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Interview of Humayun Chacha a Tailor who becomes President of PTI Kohat

A simple tailor Humayun Chacha from Kohat becomes the President of PTI Kohat – this is how a common man can take part in changing Pakistan – listen to his interview by Insaf TV

Watch the video on Insaf TV


  • jjjj |

    I am VERY offended by your words – "A simple tailor." Who the f**k are you to call a tailor "simple"? He can do things you could never do. END THE APARTHEID IN PAKISTAN by using these vile words. Would you like to be called "a simple dentist" ? If he is simple, so are you.

  • jjjj |

    Even those who claim to want change in Pakistan continue to use the same vile language to desperately elevate themselves about the other 90% of Pakistanis. Shame on you. I would much rather spend time in the tailor shop than the dentist office.