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  • Awais Khan |

    Sane voices in order to counter extremism and terrorism should be promoted more.

  • Jiman |

    To listen to idiots like this is like the pigeon who puts his neck under the wings and hopes that the cat can't see him too.

    Its like escaping the reality of whats going on in our city and boasting the connection with TED…….

  • vishwas surve |

    Wake up.Atleast for the next generation.There is not much left of noble Islam to defame.You Pakis have done it single handedly.You are the true defamer of Islam.Allah ro raha hain.

  • Jibran |

    Whats wrong with TED, or is it just our own KALEY ANGREZ?

    I have to listen other topics on TED, do all of their speakers focus on this propaganda or is it just our own Kaley Angrez?

    • arif |


      No wonder you like him and you like other muslims to be like him.

      All the Muslims should be very well aware of this disease and why the patients of this disease are liked by athiests.

      He is a patient of Bi-Polar Disorder.

      Although he can get free medical treatment (being brit) but patients like him do not know that they need to get their brains checked and hence they live on extreme ends of the society.

      I hope at the end of the day patients like him do get better healthwise, otherwise they would keep feeding on Yankie food (Junk Food)

    • flasfer |


      Which Islam is he trying to bring close (or under the umbrella of the Masters)?

      MB or MC, tumm thahrey nirey kaley angrez, tumhain yai achaa nahee lagee gaa to kiaa hammmm lagengay?

      Barsaat hotee hai,

      maindakon kee baraat hotee hai,

      macharon kee bhee

      bohtaaat hoteee hai,

      abkey iss barsaat main,

      niklaey kaee rangang machar,

      malariaa naa phelaingey,

      to khooon hee choos jaingey

  • Azhar Khan |

    he is traitor and just preach wrong islam. He has turns his way. earlier he was on right path but after jail, he changed

  • Hassan |

    Maajid Nawaz & Quilliam Foundation:

    1. Funded by British Agencies and American Zionist Neo-Con Think Tanks – See their open accounts or Times Newspaper

    2. Says Alcohol is Halal – See 'in and out of Islamism' video on youtube

    3. Says insulting the prophet Muhammad, Danish cartoons, and blasphemy is 'sexy' and OK – see his easter message on BBC Radio 4 transcript

    4. Ed Husain – Maajid's boyfriend and partner in Quilliam supported western invasion of Iraq until it was out of fashion

    5. Maajid publicly supports US foreign policy in Afghanistan

    6. Ed Husain called for the overthrow of the Pakistani state, and any state that was founded on Islam

    7. They say that anyone who believes in Shariah, even moderate Shariah, for example making Alcohol illegal should be put in prison.

    8. The list goes on and on…. but they are not anti-Extremist, they are anti_Islam. I am anti-extrmist TTE pagals, but Maajid is using extremism to make money, the Britsih government pays him £1 millions a year -see The Times Newspaper Article – and Maajid admitted this baysharam.

  • stephen9431 |


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