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Sharmeela Farooqui Continues to Abuse, Kindly banish her

Sharmeela FarooquiOn a flight from Islamabad to Karachi Advisor to the Chief Minister Sharmeela Farooqi was found abusing fellow passengers before take-off and then after landing. Considering her rude character which she continuously displays on TV I have little doubt that she has behaved out of character yet again and has abused her fellow passenger.

The report emerged on Pakistan Defence Forum

As the flight was taking off from Islamabad Airport, the air hostess asked her to put her seat belt on. Ms. Farooqi who was visibly drunk started to abuse and threat the stewardess. A gentle man sitting right next to her asked her to refrain from doing so, as she is only asking her to do some thing which is the law. Ms. Farooqi went on to abuse the gentle man as well. Any how the gentle man asked her not to do so and the matter was diffused for the moment.

As the flight landed at Karachi, the gentle man asked Sharmila can get off first out of respect, she again started to abuse him. He asked her to refrain from doing that to which Ms. Farooqi got more aggressive and started to issue threats against him. During exchange of words Ms. Farooqi slapped that gentle man on his face, upon which she got some good hard heavy hands back right on her face. Ms. Farooqi tried to get the man arrested via ASF, which refused but detained the man. The gentle man reviled that he is an American citizen upon which both Ms. Farooqi and the ASF staff released him. Ms. Farooqi has lodged a FIR against him, in which she accused him of trying to kill him. In response the gentle man also lodged a complain to which the Air Hostess and some other passengers are witness. The man in question was not arrested.

A mobile video captures Ms. Farooqui furious apparently at the ASF security forces at the airport chute

The most interesting part happened when Sharmeela Farooqui was called to give her point of view on Dunya TV, at first she continued her story, but when she found out Ali Malik was also on the line she reverted to ridiculing him and then hung up the phone.

Seriously I have had enough of her misbehavior with everyone across the board, and refuses to have decency and respect for fellow citizens, she simply deserves to be sent to a secluded enclave better yet, condemn her to KUTTA ISLAND, albeit our own version of Guantanamo Bay of Karachi


  • Tajdar Chaudry |

    They've removed or replaced the defence.pk thread.

    Perhaps the ISI can bump her up on their abduction list and do us all a favor.

  • Former Jiyala |

    You want to send her to Kutta Island, but have you asked the Kuttas if they want her there? Even dogs have standards.

  • readinglord |

    A blogger,learning that she had already got

    a man behind bars for writing a love

    letter to her, had raised a question as to

    why PP govt. was appointing such pretty

    women as ministers, adviors, etc., which may

    result in sending the entire nation behind


    But that is perhaps the beautiful way they

    are to fulfill their promise of providing

    'Roti, Kaprha aur Makan'.

  • Faizan |

    The moment I saw this news, I knew it's her who would have exceeded. Thank God somebody video shoot her. Now she'll have to lie even more to defend.

  • zuhaib |

    PPP is the most corrupt party and most of the members like Sharmila farooqi think that they own everything. Thanks God that she had a quarrel with an American and not a Pakistani.

  • asad |

    PPP members have a problem that they can't take difference of opinion . If you don't think how they think then you are in trouble. Sharmila farooqi is one example of this.

  • Aisha Khan |

    She thinks she is just like kareena kapoor with power and money she has reached on 7th sky and therefore treats common people as dirt .

  • farrah shah |

    Ahhhhhhhhhhgh ! where to start .

    If she was drunk …..she should have been left alone.Why the gentleman first told her to stop abusing .It was the job of airhostess.

    It was none of his business.Secondly why he asked her to get off first ?

    I am sure Sharmila was badly drunk or else she would have pressed charges for sexual harrasment .

    I am not at her side at all but I am extremley angry that the gentleman had thought she needs looking after.

    A very drunk woman on a flight to Pakistan I think it is a news in itself .Maybe it will improve the Paksitan image from Fundos to liberals ………..Pakistani Paris Hilton behaving badly but she not only gets bad press but slaps as well.

    It is a man's world.

    So coming to the point how she was behaving ?I think it is the culture of PPP. So why when a man does it it is Ok when a woman does it it is bad?

    Secondly on if she should be removed from the office ,every second minister of Pakistan behaves in the same way .Are we ready to remove them.

    And all the men lashing out I simply think all of you will feel privileged sitting next to her .

    But anyway WHAT DID HE expect from her ???

    • Aik_Aur |

      Don't you wish you could buy some common sense at a convenience store near you?

      Don't just support her because she is a woman.

  • farrah shah |

    She behaved exactly the way she is I am glad at least she is not hiding behind the masks .Like it or not that is another question.

    And I think a real gentleman would have changed his seat in the first instance.

  • farrah shah |

    ….and if there is a bad tempered ,badly drunk person on the carriage always change your seat becuase you cannot change them.

  • JJ |

    She is not only crazy, she is wild and ugly ……

    Elite Pakistanis cannot stop tripping over their own stupidity and arrogance. I hate the Pakistani elite. This "woman" is the perfect example. DROP A US DRONE OF HER HOUSE …..

  • umair ali |

    i think she again forget slapped from esaq dar x minster pmln n i think she raped n no action againts mr dar caz reconceliation

  • farrahshah |

    after listening to the conversation do not understand what the fuss was about?I do not think she was drunk

    Typical of Pakistani men trying to flirt in the name of courtesy and than attacking the character of a woman because it is easy .

    " do not understand the whole sentence of PAKISTANI WOMEN should be behaving in such a way "

    Excuse me what way !In the video it just shows a woman is extremely annoyed and angry and yelling that is it.

    Get over it people.

    • aik aur |

      So that was a problem with Pakistani male….

      being curtious is flirting…

      May be she wanted him to do something else that she was more used to than being respectful.

      I agree with you, it was the guys fault he shouldn't have respected a b!mb@

  • Babar Khan |

    Don't be a drag – just be a queen, Sharmeela.

  • aflatoon |

    Thank GOD, this guy had a blue passport.

    Other wise the Waderas and Zameendars would have made him suffer badly.

    Dear MS Sharmeela,

    I'm sure some body mistreated you and you couldn't show your anger to those people because they were higher in the food chain.

    I hope you and your boss get a *sharmeeelaa* from shamali waziristaaan, so that you both stop screwing rest of the Pakistani nation.

  • Fateh |

    She looks like a porn star and whore of Zardari

    Must be good at blow job

  • MUNIB |

    My new PPP song :

    Roti Kapra Makan – kakh na bachey Insaan

    Chordari hakumat mei – Har bunda pareshan

    Luto te Phuto – PPp ki latest dukaan

    MQM-QatilL-ANP sab hogai "in" – Out only "Imran"

    Ghundey or Jali Degree pohunche sab Aewaan

    Thela laga ke bichare – Beroggar kitne Nojawan

    lagao Mufahimat injection – na pade dhiyaan

    BB gai uper – reh gai pichey Haiwaan

    Roti Kapra Makan – kakh na bachey Insaan

    Chordari hakumat mei – Har bunda pareshan

  • AK |

    Sharmila Farooqui, Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh, is not a new name to controversy. Daughter of the former Chairman of Pakistan Steel Mills, Usman Farooqi, who was a bureaucrat and close friend of President Asif Zardari, Sharmila's appointment as an adviser in October last year raised many eyebrows.The Adviser holds a Master's degree in Law and has also done an MBA.she wants to use her position in the government to serve the public and reach out to people at the grass-root level.

    Sharmila has emerged stronger from her time in jail when she and her mother were detained for nine months in 1998 and 2000 after her family was accused of corruption by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.Her family was extensively investigated by officers of the NAB, FIA and harassed by officials at KESC (who would issue electricity bills worth Rs1 million) and other government departments during Nawaz Sharif's tenure in 1996-97.


    • zulfiqar |

      I think you should write the complete story about her families corruption and plea bargain with NAB.

    • ghouri |

      why the people choose that fucking lady as an mna .. when they know what family she belong to

  • Shahzad |

    No body has pointed out the spelling mistake YET

    Shameela Farooqui Continues to Abuse, Kindly banish her


  • Shahzad |

    No body has pointed out the spelling mistake YET

    Shameela Farooqui Continues to Abuse, Kindly banish her


  • imran |

    So there was a strike in KHI.

    Normally these things come so often that we hardly care and we don't know how these events affect people until someone close to us really suffers.

    Last night I learnt about a loss that my dear friend suffered at the hands of goons from ANP on Suhraab Goth entrance.

    Terrorists from ANP set ablaze their truck and all the goods inside it along with other vehicles.

    Although there was no casualty (Alhamdulillah) but this material loss is not small either for small businesses and hard working families, and for what? To show that these bastards control Karachi? May Allah curse them and their followers in this life and hereafter…AMEEEN.

    I hope Allah replaces these losses with some good blessings for the victims who suffer at these violent POWER-SHOWS.

  • Hameed |

    I just wish she could read these comments.

    She is one woman who irritates the piss out of me. I can only wish her luck while getting banged by the Gilani/Zardari brigade. And while we are at it i'm sure the Taliban wouldnt mind having a go as well/

  • zulfiqar |

    I am waiting some comments from the eye witnesses.

  • farrahshah |

    @Aik Aur

    I am not supporting her at all .I commented upon the post and the video footage with regard to the incidence.

    I have better things to do than waisting my brains on defending someone who does not have any foundation or criteria to hold a public office and carry herself with dignity in public eye.

  • abad |

    most stupid and hateful woman of pakistan , our anchors should show sense by not putting her on air.

  • JJ |

    If she slaps me, she will on the ground with 2 black eyes and a broken neck

  • ghouri |

    sharmeela farooqi should be banned on the all tv shows .. she don't have the capability to absorb the power that she have right now … thats why she is behaving everyone like a master .. shame those peoples who voted her and chosen her as an mpa ..

  • ghouri |

    she should be dismissed from the party .. right now ..

    all the ancors attention please don't take her in any of your talk show..

  • ghouri |

    american citizen was not showing that she can do anything but u were showing that once sharmeela farooqi is mna she want to do any thing that she want .. whey did u not fasten the belt? i never hear answer of that question from your mouth instead u r talking irrleevant things .. u think pakistani peoples are stupid .. that u will shout and they will consider u r brave .. u r stupid

  • Raja Imran Manzoor K |

    Thanks for posting it….she will be hugely popular in Kuta Island ;-)

  • Anas Athar |

    Pakistan's "Elite Trash". The guy was right she should GO TO HELL

  • Windber Johnstown |

    She is a total clown …. big painted lips and big red nose …..

  • Maliha Rasool |

    some people need no courtesy… how could she say state such comments about people with a greencard!! the more she speaks the more she confirms she is a liar here!

  • Khuram Qurashi |

    A fight between newbie and wannabe. Both were wrong in their respective acts!