent enough to act on the law alone? On counterpunch http://www.counterpunch.org/lindorff02082011.html
    we have more details to suggest that Mr. Davis isn't what the US government claims to be.

    Even if he doesn't have diplomatic immunity can we afford? Nay can the government afford the risk of a cut off US Aid? Do we think that we are so important that the US government will allow a US citizen to be tried in Pakistan?

    One precedent that I can think off was of some Blackwater contractors in Iraq who fired upon a car that sped through a check post. They turned out to be civilians and while the contractors could not be held to account in Iraq as the US has blanket immunity for all its operatives in the country, they were tried in the US and convicted.

    As each day passes and more information comes forward, we seem not to be building a case against Mr. Davis, rather we seem to be gathering evidence of how our civil-military elite are impotent when it comes to foreign diktats.

  • Arshad khan |

    Pakistan must ask for Dr. Afia in exchange if he must be sent to U.S. !!!

  • Khizar |

    He looks scared, He know that he has done some thing wrong.Now he is just saying what ever is coming in his mind!

  • Windber Johnstown |

    Americans easily kill brown people with no guilt.