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Sharmeela Farooqui Continues to Abuse, Kindly banish her

Sharmeela FarooquiOn a flight from Islamabad to Karachi Advisor to the Chief Minister Sharmeela Farooqi was found abusing fellow passengers before take-off and then after landing. Considering her rude character which she continuously displays on TV I have little doubt that she has behaved out of character yet again and has abused her fellow passenger.

The report emerged on Pakistan Defence Forum

As the flight was taking off from Islamabad Airport, the air hostess asked her to put her seat belt on. Ms. Farooqi who was visibly drunk started to abuse and threat the stewardess. A gentle man sitting right next to her asked her to refrain from doing so, as she is only asking her to do some thing which is the law. Ms. Farooqi went on to abuse the gentle man as well. Any how the gentle man asked her not to do so and the matter was diffused for the moment.

As the flight landed at Karachi, the gentle man asked Sharmila can get off first out of respect, she again started to abuse him. He asked her to refrain from doing that to which Ms. Farooqi got more aggressive and started to issue threats against him. During exchange of words Ms. Farooqi slapped that gentle man on his face, upon which she got some good hard heavy hands back right on her face. Ms. Farooqi tried to get the man arrested via ASF, which refused but detained the man. The gentle man reviled that he is an American citizen upon which both Ms. Farooqi and the ASF staff released him. Ms. Farooqi has lodged a FIR against him, in which she accused him of trying to kill him. In response the gentle man also lodged a complain to which the Air Hostess and some other passengers are witness. The man in question was not arrested.

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