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Imran Khan & Arif Alvi’s “doctored” cell phone conversation leaked

The recent “breaking news” is about a leaked converstation between Imran Khan & Dr. Arif Alvi – which is undoubtedly multiple phone calls stitched together to portray a narrative / propaganda

What is more important is to publicly identify the propagandists involved in recording a private call — espionage by whom? is it even legal? is it invasion of privacy? but then going on to stitch / splice together multiple calls to suit a propaganda / narrative is that even conceivably ligit?

The more interesting aspect of this leak is that there is nothing damaging / incriminating about this conversation that deserves attention but for the sake of mudslinging on PTI, everyone is making this a big issue

Lets decipher the audio clip.

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Dr. Shakeel Afridi – Hero or a Traitor?

Dr. Shakeel Afridi sentenced to 33 years in pakistan for treasonToday I was lined up skype into BBC World Have Your Say on Friday 25th May on the issue of Dr. Shakeel Afridi being A traitor or heroMy position was

Regardless of who was the target – Dr. Afridi acted as a spy in Pakistan helping a foreign country coordinate an attack of which we (neither the army nor the govt) had any information. No country allows its citizens to work without the knowledge of their government for any other country on a spying mission or as an agent of the other country without declaration.

Even The US itself enacted a law in 1938 called the FARA Act or the Foreign Agents Registrations Act which explicitly states that a person must register with the US Govt when it represent the interests of foreign country and can be severely tried of espionage if they fail to comply. The US has recently sentenced a US citizen of Kashmiri origin Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai for lobbying for Kashmir (not even spying) with money from Pakistan.

Why should the Pakistani courts be blinded to this espionage when the Abbottabad raid was conducted without its knowledge or consent for whatever “greater good” the US people and the US Govt may perceive the action as. In Dr Afridi’s case the Pakistani law will take its course like the US law in Mr Ghluam Nabi Fai’s case.

The end does not justify the means. We don’t like our sovereignty to be trampled like in Abottabad under any excuse. Hence I believe that Pakistan is fully justified in charging Dr. Afridi for treason

What is Your point of view?