Imran Khan & Arif Alvi’s “doctored” cell phone conversation leaked

The recent “breaking news” is about a leaked converstation between Imran Khan & Dr. Arif Alvi – which is undoubtedly multiple phone calls stitched together to portray a narrative / propaganda

What is more important is to publicly identify the propagandists involved in recording a private call — espionage by whom? is it even legal? is it invasion of privacy? but then going on to stitch / splice together multiple calls to suit a propaganda / narrative is that even conceivably ligit?

The more interesting aspect of this leak is that there is nothing damaging / incriminating about this conversation that deserves attention but for the sake of mudslinging on PTI, everyone is making this a big issue

Lets decipher the audio clip.

RINGTONE: Those wondering if this conversation was recorded or tapped – need to figure out who added the Ring Tones at the start of the clip – only way you could get these ringtones if Dr Arif recorded this via speaker phone and secondly Dr Arif clearly says he did not record the call. GSM networks is not a copper line where you can tap and hear a call it’s a digital framework – the ring back is digitised on the caller end & the call only physically / digitally connects after the receiving party presses “accept”

PTV ATTACK: It seems two / three conversations were stitched together to suit a propaganda. the discussion about the attack on PTV – was “NEWS” to IK, he even reacted as such (proves he was not behind it), even called it then as a pressure tactic. Which it was, but what Dr Arif says has been doctored / deleted is the later part of the call where he tells IK – that PTI has NO INVOLVEMENT with this attack on PTV and Imran Khan must denounce it publicly, Dr Arif says, Imran suggested that he would give an audio beeper on this issue, but Dr Arif insisted that since he is on the container, he should immediately head to the top and disown this attack entirely, else the propagandists masquerading this attack will put the blame on PTI, and following this advice Imran Khan went on top of the container immediately to denounce the attack on PTV (media evidence).  To substantiate this claim – Dr Arif Alvi made one tweet at 7:50am

Have just requested IK to request people to come out of PTV and let it function. We are not for any violence and 'qabza' on institutions — Dr. Arif Alvi (@ArifAlvi) September 1, 2014

And then at 9:22am when he finally got time from the frenzy tweets that Imran Khan followed his advise

Am glad that @ImranKhanPTI immediately responded to my request to ask the people to vacate PTV & categorically stated that they are not PTI — Dr. Arif Alvi (@ArifAlvi) September 1, 2014

MQM REFERENCE: The other discussion about MQM – it is on public record that PTI asked support from all parties for the Azadi Dharna – MQM did pledge some support and a press release was prepared in advance. — Dr Arif will share all his views on this audio conversation on FB soon

Six points on the audio track which have pin-drop silence indicating some dubious attempt to mix-match / splice this audio track to suit some propaganda

FORENSIC ANALYSIS: Code Decode analyses the audio track and notices 6 independent points of pin drop silence which routinely in a regular voice conversation would not be found, this is a blatant indicator that splicing has happened to mix-match the audio conversation to suit the propagandists narrative.

PRIVACY ISSUES: What one must seriously take into context is that a sitting MNA of MQM Syed Ali Raza Abidi was the one who acquired this private conversation – doctored it, and then goes on to publicly release & continues to fully support this illegal act. Quite honestly we have to add phone espionage to the MQM arsenal of blackmailing of their opponents. So much for his own stake in the IT industry viz-a-viz issues related to PRIVACY or his involvement in espionage

MEDIA PROPAGATING ILLEGAL CONTENT: By any stretch of the law, voice conversations recorded without consent of the involved parties is illegal. For them to participate in propagating this audio clip should be deemed as a major offense of their license to broadcast.

MOTIVE: When looking at such propaganda material being leaked deliberately, one needs to figure out who loose and who gains from this entire media circus, for starters, it proves that PTI had no involvement in the PTV attack, secondly MQM uses this to try and weaken PTI’s image as they run up to the NA-246 bye-elections slated to be held in the heart of MQM stronghold, Azizabad.  This audio conversation could have been a ploy by the agencies or the PML to weaken PTI’s objection to Nawaz Sharif’s commitment to Saudi royals to support them in the Yemen offensive.



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