PML Photoshop Blooper by Showbaz Sharif at Badami Bagh

Seriously when your team is desperate to “create” news & your leader cant “create” news – your media cell gets desperate to “create the news”

Another Blooper tutorial of how NOT to PhotoShop by PML

  1. The standing crowd is looking ahead in the distance
  2. While Showbaz bends adjacent to a brick wall
  3. Standing crowd has NO CLUE that there is a wall there and it is SUPPOSEDLY being built
  4. Sunlight shadow is different for the audience and Showbaz is uniquely well lit
  5. The color of the hand is interestingly too white (no shadow despite you will notice a differently shaped shadow near the spade & the hand
  6. The head / hair is distinctly photoshop trimmed –
  7. A few blemishes of Photoshop lasso exposed near the lower border of the hand & the starting of the sleeve

A pre-election publicity stunt by PML-N Showbaz Media team on the victims of Badami Bagh



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5 responses to “PML Photoshop Blooper by Showbaz Sharif at Badami Bagh”

  1. Moin Ramiz Avatar

    shame on n league.

  2. Ahsan Raza Avatar

    Drama E Ala.

  3. wbwise Avatar

    That looks terrible. Are these guys competent at anything?

  4. Mansoor Avatar

    lol pehlai to photoshop kei howi pics par lartaai thai aik doosrai kai sath . abb kahan hain app aur apkaa leader jo dhandlee sai jitai howi party ko kuch nahee kehtaa .

    Bass KPK main government banai to kaam nimtain , baqee jehan mandate nahee wahan kai liyai bolna bhe nahee

  5. coasteering Cornwall Avatar

    Shame on them. Its make Pakistan unbalance.