[PICTURES] #Justice4ShahzebKhan protest at Karachi Press Club

Hundreds of students, youth, women, activists, members of family got together today in front of Karachi Press Club and marched for “In memory of Shahzeb Khan” and asked for Justice.

The crowd was passionate, angry, motivated and fully determined to fight for their rights and get justice for Shahzeb Khan. They demanded that the murderers of Shahzeb Khan must be punished so that other sons of Pakistan are not killed brutally like this. It was good to see good number of people turning out to protest representing all sections of the society keeping in mind that Pakistan vs India was also going on at that time.

Shahzeb’s father Mr. Aurengzeb gave 7 days ultimatum to the govternment to arrest the murderers otherwise another protest will be organized next Sunday and future course of action will be announced. The movement has just started it will go on till we get justice and bring rule of law in Pakistan.

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One response to “[PICTURES] #Justice4ShahzebKhan protest at Karachi Press Club”

  1. Bina Shah Avatar

    This is such a terrible state of affairs. I hope they catch the criminals and that they don't get let off due to political pressure or family connections. Justice must be served.