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[Pictures] Protest Against the Killing in Karachi

Pictures from the protest by the civil society which was held to condemn the rampant killings in Karachi.

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  • zephyrhaq |

    It is indeed a very gloomy picture in the streets of Karachi, there is fear in eyes of every common citizen as unknown death squads roam the city.

    I foresee any hope for peace in present scenario unless indiscriminate action is planned.

    It is now crystal clear that terrorists of Peoples Aman Committee alongwith ANP are doing the killings in Karachi. The reason is that they don't wont to see MQM rejoining Government. Some resourceful elements in PPP are backing them therefore police and rangers are helpless. On the otherhand army is reluctant to carry our operation because they have already earned a bad name is a failed and misjudged operation cleanup of 1992.

  • Indian Editor |

    This is really sad. So much violence in a country that was formed for Muslims.

    Why can't Pakistan show the world that they can progress and live peacefully. Set example friends. Why should all Muslim countries witness such gore and bloodshed?

    • jiman |

      Indian Editor,

      Your second sentence tells us how sad you are.

      You opportunists (blood suckers) we can imagine how happy you are these days. May Allah limit these days, AMEEEEN.

      This is what the enemies of Pakistan want, they want to see Pakistan fail, so that they can claim that a country based on Islam can not last long.

      May Allah make Pakistan a fortress of Islam & Muslims, Ameeen.

      Did you hear that? WE STILL hope from Allah and we will continue to ask and hope from Allah.

      We are still breathing and InshaAllah will get up from the ashes, you just wait.

  • nosherwan |

    And thus concludes our demonstration of TROLL:Polarized View. Thank you.

  • Soul of Late Amir Mu |

    Since Amir Mughal and his siter have quit frequenting and vomiting on this board, I will take this opportunity.

    All of the people of Pakistan should hang their racist/ethnic hate-spewing *leaders*.

    Muhajirs should hang Altaf Hussain, Saleeem Shahzad, Farooq Sattar, Haider Abbas Rizvi.

    Sindhis should hang Zulfiqar Mirza, Zardari, Paleejo, Sharjeel Memon and rest of the idol worshippers.

    Panjabis should hang their racists like Kiyani, Sharifs, Chaudries etc.

    Pathans should hang Shahi Syed, Asfandyar Wali, Ghulam Railway balor etc and rest of the Pakhtoon-khwa kanjjars.

    Harara Waliz should hang their own kanjaars.

    Baluchis should hang Talal Bugtee, his followers and other racists kanjjars.

    Once we all clean our homes, the whole Pakistan would shine as if we had washed it with SURF.

  • Rolex |

    This is great, there should be more protest like this as well as more people joining together for the greater good. As long as the goal is a positive gain.