Long Live Pak Armed Forces

The tragic occurrence happened in Gayari sector, Siachen Pakistan, is no doubt a heartbreaking one. But this does not imply to blame Pak Armed Forces therefor. Doing so is more tragic than the tragic incident and amounts to scratching the wounds of our Armed Forces. Nonetheless our pseudo & ignorant intellectuals are doing the same!!!

All that has been done by Pak Armed Forces in so far against India is concerned has never been Pak Armed Forces choice; rather it has always been their duty.  It have never been Pakistan armed Forces who have acted against India, it have always been India Hindus who have either directly or indirectly acted against Pakistan and our brave Pakistan Armed Forces has reacted simply against India at the minimum level to counter them.

It were Indian Hindus who occupied the Princely State of Jammu & Kashmir in 1947-1948 and the Muslim Masses along with Pakistani Pakhtun reacted thereagainst due to Pakistan first COAS, Gen Douglas Gracey’s conspirative denial and when they were knocking suburbs of Srinagar, the first Hindu PM, Nehru went weepingly before the UNSC, begging for cease fire vehemently and UNSC passed resolutions for plebiscite in J&K to be carried out under the UN auspices.

In 1965 too it were Indian Hindus who without declaration of war attacked Pakistan and when the brave Pak Armed Forces proven their mettle the Indian PM, Lal Bahadur Shastri went to Tashkent crying for cease fire.

In 1971 also again it were Indian Hindus who attacked East Pakistan with USSR & US shenanigans and dismembered Pakistan due to our charlatan leadership.

In 1984 again it were Indian Hindus who stealthily occupied Siachen Glaciers and Pak Armed Forces resultantly engaged them there & then.

And when Pakistan tried to counter the Hindus in Kargil in 1999 our strategic foes; the US & UK applied all pressure against us and in favour of them.

Pak Armed Forces have accomplished the mission impossible by nuclearizing Pakistan and it’s our Nuclear Teeth that we have tamed the Indian Hindus to a crucial level!!!



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  1. jabranr Avatar

    What's with all "Hindu" wording in it? Is it to anticipate the debate and counter relate the issues?