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Duplicate Serial Number Printing Scam in May 2013 Elections

Ever wonder the extent of Election Rigging – the more you dig the more comes out here in this picture I share over 130 constituencies where a PRIVATE contractor was given a contract to print SERIAL NUMBERS on Ballot papers – In the process of printing he documents how extra serial #’s (read DUPLICATE) were printed

for example if
Employee A was asked to print serial numbers from 00001-10000
Employee B was asked to print serial numbers from 10001-20000
but in the fray Employee H was slipped a request to print 10001-20000 (he has no idea that Employee B was printing this serial #)

Meaning two duplicate serial numbers of 10,000 (#’s 10001-20000) ballot papers

But the main contractor realised this was happening when all Employees came to collect their dihari (pay), they showed him the #’s slips that they had printed and in turn got paid accordingly – documenting the slips the contractor realizes and his books document a major scam and it hovers into thousands for each constituency – these are not extra provisional ballot papers BUT duplicate ballot papers

Not only does PTI have this as documented evidence, we also recorded video evidence of the employees who serialised these numbers…. The extent of pre-poll rigging may be called organized mafia out to loot Pakistan

Another rigged election?

Rigged Elections in PakistanGuest Blog by By M. Fahid Saleem

These are the most important elections in the history of country, this will determine the destiny of Pakistan” said different politician and pundits before elections. Unfortunately, the post election debate which should have been focused on its results and its policy implication on Pakistan’s future is surrounded by rigging allegations by every party (PML in Sindh, JUI-F in KPK, Nationalist in Baluchistan and Sindh, PTI in Punjab, PPP in Punjab and other provinces, JI in Karachi etc.)

So much have been written and shown on TV however ECP is convinced that these were free and fair elections. As a business student I did some analysis on election results of ten seats in Lahore (NA-118 to NA-127).

Total number of register voters in most of these ten national assembly seats have no difference with the total number of register voters in their respective provincial assembly seats except in three constituencies (NA-123, NA-124 & NA-126). Number of registered voters in these NA constituencies is greater than their respective provincial seats (68, 2590, 150 respectively). However, unfortunately there is not a single constituency where total number of votes polled for NA is equal to its respective provincial seats. Difference ranges from minus 7055 (Votes polled on respective pp seats are more than that of NA seat) to positive 2841 (Votes polled on NA seat is more than its respective provincial seats). Though the total number of votes polled on most of NA seats were more than their respective PP seats except in case of NA-125 and NA-127, where total votes polled at NA are less than their respective PP seats (4600 and 7055 respectively). Every voter polls two votes, one for NA seat and other one for provincial seat; it means total number of votes polled in NA should be equal to their respective provincial assembly seats. How is this possible a person voted for provincial candidates but not for NA candidates and vice versa? I think ECP is in the best position to answer this question.
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PETITION: Citizens Demand for a Fair Elections in Pakistan – Disqualify Defaulters

“Starting a Citizens Petition for a Fair Elections in Pakistan to the ECP to: Disqualify Fake Degree Holders, Dual Nationals, Loan Defaulters, Tax Evaders and Defaulters of Utility Bills from contesting the elections

Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim
Election Commission of Pakistan

We, the ‘Citizens for Fair Elections’ demand that the Election Commission puts an end to the eternal recycling of political sewerage by taking the following bold steps:

  1. DISQUALIFY ALL FAKE DEGREE HOLDERS: ECP should order HEC to provide exact details of all parliamentarians who either have fake degrees or who concealed their degrees to prevent verification by HEC. Both categories of Parliamentarians be disqualified for their fraud and dishonest actions.
  2. DISQUALIFY ALL DUAL NATIONALS: ECP should ask for affidavit and verify from other sources the dual nationality status of each legislator. Those with dual nationality or those who do not provide an affidavit confirming that they are not dual nationals be disqualified. This should include people like Rehman Malik who acquired and then presumably gave up their dual nationality. Article 63C of the constitution reads, “A person shall be disqualified from being elected as a member of Parliament if he acquires the citizenship of a foreign state”. The act of once acquiring is sufficient to disqualify a legislator.
  3. DISQUALIFY LOAN DEFAULTERS. (Details may be obtained from SBP and all banks).
  4. DISQUALIFY TAX EVADERS: (Details may be obtained from FBR for the last five years).
  5. DISQUALIFY DEFAULTERS OF UTILITY BILLS. (Details may be obtained from all utility service providers for the last five years).

ECP should get the exact details for the past five years from SBP, FDR and Utilities service providers and disqualify all those legislators who violated article 62 and 63 of the Constitution.
[Your name]

Each signatory to this online petition automatically generates a direct email to the Chief Election Commission with your name &/or messages appended to it

In a few days I then also pledge to print out this petition and present it to the CEC so that our voices are heard

Lend your full support to DISQUALIFY violators of the law from contesting the elections
PETITION: Citizens Demand for a Fair Elections in Pakistan – Disqualify Violators

Next Elections the Battle in Punjab is between PTI vs PML & not PPP

PML has been chest thumping a logic that if you vote for PTI you actually help elect PPP into power – a major fallacy being played up in the desperate greed to be in power

The results of By-Election clearly conclude that PPP+PML-Q alliance will be nowhere in the next general elections and its now more of battle between PTI vs PML-N or PTI vs all status quo parties, since PML must also be included into the status quo cluster proudly claims credit for having Zardari Disaster rule Pakistan for FIVE years

NA-162 (Chica Watni):

  • In Election 2008: PPP get 68,000 votes, No PML-Q candidate.
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 20,000 votes only.

PP-26 (Jehlum):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 27,500 votes.
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 15,000 votes only.

PP-92 (Gujranwala):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 30,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 16,000 votes only.

PP-122 (Sialkot):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 20,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 4097 votes only.

PP-133 (Narowal):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 44,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 22,500 votes only

The bottom-line is PPP is down in Punjab, and the election battle in the upcoming battle is PTI vs PML-N and then its peoples choice to decide if Pakistan needs to change from all these rulers who have destroyed Pakistan to such a horrid situation – shared on Facebook via Awab Alvi

NADRA Lists should be used to form Electoral Rolls

Still amazed at why cant a simple solution be thought out for a free and transparent election – Simply using NADRA’s database will save tremendous resources – ECP should extract Voters LAST REGISTERED ADDRESS and it can become his voting address. If there is a mismatch on the last known address of the person it should be the responsibility of the voter to have it corrected at the NADRA office before the electoral lists are locked (90 days prior to election) – this effort also enables the Govt of Pakistan have the updated present address every five years

So if an 18+ Pakistani has a CNIC card, he should be able to walk into the nearest polling station to his registered present address and cast his vote. Door-to-door verification & compiling of the data will always be prone to errors & political maneuvering – hence the more hurdles that are created opens the door to Election Fraud
LINK: Army, FC be used over electoral rolls, votes’ verification, rules SC
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

The Imran that we know – Shafqat Mahmood

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood pens his thoughts on PTI’s ongoing effort to hold intra-party elections published in The News (25th May) The Imran that we know – Shafqat Mahmood

Imran has decided to take the more difficult, some say impossible, route. He wants real elections at all levels in the party. The wizened political pros are not happy, the cynics are predicting party collapse, and our media friends are shaking their head, telling us to stop even at this late stage. Real genuine party elections are not easy.

The modalities themselves to say the least are daunting. We are hoping to enrol between five to ten million members. Getting all of them to the polls with limited party resources to directly elect district level party leaders is going to be some task.

But, then, this is what Imran is. Always going for the seemingly impossible. His vision is that the party can never become an institution until it establishes a culture of real elections at all levels. They may be messy and not everything will work out exactly as planned but it is a journey in the right direction.

2013 Elections, not Senate, the real prize by Zahid Ibrahim

Zahid Ibrahim strategically analyzes the political manipulations in the run up to the 2012 Senate elections – a definite MUST READ for anyone trying to decipher the Senate elections mystery … The major loser in the March 2012 Senate elections will be PML-Q, which will face a near wipeout. The big winner will be the PPP, who is set to gain almost a near-majority in the 104-member Senate. The PML-N is expected to increase its senators from seven to 13, whereas ANP will make similar gains, from six to 10 senators. The MQM will remain at its current strength of six senators.

The dissolution of the Punjab Assembly would delay the constitution of the Senate, at least to the extent of the election of 12-13 senators by the Punjab Assembly, perhaps even more, but for the PML-N it will mean losing its government in Punjab – LINK

Suburbanize at our own peril

The East London borough of Barking and Dagenham is witnessing a frenzy of election campaigning. At stake is the rise of the BNP, the British Nationalist Party. In an area synonymous with immigrants, including many from Pakistan, the rise of a fascist party whose manifesto includes the promise to repatriate non-white immigrants; one would easily jump to conclude that immigration explains the BNP’s rise.

However, a recent study published by the Institute of Public Policy Research argues that exclusion and marginalization from wider society, rather than immigration explains the raise of the BNP. The paper argues that socially resilient towns, who are able to withstand changes due to immigration, unemployment or unexpected events display features evident in areas with high levels of interaction. There is great communication between members of the community or unlike each other ethnically, linguistically, religiously, economically etc.

Similar studies conducted on the basis of the 2008 United States election results finds that in states such as Kansas, Kentucky and Arkansas where community members were ethnically, financially and educationally similar were more conservative and unlikely to vote for a black presidential candidate. Members of such communities had little or no interaction with people dissimilar to themselves.
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La Demos Kratos

I was thinking about the process of selection of Secretary General of UN, and why America, Russia, China, France and UK hold the power to veto any selection? I was thinking about the process through which the Pope, who holds the post important position in the Christian world, gets elected? I was also thinking about the process of selecting judges for top positions in judiciary? Also about the process followed to select a Head of Department or CEO in the corporate world? About the selection of leading positions in executive bodies, or Military around the world … etc

One thing was disturbingly common in all! … The individuals which are expected to hold key positions, liable to make decisions effecting a group of people ranging from a few hundred to many millions, are not elected by a process of voting. Instead of electing the figure most popular, democratically, the most qualified and talented individual, having relevant and required experience, with proven track record of performance and character is considered most suitable for the position purely on merit basis. Same is the case with process of making critical decisions, they are made by heavy weights in any department, organizational or state, not by the masses voting to select from a set of decisions.

Now the million dollar question … If selection of key positions in every state department or in organization of international importance like UN or IMF, doesn’t imply a democratic process then why the top hotshot of a country is selected through it?

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Media barred from NWFP senate elections

It is being reported on various media outlets that the Senate elections in the NWFP region have been barred from the media.

GEO.TV The journalists have been disallowed entering into the assembly hall for the coverage of the polling underway, while scores of them kept waiting outside the assembly. It may be recalled that the assembly members had in violation shown their ballot papers on the eve of presidential election, which the media had covered and flashed, while the NWFP rulers had expressed their displeasure over it.

Barely 6 months ago on 7th September 2008 during the Presidential elections that were held to elect President Asif Ali Zardari TV crews had caught various ANP members in the NWFP province flashing their secret ballots to some nearby colleggaues as if to authenticate the vote
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