Waqar Zaka beaten up at Xanders

Last night we were at Xander’s when the Waqar Zaka incident happened – the story as much as we could figure out.

Waqar Zaka may have passed some loose comments on the other person’s Girlfriend – which may have resulted in some argument – the other guy dropped his girlfriend home (was visibly drunk) and came back to confront Waqar Zaka – commotion erupted in the outside area the Xanders staff quickly escorted the tussle outside and there it continued.

The thrashing was bad as you may have seen in some videos floating around – when things calmed down – we left – but it was awkward as both parties were still abusing and arguing (the visibly drunk individual was on a different logic spree of an argument) while Waqar Zaka was arguing away as well – but was bruised

Xander’s staff during the tussle did say that it is a routine for Waqar Zaka, he comes to the place sits plays with his phone, records videos and passes comments on other people —which has occasionally resulted in various tiffs – to them this was just another tiff of Waqar Zaka

It’s sad — I think in all this both parties are to blame and the misunderstanding just got out of hand