PETITION: Citizens Demand for a Fair Elections in Pakistan – Disqualify Defaulters

“Starting a Citizens Petition for a Fair Elections in Pakistan to the ECP to: Disqualify Fake Degree Holders, Dual Nationals, Loan Defaulters, Tax Evaders and Defaulters of Utility Bills from contesting the elections

Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim
Election Commission of Pakistan

We, the ‘Citizens for Fair Elections’ demand that the Election Commission puts an end to the eternal recycling of political sewerage by taking the following bold steps:

  1. DISQUALIFY ALL FAKE DEGREE HOLDERS: ECP should order HEC to provide exact details of all parliamentarians who either have fake degrees or who concealed their degrees to prevent verification by HEC. Both categories of Parliamentarians be disqualified for their fraud and dishonest actions.
  2. DISQUALIFY ALL DUAL NATIONALS: ECP should ask for affidavit and verify from other sources the dual nationality status of each legislator. Those with dual nationality or those who do not provide an affidavit confirming that they are not dual nationals be disqualified. This should include people like Rehman Malik who acquired and then presumably gave up their dual nationality. Article 63C of the constitution reads, “A person shall be disqualified from being elected as a member of Parliament if he acquires the citizenship of a foreign state”. The act of once acquiring is sufficient to disqualify a legislator.
  3. DISQUALIFY LOAN DEFAULTERS. (Details may be obtained from SBP and all banks).
  4. DISQUALIFY TAX EVADERS: (Details may be obtained from FBR for the last five years).
  5. DISQUALIFY DEFAULTERS OF UTILITY BILLS. (Details may be obtained from all utility service providers for the last five years).

ECP should get the exact details for the past five years from SBP, FDR and Utilities service providers and disqualify all those legislators who violated article 62 and 63 of the Constitution.
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Each signatory to this online petition automatically generates a direct email to the Chief Election Commission with your name &/or messages appended to it

In a few days I then also pledge to print out this petition and present it to the CEC so that our voices are heard

Lend your full support to DISQUALIFY violators of the law from contesting the elections
PETITION: Citizens Demand for a Fair Elections in Pakistan – Disqualify Violators