Columnists vs burger babies: And the winner is…

AbuBakar Agha smacks around a few Express Tribune columnists like Mosharraf Zaidi, George Fulton, Fasi Zaka, Feisal Naqvi & Saroop Ijaz for being so naive about the PTI revolution – in his blog on Express Tribune

“What people fail to realise is that in their sweeping, over generalised judgments, they had closed their eyes. When the PTI woke the youth of the elite class up & politicised it, it wasn’t the party’s only step; it was the party’s last step.

Imran Khan, through his life, teaches us to be idealists and that is why he is who he is today; that is why so many years of supporting the PTI are bearing fruit. I got to spend 30 minutes at the, August 13, 2011 PTI rally in Islamabad, and during those few moments, I was convinced for good that change was inevitable. This rally was not aired prominently on television.

Maybe if it was, the columnists would not have been so shocked on October 30. The burger babies certainly were not.”



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