PML gets PWNED: ASWJ admits to having electoral alliance with PML-N

PML-N Supports ASWJAfter abundant attempts by PML to deny reports of any association between PML-N & ASWJ (formerly banned outfit SSP) an investigative report by The News reveals that ASWJ has indeed been in talks with PML-N for at least 15 seat adjustments in South Punjab. It should be noted that LEJ-ASWJ-SSP admit to murdering over 700 Shia Muslims and have admitted to making Baluchistan a graveyard for the shia which included the recent Shia Hazara attacks in Quetta

The News: Well-informed circles in the ASWJ (previously the SSP) confirmed that following extensive discussions, the two parties had agreed to have seat adjustments in the general election on at least 15 seats of the National Assembly from South Punjab where they would not field candidates against each other.

Two former key leaders of SSP, Maulana Mohammad Ahmed Ludhianvi and Malik Mohammad Ishaq, who are currently the president and vice president of the ASWJ respectively, are all set to run for two National Assembly seats from the South Punjab in the coming polls, with the support of the PML-N.

Feisal Naqvi - PML supports Shia KillingFeisal Naqvi follows it up with an op-ed in Express Tribune “The Unholy Alliance

The PML-N has denied Mr Mir’s report as it had denied an earlier report to the same effect in The Express Tribune. Unlike the Tribune, Mr Mir has issued a response to the PML-N’s denial in which he has reasserted his contention. He has noted that he had filed his report after getting the PML-N’s version from a member of that party’s central executive committee, that the PML-N and the ASWJ had jointly contested a by-election on a Punjab Assembly seat for Jhang in March 2010, and that Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah had openly campaigned for a PML-N candidate in 2010 along with Maulana Ludhianvi (a leader of first the SSP and now the ASWJ). Mr Mir has also noted that the Government of Punjab has admitted paying a monthly stipend to the family of Malik Ishaq — the vice-president of the ASWJ, allegedly a founder of the LeJ, and an accused in at least 43 different cases for the murder of over 70 people. As noted by The Express Tribune and other newspapers, witnesses who appear against Mr Ishaq tend to die suddenly.

But what really PWNED PML-N today was The News’s follow up report by Amir Mir Defunct SSP chief confirms talks with PML-N” where he interviewed ASWJ leader Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, saying the PML-N was in talks with him for seat adjustments in the general elections.

When pointed out that the PML-N spokesman Senator Pervez Rasheed has strongly refuted recent media reports about an agreement on seat adjustments between his party and the ASWJ, Maulana Ludhianvi observed: “What can I say. They are in fact weak people who can’t stand up to pressures. They apparently lack the ability to stay firm in difficult times. And it is convenient for them to change their stance under the changing circumstances, They were the ones to have sought our support to win elections and by-elections in the past and we will take a decision on the issue when the time comes while keeping in view their position at that time”.

As much as PML wanted to slide this issue unnoticed it seems that the cat is out of the bag – they are fully supporting a banned terrorist unit which has claimed responsibility to have killed Hazara Shia supporters in Quetta



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    this is shocking.

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    Dr Jawwad Khan

    one of few reasons I like Nawaz Sahreef .