Citizens appeal to CJ for complete De-Weapomisation of Karachi

Considering the deteriorating situation in Pakistan, a group of citizens Movement for De-Weaponisation have started an effort to lobby for ways to help de-weaponize Karachi and also Pakistan, it is undoubtedly a long and portracted effort, but it is our core belief that the initiative must be taken to help cleanse Karachi of its stockpiles of weapons that are used to kill its very own citizens. As a first step in the effort an appeal has been filed with the Supreme Court to lobby for de-weaponisation of Karachi to become a party to the ongoing Suo Moto Hearing on Karachi’s Violence

ہتیار سے انکار


Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
September 6, 2011

Honourable Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Sub: Appeal for complete De-weaponisation of Karachi

Your Honour,

Violence, confrontation and polarization, especially in Karachi, have caused misery and destroyed the life, liberty and spirit of our people. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan states that over a thousand persons were killed in Karachi in the first six months of 2011. More than 600 others were killed in July and August making this the bloodiest year ever.

Armed gangs of land-grabbers and mafias have exploited the chaos. It is however generally felt that the real ownership of this horrible game of death and destruction lies with the powerful political, religious and criminal groups.

No peace is possible in Karachi or elsewhere while licensed and unlicensed weapons are commonplace. While peaceful political solutions are pursued, it is inconceivable that peace can be sought without total compulsory confiscation of firearms (licensed or otherwise) from gangs, political parties and all individuals .

We appeal that Karachi be made a weapon-free city, and that no groups or individuals be allowed to possess any firearm. All parties must disband their militant wings and patronized gangs.

We appeal to your honour to let us regain our lost right to life and liberty and to save us from daily killings, torture, ‘bhatta’ and kidnappings by ordering Karachi to be made a completely weapon free city.


  1. Nazim F Haji
  2. Naeem Sadiq
  3. Kamyla Marvi Tapal
  4. Dr. Awab Alvi
  5. Uzma Aslam
  6. Farieha Aziz
  7. Noman Qadri

ہتیار سے انکار

Subsequent efforts are being made to seriously lobby for this cause, if you genuinely believe in being part of this effort please email your support to



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5 responses to “Citizens appeal to CJ for complete De-Weapomisation of Karachi”

  1. readinglord Avatar

    It is sheer nonsense not worthy

    of any comment.

  2. qaimkhani Avatar

    DeWeapomization? WTF does that mean?

    Did you mean 'de-zulfikarization'????

    then Why Karachi only?

    I will be against it.

    Why not all of Sindh? and why not all of Pakistan?

    From time to time, our sissy-citizens keep coming up cool-sounding-failurefull campaign ideas that sound only beautiful to get media attention and few interviews of the starters in the TV and thats all about it.

    Are rules only made to be applied and enforced on Karachites only?

  3. The Forbidden Fruit Avatar

    I really want to be optimistic about any step taken in a positive direction. This is a good incentive. Somebody has to say that enough is enough, let us live! It might not solve all of our problems at once, but then nothing can. It's always a slow process, specially when the damage is colossal!

  4. ali Avatar

    Good move. I fully support this.

    @Qaimkhani – I know you don't want Karachi to be left behind in the vicious arms race but it would help to ponder a little. None of the other cities in Sindh or Pakistan have been as violent as Karachi. This is not for 2010/11 but since 1985 …

  5. AZ Xedi Avatar
    AZ Xedi