“Con-Air” Gilani Goofs up at CNN

Watch this last minute of this CNN Interview (4:34) with Prime Minister “Con-Air” Gilani and pray tell me how on earth do we have an idiot like him as our Prime Minister

Pay close attention to the very last question – When Gilani was asked that one out of third Pakistanis want to leave the country due to rampant corruption, injustice and other issues to which he repliesWhy don’t they leave then. Who is stopping them.

At hearing PM’s response quite literally the anchors jaw drops in bewilderment – then I think moments later Gilani realized his goof-up and his constipated facial expression almost wishes he could rewind and plead the fifth.

WORST – Our level of International respect is at such a low that when the CNN interviewer tells PM “Con-Air” Gilani to look her in the eyes & respond (3:09)- DAWGIE does exactly as told – WOOF – WOOF

Another sad moment from the Democracy is the best revenge horror series



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2 responses to ““Con-Air” Gilani Goofs up at CNN”

  1. suraiya Avatar

    He is a disgrace!

  2. javadayaz Avatar