CNG lines give way to Human Lines for Petrol shortage

You’ve seen the endless mile long CNG lines – welcome to the human lines formed (by taxi & rickshaw walas) to get Petrol in bottles as there is a shortage of petrol.

Govt of Pakistan and their ALLIES hang your head in shame – this is the state of Pakistan and its going to get worse

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One response to “CNG lines give way to Human Lines for Petrol shortage”

  1. Pakistani Avatar

    This morning which is past 11 am I went to get petrol for the car and I found a long line which I took was for gas but to my horror it was for petrol.Is there anything left to remind us of Jiye Bhutto in whose time everything was BUND and the bhaands had made a livid story out of it. Late Meraj Khalid then speaker NA had to listen to this on the marriage of his nephew .Things have changed from 70s to now for the worse.Bhutto tu zinda rahe gaa ye qaum mar jaigee magar tujhe kia.