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Audio Conversation Leaked – a Privacy Issue Discussion

As many may have heard about the conversation between Imran Khan & Dr Arif Alvi, truly in my opinion there is nothing incriminating in the conversation so the contents are in the political discussion domain which I do not want to open up on Linkedin – the political discourse can be continued on my blog here on Imran Khan & Dr Arif Alvi’s “doctored” conversation leaked

What I think needs to be discussed is more along the lines of discussing it Privacy Issue, with the hope that this case can be made as a deterrent for future leakages of private conversations maybe involving of honest Pakistani nationals – The questions I pose to everyone to answer Continue Reading

Imran Khan & Arif Alvi’s “doctored” cell phone conversation leaked

The recent “breaking news” is about a leaked converstation between Imran Khan & Dr. Arif Alvi – which is undoubtedly multiple phone calls stitched together to portray a narrative / propaganda

What is more important is to publicly identify the propagandists involved in recording a private call — espionage by whom? is it even legal? is it invasion of privacy? but then going on to stitch / splice together multiple calls to suit a propaganda / narrative is that even conceivably ligit?

The more interesting aspect of this leak is that there is nothing damaging / incriminating about this conversation that deserves attention but for the sake of mudslinging on PTI, everyone is making this a big issue

Lets decipher the audio clip.

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Imran Khan’s Telemarketing buzz for Karachi Jalsa

Imran Khan Audio CallOver the last two days, people in Karachi were abuzz with a 30-second phone call from the famous politician Imran Khan inviting them to the National Unity Jalsa in Karachi on 25th Decemeber. Quite a large number of people narate funny stories as to how they were briefly fooled into believing that this was a real call. The project kicked off early in the morning of the 18th December unfortunately as early as 6:30am [we apologize to those who received this call so early on a Sunday morning] apart from that small gaff – the city was giggling with excitement to have “had a personal call” from the heart throb Imran Khan.

The recording in Imran Khan’s voice says

Assalam-o-Alaikum. This is Imran Khan speaking. How are you?

I am coming to your city to bring everyone together on December 25 at Mazar-e-Quaid for a peace rally. I hope that you can break all the shackles and take part because at this rally we need to make the beginnings of a new Pakistan. I will be waiting. Thank you.

Only recently a post appeared on Pro-Pakistani titled “PTI is Spam Calling in Karachi to Market its Jalsa” where they ask a valid question, but I believe labeling this audio message as “spam” is unfair and instead it should have aptly been coined “Telemarketing”
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Fikr-e-Insaan an audio track by Arieb Azhar for Solidarity Day 2011

Arieb Azhar on the request of Aman Ittehad has created this masterpiece audio track called Fikr-e-Insaan which he will sing at the Solidarity Day peace rally in Islamabad on 1st Janurary 2011.

It has just been released for us all to enjoy and we hope to run this track in most of the 108 Solidarity Day locations across Pakistan

Enjoy !! and thank you Arieb for producing a very inspiring track for Pakistan !!!


Ansar Abbasi talks to ABN Chicago

ABN Chicago‘s Exclusive Presentation: Interview with Ansar Abbasi (aired on March 1st 2009)

The interview includes discussion on the following topics:

  1. Recent Political situation in Punjab and if we are going back to the 90s. Is it possibility of Army intervening in the situation.
  2. The difficulties in doing investigative journalism in Pakistan with special reference to Justice Dogar’s daughters incident.
  3. Recent drone attacks on Pakistan
  4. How can the journalists be held accountable and why we don’t see those stories against them.
  5. Message to the Pakistani community abroad as to how they can help their countrymen.


ABN Chicago Interviews John Fritchey for Congress – Drone attacks discussed

ABN Chicago did an interview this Sunday with John Fritchey who is running for US Congress from Illinois state in the special election which will be held on March 3rd, 2009 where he is hoping to replace Rahem Emanuel who has vacated the seat since he has moved onwards to be Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.. Fritchey’s constituency is covered in the Devon Avenue area and hence his relevance to the listeners of Chicago

I would suggest you to listen to the last hour of the show where Dr.Ghazi and ABN think tank asked candid questions to Mr. Fritchey especially on US Foreign Policy and the recent drone attacks on Pakistan’s Tribal areas providing an insight to the potential Democratic Congressman about the hatred it is creating and if there is a way to review the response.


Amaresh Misra talks about the Mumbai tragedy

ABN Chicago on Sunday did an interview with Amaresh Misra, a renowned historian, an activist who witnessed the tragic events in Mumbai. He has a very different view of the things occurred. He is one the few voices who were not given much coverage by the “Pseudo Secular” Indian media and brought some interesting insights into the tragedy:

  1. The mysterious circumstances under which the ATS Chief Karatke and the top brass was wiped out.
  2. The number of muslims killed which are around 30.
  3. The mystery behind Nariman House and his inside scoop on this place.
  4. The identity of Terrorists.

Also read an article by Amaresh Misra written in October 2008 – ‘Bomb blasts are now doing what riots used to’

Amaresh Misra is the author of Mangal Pandey: The True Story of an Indian Revolutionary; Lucknow: Fire of Grace: The Story of Its Renaissance, Revolution and the Aftermath, and more recently War of Civilizations: The Road to Delhi and The Long Revolution