Audio Conversation Leaked – a Privacy Issue Discussion

As many may have heard about the conversation between Imran Khan & Dr Arif Alvi, truly in my opinion there is nothing incriminating in the conversation so the contents are in the political discussion domain which I do not want to open up on Linkedin – the political discourse can be continued on my blog here on Imran Khan & Dr Arif Alvi’s “doctored” conversation leaked

What I think needs to be discussed is more along the lines of discussing it Privacy Issue, with the hope that this case can be made as a deterrent for future leakages of private conversations maybe involving of honest Pakistani nationals – The questions I pose to everyone to answer

  • Recording private calls is illegal in Pakistan
  • Who recorded it? Which end of the conversation do you suggest this call was recorded at? Dr Arif Alvi’s phone, Imran Khan’s phone or was it recorded in transit?
  • Who uploaded this, how do you take an online account to task – research shows that it may have possibly appeared on an pseudo account created on Dailymotion which has only this voice recording and no activity since then. It later then appeared on SoundCloud uploaded by an MNA
  • How is the media allowed to share illegal content – we know its for ratings? but can they be slapped to prevent future leakage maybe involving conversations of innocent Pakistanis, are there any PEMRA checks & balances to control these ratings hormones on over-drive
  • Some may argue, that both Dr Arif Alvi and Imran Khan are public representatives, issues concerning national issues make this leak acceptable? would some of you agree?
  • Should this be taken to court on grounds of invasion of privacy – which angle used? as I think it can be a perfect case to highlight the importance of protection of private conversations
  • Who should be taken to task on this? First uploader? Govt? Agencies … which one? Do we take on the Telco in all this as well
  • What if, this was a software bug planted on Dr Arif Alvi or Imran Khan’s phone – who is responsible/ accountable for this?
  • Do we just ignore and move on

Would love feedback on the technical issues and the possible future line of action, I’m sure it’ll be a good discussion