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World Dental Federation – Strategy Planning for Optimal Oral Health worldwide

Working hard to develop a future strategy at the World Dental Federation – the goal is to provide Optimal Oral Health to the global population

Many obstacles exist but how to overcome them so that each of the 8+ billion global population either keeps his/her teeth clean or has easy / better access to dental care

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Capri Cinema – A Great Experience

Watched Kong at Capri Cinema #Karachi, it was a top class experience, a huge screen with an amazing surround sound & comfortable seats – tickets were about 300-400 & an affordable concession stand probably making the whole experience more affordable – I think this is where the mass market potential lies – strongly suggest to try this more often.

Lets not forget a few years back, a mob protesting in Karachi against the Blasphemous cartoons published in Netherlands mobbed and burnt this place down, it has taken years to rebuild from scratch but I must say, a job well done

Must admit the songs being played over the PA system brought back some fun fond memories of college days 😆 — only in Pakistan can the crowd yell “once more” and the song is re-played

World Oral Health Day 2017

World Oral Health Day is today – the global focus is to create awareness of the importance of your oral health by brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing once a day and have a dental checkup every 6 months

Dr. Arif Alvi pioneered this at the FDI World Dental Federation while he was a councillor there and mashallah this continues – it is estimated that millions of people around the world will be made aware of the importance of brushing and keeping their teeth clean Continue Reading

Billion Tree Tsunami reaches 750 Million Trees & Counting

Billion Tree Tsunami – I remember when people mocked them when they started the four year project – it is now 3/4th done standing at 750 Million trees

Will have ZERO impact on election – as it will ONLY benefit the future generations of the people of KP (Likewise PTI’s focus on Health and Education) – even meeting the requirements of the Bonn Challenge  to reforest the entire world

All these are nowhere near the billions spent for cosmetic projects spent by the so-called economic experts (PML) where our generation and the future generations will have pay-back billions in loans and compounded interest for many many years to come

this is no small feat …. #Proud

Waqar Zaka beaten up at Xanders

Last night we were at Xander’s when the Waqar Zaka incident happened – the story as much as we could figure out.

Waqar Zaka may have passed some loose comments on the other person’s Girlfriend – which may have resulted in some argument – the other guy dropped his girlfriend home (was visibly drunk) and came back to confront Waqar Zaka – commotion erupted in the outside area the Xanders staff quickly escorted the tussle outside and there it continued.

The thrashing was bad as you may have seen in some videos floating around – when things calmed down – we left – but it was awkward as both parties were still abusing and arguing (the visibly drunk individual was on a different logic spree of an argument) while Waqar Zaka was arguing away as well – but was bruised

Xander’s staff during the tussle did say that it is a routine for Waqar Zaka, he comes to the place sits plays with his phone, records videos and passes comments on other people —which has occasionally resulted in various tiffs – to them this was just another tiff of Waqar Zaka

It’s sad — I think in all this both parties are to blame and the misunderstanding just got out of hand

NA250 Education Work at Railway Colongy School

Proud of the work done by NA250 Education Team – this is another example of the constant effort to improve various schools in the area – On a total self-help basis – each team raises funds for their adopted schools and they slowly repair the schools – If you see the other pictures of the two other school they visited in Qayyumabad you would be shocked at the state of affairs are at the moment –

This is probably a shining example of Govt of Sindh and their billions earmarked for Education …. Continue Reading

A Delighted Mother at Namal College Graduation

A mother ! Delighted to see her son graduate – this is what we need to see more of – more children of Pakistan graduating to take Pakistan forward

Emotional sights at Namal College convocation when a mother comes on Stage to thank Imran Khan for quality education for her son and throws petals on IK and the Namal College team who made the 'Dream come True' for her son!

Posted by Imran Khan (official) on Sunday, December 20, 2015

CONFESSION: MQM/APMSO Activist Killed Imran Farooq

So the confessions emerge that an APMSO activists flew to london to assassinate its own leader.  Mohsin Ali, the prime suspect in the murder case of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Imran Farooq, on Wednesday confessed to Scotland Yard investigators of being involved in the brutal murder of MQM’s founding leader in London

  • Identifies himself as activist of MQM student arm APMSO, says he also used to work in Com-net, company of Moazzam Ali, who arranged travel documents for him and co-accused Kashif for London trip
  • Sources say Scotland Yard officials will complete investigation and meet members of JIT and Interior Ministry officials this week
  • Mohsin Ali admitted that he had attacked Dr Imran Farooq with a knife,” the source said, adding that the accused also revealed that he was an activist of All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (APMSO) – the student arm of the MQM.
  • Ali also told the British team that Moazzam Ali was the person who had arranged the travel documents for him and his co-accused, Kashif, for their trip to London. The accused also told the investigators that he used to work in Moazzam Ali’s company, Com-net.

Goodness gracious – Bhai Ko Diwar Say Nah Lagao

Extraordinary Pakistanis: Dr Arif Alvi – Express Tribune

Express Tribune: Dr Arif Alvi is an acquired taste. He isn’t your typical flash in the pan Pakistani politician who rides his 1,000-watt charisma to answer difficult questions. Instead, Dr Arif is that rare Pakistani politician whose substance overwhelms his style. He quotes ideas from Plato, Maulana Maududi, Marx and Thomas Piketty with equal ease. Even if you’re a resident of his constituency in Karachi’s Defence or Clifton area, you might not know that he was shot twice while protesting against Ayub Khan’s military rule. “Suddenly my hand dropped and I started bleeding,” says Dr Arif, recounting the moment he was shot right before curfew. “I held my limp hand and walked towards the hospital. My fingers were paralysed for months. I thought I would have to give up dentistry as a profession after I was shot.” The bullets remain lodged in his body to this day.

The Railway School almost ready

It was truly a ghost school before – Insha’Allah now with the involvement of The Citizens Foundation – TCF imparting good quality education it should become a proper school – impacting the lives of children in the area.

Funds to revamp this school were raised from kind donors and supporters – and slowly in the 4-5 months we are now almost ready to hand the school over to professionals at TCF to manage this school henceforth

Credit goes out to many selfless volunteers and donors who have made this a reality – Leadership from Dr Arif Alvi who waded through the bureaucracy, it took time, but perseverance has paid off – Inshallah once this school becomes fully functional the school will start catering to around 2000 children (both shifts) from a dismal 250 enrolled at the moment

Benazir Bhutto Assassination Video remerges – still no progress

Resharing this Dunya TV clip from 2012 – the video from Mobile phone camera first emerged the day after 28th Dec 2007 when the gentleman shooting the video contacted me via orkut my Blog post the following day on 29th Dec 2007 I clearly outlined that BB was assassinated by a bullet

Benazir Bhutto Murder Investigations

A look at the mobile clip which has been long ignored

Posted by DunyaTV on Thursday, December 27, 2012

But I guess no one wanted to who assassinated her… neither her party and neither her family who totally ruled over Pakistan for the next 5 years and made billions if not trillions …. I guess this mystery …. shall be another one shoved under the carpet ..

Imran Khan & Arif Alvi’s “doctored” cell phone conversation leaked

The recent “breaking news” is about a leaked converstation between Imran Khan & Dr. Arif Alvi – which is undoubtedly multiple phone calls stitched together to portray a narrative / propaganda

What is more important is to publicly identify the propagandists involved in recording a private call — espionage by whom? is it even legal? is it invasion of privacy? but then going on to stitch / splice together multiple calls to suit a propaganda / narrative is that even conceivably ligit?

The more interesting aspect of this leak is that there is nothing damaging / incriminating about this conversation that deserves attention but for the sake of mudslinging on PTI, everyone is making this a big issue

Lets decipher the audio clip.

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WordPress Blocked in Pakistan

The popular blogging site WordPress.com is being blocked in Pakistan courtesy of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority flexing their muscles. This is not new, in 2006 Blogspot was blocked because one blog hosted on the Blogspot domain posted the controversial cartoons mocking our prophet Muhammed (PBUH) the blockage lasted for over two years and was silently removed but the website still lingers on.

Today the site which might have been responsible (as per my info) for the cause of the WordPress censorship is undoubtedly Anti-Pakistan propaganda and has been engaged in this Anti-Pakistan propaganda for quite sometime, even to the extent of supporting TTP terrorists against Pakistan etc, but by blocking it, does not serve Pakistan well, as inadvertently the Govt of Pakistan attracts more undue attention towards the site, a site which I too would not have bothered to look up – had if Govt of Pakistan not decided to block it, inquisitively I looked around to search the cause of the block to actually see why had it irked PTA enough to block it.

Now hats off to PTA as the traffic / attention to the site increases … censorship is hence a double edge sword, but propaganda wins, if it reaches the tipping point of curiosity, catapulting the issue to mainstream news, as compared to an unknown blog post being uploaded on some random blog site pushing filth

Aamir Attaa at ProPakistani upates that this might only be a two day block

“A source at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has confirmed ProPakistani that WordPress.com is temporarily blocked in Pakistan due to severe issues related to national security. It appears now that blocking decision is somewhat related to Pakistan day. Source, who wanted to remain unnamed, said that exact content that caused the blockade can’t be revealed due to seriousness of the matter. Source further confirmed that WordPress.com will be unblocked in two days from now”

Post Edit: One does go through a flux of thoughts at times like these, sure on 23rd March with patriotism in full swing, Anti-state propaganda is to be shunned / ignored, and in their self acclaimed defenders of the ideology of Pakistan – PTA decides to possibly take a moratorium on wordpress for 2 days (?) to silence this idiotic blog but does blocking one blog warrant the blatant censorship of millions of other blogs

Many may argue, its not the end of the world, sure… but why should millions of blog access suffer for one idiotic lunatic hosting something against Pakistan. Havent they inturn given legitimacy to the blog, that they have successfully irked the Pakistani nation and in some way catapulted the blogger to international fame. Ignoring such lunatics possibly requires prudence in thought, it could compel PTA to ask Channels/PEMRA to ignore such Anti-Pakistan stories, but attracting attention to the site is a damning shot in their own foot

PML transfers Senate Candidates to Punjab for Election

PML-N candidates Salim Zia, Nehal Hashmi, Rahila Magsi and Iqbal Zafar Jhagra get their votes transferred to Punjab overnight and the very next day all their names appear on PML’s list of candidates for senate

How amazingly brilliant of Election Commission of Pakistan to oblige the PML 20 days after the announcement of the election schedule – bypassing all rules under the garb approval obtained from “competent authority”

“On February 10, almost 20 days after the election schedule was announced, got issued letter No F 3(2)/2014-Cord with a title “Immediate By UMS/Fax”, conveying to the ROs and CECs of all the four provinces that the approval had been obtained from the “competent authority” under which the “provisions of Section 20 of the Electoral Rolls Act, 1974 are not applicable to election programme issued by ECP”. The letter also directed the authorities to “proceed in the matter (registration/transfer of votes) under intimation to the commission”. – shared by Awab Alvi on Facebook