Citizens against Karachi Violence – Press Conf & Rally – August 6th Sat 3:00pm

A group of citizens has met to discuss solutions to the city’s violence. On Saturday Aug 6 at 3pm a Press Conference which will be held at the Karachi Press Club which will be followed by a rally. Please join the Karachi Concerned Citizens and let our collective voice of protest be heard above the gunfire.

Press Conference & Rally by Citizens Against Karachi Violence
Location: Karachi Press Club
Date: 6th August 2011
Time: 3:00pm

Given below are solutions we hope to present at the Press Conference.

From: Karachi Concerned Citizens Forum

To: The President & Prime Minister of Pakistan of Pakistan

You represent the unity of the federation of Pakistan and, as such, must ensure that the federal as well as provincial governments deliver on commitments of the federation, the most important of them being the security of all its citizens.

Karachi which is Pakistan’s largest city in terms of population and geographical limits and contributes over 20% of Pakistan’s GPD, is currently facing extreme violence which has resulted in hundreds of deaths and crippled its economic activity. The livelihood of millions of daily wage earners have been the most affected.

Karachi’s citizens demand that the government and political leadership of the country take immediate steps to restore peace and stability so economic activities in the city can be restored.

Concerned Citizens Forum after extensive consultations with Karachites from all professions and walks of life suggest the flowing action plan to save Karachi from the verge of collapse:

  1. Immediate and permanent stop to all calls for shutter down/ wheel jam strikes by political parties or any other group.
  2. Protest and Political rallies to be restricted to designated areas in the city and under no circumstances should they be allowed to take place on main thoroughfares and commercial/industrial areas. This invariably leads to disruption of peace and economic activity which has damaged the image of Karachi as a dependable supplier of goods and services.
  3. Call for complete ban on display of weapons by political party workers, should the workers of any party be found doing so, that party’s leadership should be held accountable for this violation. This will create an environment for the complete de-weaponization of Karachi.
  4. Ensure that party workers do not commit random or targeted killing or damage public or private property. Should the workers of a political party be caught doing so, that party‘s leadership should be held accountable for these crimes.
  5. All political parties should identify miscreants/militants within their ranks and expose them for appropriate punitive action as per the law of the land.
  6. Political wall chalking that incite hatred and violence be declared illegal. Provincial
  7. Authorities should be ordered to whitewash all wall chalking with immediate effect.

We take this opportunity to assure you and your administration of our complete support in implementing this plan to bring peace to Karachi.


One response to “Citizens against Karachi Violence – Press Conf & Rally – August 6th Sat 3:00pm”

  1. zindadilpakistan Avatar

    The people of the city of Karachi are cowering in fear as violence, anarchy and mayhem engulfs the economic capital of Pakistan. The small time businessmen, traders and people at large are sick of all the false promises to restore peace that have been made by the federal and provincial governments. The question is: Will an Army Operation be Able to Restore Peace in Karachi?