One Rupee Project

One Rupee Project

Friends !!! Need to ask you to seriously support One Rupee Project to help alleviate poverty – ONE RUPEE at a time, Make this project YOUR OWN spread it like wild-fire.

One Rupee a day [Rs. 365 a year] WONT hurt YOU, pledge it and ask others to pledge and give as well.

Interesting pledge I’d like to share: we already have a pledge by Dr. Rashid Ali (@58R) promising ONE RUPEE per TWEET that he makes on twitter.

As an owner of a business Alvi Dental Hospital I have pledged ONE RUPEE per transaction, its a very very small amount, but the rupees will add up and can help change the destiny of one child – it is part of my own small contribution – Whats yours, share your commitment to inspire others to match, the stories do matter in this noble cause, not to brag, but to nudge your colleagues and friends to step and join you – Lets change Pakistan ONE RUPEE AT A TIME. posted on Facebook





3 responses to “One Rupee Project”

  1. Pediatric Dentist Avatar
    Pediatric Dentist

    That was a good project! how's it going on? Good luck.

  2. Melodee J. Wolfe Avatar

    I am hoping that the money will foster sustainable livelihood models for the people living in poverty. As a fellow dentists, I am open to donating a Dollar for every transaction.