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We, The Citizens appeal to CJP for becoming a party to Karachi’s Law & Order Suo Moto Case

In our ongoing effort by the Movement for Deweaponization [MFD] in Pakistan the core group of citizens leading the effort have officially applied to the Chief Justice of Pakistan for becoming a party to the Suo Moto case regarding the Law and Order situation in Karachi. Its ironic the proceedings are underway, but there is no one representing the main victims ie. The People of Karachi. I truly love the way the letter starts “WE, THE CITIZENS” its taking ownership of this issue in a definitive way, it is a message to say, that we, the people of Karachi will no longer tolerate being held hostage to the terrorizing politicians that govern us

WE, THE CITIZENS Appeal to the Chief Justice for becoming a Party to the Suo Moto case regarding the Law and Order situation in Karachi.

Violence, confrontation and polarization, especially in Karachi, have caused misery and destroyed the life, liberty and spirit of our people.

The citizens of Karachi are the most affected victims of the on-going violence and lawlessness. We believe that peace is impossible in Karachi without total compulsory confiscation of all firearms (licensed or otherwise) from gangs, political parties and all individuals.

We the undersigned citizens appeal to your honor to let us voice our views on this vital issue by becoming a party to the Suo Moto case being heard by your Honor on the Law and Order Situation in Karachi.

  1. Hamid Maker
  2. Jameel Yusuf
  3. Kamyla Marvi Tapal
  4. Majida Razvi
  5. Naeem Sadiq
  6. Nazim F. Haji
  7. Dr. Awab Alvi
  8. Farieha Aziz
  9. Noman Qaudri
  10. Uzma Aslam


  • asim |

    I have no hope with this chief justice who don't have couragevto stand against Altaf kalia & his goons

  • qaimkhani |

    With the latest rains and flooding in Sindh, Pakistani leadership gets one more opportunity to beg, beg and beg.


    These crooks beg, so that their sons can buy bullet-proof cars. They don't beg for the people, rather they are looking for the *cut* they will get out of the foreign aid.

    People of the flooded areas should ransack castles of these goons and helpthemselves.

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