Update on the APS Injured Student Ahmed Nawaz

For quite a few days Social Media was abuzz with concerns about the medical treatment of one of the school children injured in the APS attack in Peshawar named Ahmed Nawaz – ever-so Vigilant Media carried reports of an enraged father pleading to the govt of medical assistance (or lack of).

I personally had been tagged on a number of posts on this issue, and have tried my best to investigate the concerns with the hope of ensuring that the child gets the necessary attention, the more I delved, the more it seemed to be a mixture of genuine concerns but at the same time the issue was interspersed with political point scoring on behalf of Anti PTI proponents, either way my focus had to be on the safe recovery of Ahmed Nawaz, regardless of who paid the bill

The KPK govt from the get-go had promised compensation to all victims (Rs 20 Lacs each) and full medical coverage of the injured, the media attention raised by his father succeeded in grabbing more extended coverage by the KPK Govt, which additionally also pledged Rs. 3.5 Million to him if he needed international treatment, if such treatment options were not available in Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan in lieu of PML-N point scoring also pledged coverage to the child at PIMS Islamabad, but despite these promises it seemed the father was still discontent and was pushing to take Ahmed Nawaz abroad for further treatment as the medical attention was not up to par in Pakistan, I personally do not blame him, as a father, whose son may have suffered the most traumatic incident of his life – he has the right to get the best for his son.

The PTI Social Media team raised these concerns to PTI Chairman Imran Khan to investigate this matter personally, the Chief Minister of KPK Pervaiz Khattak and also the Health Minister Shahram Tarkai. All were forthcoming and assured the best possible treatment is being offered at all level, still there seemed to be some social media naysayers (maybe rightly so) who were in direct contact with the father and he expressed his utter dissatisfaction at any/all cooperation. And it was then pushing the citizen activists groups to lobby for support and in generosity pledge financial assistance for further treatment of Ahmed Nawaz abroad – viz-a-viz the KPK Govt had pledged full support in Pakistan (and now also abroad) if good/decent treatment is not available in Pakistan, but if its the fathers personal desire to take Ahmed Nawaz abroad then the funds can be raised from public donations but the focus to defame PTI govt in KPK on this issue is unwarranted.

As the entire debate continued, even the Chairman PTI Imran Khan was genuinely concerned and he then requested an independent individual to visit Ahmed Nawaz in LRH who then sent a detailed progress report to the Chairman and the entire email is reproduced as follows – which was forwarded to the PTI Social Media Team with the following text as well

PTI Social Media teams should make this viral. Ahmed Nawaz is being looked after with full support from KPK Govt, read Shahzad’s email whom I had personally requested to investigate – Not many people know what KPK Govt is doing for the APS students who got injured. Do also highlight that the Shaheeds parents have been compensated with Rs 20 Lakhs each as well ~ IK

The email sent to Imran Khan on 24th Jan regarding Ahmed Nawaz is as follows

From: Shahzad K.B
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 21:23:23 +0500
To: Imran Khan


I personally went to the hospital and saw Ahmed Nawaz on the next day after dua and your announcement to send him abroad for treatment if required. He is admitted in the Lady Reading Hospital, under the care of a cardiovascular surgeon. The patient was hit in his left upper arm with three injuries;

  1. His brachial artery was damaged which was properly repaired and there is no impairment in the blood flow.
  2. Humerus bone open fractured, which was externally fixed – no issues.
  3. Possible damage to Radial artery, which usually causes wrist drop, a condition when the patient cannot extend the wrist joint and his hand.  The opinion of doctors is divided on whether or not the case is that of a wrist drop.

My own observation is that the movement in his hand and fingers show good enough evidence that it will regain its strength and should be ok in due course of time. We all know nerve injuries take longer to heal.

The child is otherwise healthy and pink cheeked. According to the doctors he could have even joined back with his family, should there be no undue expectations of going abroad, and the rest of the recovery will be better at home with good care, balanced diet and regular physiotherapy. there is no danger to his life as such.

However, due to the (undue) media hype, the patient has been referred to PIMS, where the joint medical board of PIMS and Lady Reading Hospitals will reassess the condition of the patient and propose action.

First line of action could be to send the patient to Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi which has the state of art facilities to treat such cases. Meanwhile, an appointment is also being sought from a medical center in London. No confirmation as yet of the dates of admission.

The Chief Minister has already approved a summary allocating Rs 3.5 Million for the treatment of the patient, both home (AKUH, Karachi) and also abroad if needed in UK

Ahmed Nawaz is the last patient remaining out of the 44 injured received on 16th December, out which 17 were sent back with minor injuries and treatment the very next day.  All the rest of the patients are extremely grateful and one of them leaving last on the day I visited LRH was almost in tears , not able to express his gratitude. Not a single paisa was charged to any patient.

I also visited the four patients remaining in the CMH, who were all out of danger and taken very good care of. The case of one Walid was the most challenging, whose right side of the face, cheek bone and palate were blown off. To my utter surprise the whole reconstruction of his face, cheek bone and palate has been completed fully and it only requires post-op care.

What really disappoints, rather frustrates me is that no one makes an effort to find out facts and just blow out everything that they hear without finding facts. Rest assured all concerns of APS school have been taken good care off




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10 responses to “Update on the APS Injured Student Ahmed Nawaz”

  1. sarfraz syed Avatar
    sarfraz syed

    if all what has been informed to Imran Bahi is correct!!! Then it is grate
    But if he has been informed in a DARBARY way like PML-N then it is very sad
    because Imran is a sinceer person in his nature, he has the right to know the hardest truth


    thank you so much for detailed information doc, but as a matter of fact only day before yesterday i spoke with his father and he claimed that kpk government is only making political statements for their personal campaign. i have not received any help from their government. He pleaded on being helped, even gave out his NIC no and bank account no(ABL) at Dalazk road, for all those who want to send in their donations. I only demanded soft copy of Ahmed’s medical file so that a letter from a concerned doctor abroad could be issued and rest i was going to arrange with help of friends here and in Europe. But its been more than 24 hours he has not responded again. Hope he is in good hands. Best regards Khan in Sindh.

  3. sarfraz syed Avatar
    sarfraz syed

    Imran should come back on the streets, it is time that he should come out of the dream world that the Government will keep its promises, to PTI or the public. His nieve trust in the words of MUNSHI are dammaging PTI and the country

  4. zafarullah Avatar

    Government of KPK must keep the people aware of the situation and should disclose everything on time to the media so the people of Pakistan will not believe in rumours.

  5. Muhammad Younis Khan Avatar
    Muhammad Younis Khan

    May I request Imran Khan to mobilize media team to inform people on such great initiatives of the Government of KPK. People are eager to hear such news and strengthen their belief on naya Pakistan,

  6. Armaghan Javaid Avatar
    Armaghan Javaid

    I request all insafians, party members, cabinet members to share only the truth with IK. He can take measures only after knowing the real facts.
    And always keep media updated on every minor issue. Bcoz anti Pti are always looking for point scoring and ways to create rumours

  7. Dr. Fida Khan Avatar
    Dr. Fida Khan

    Dear IK please take a serious look at my points for Naya Peshawar.
    As soon as possible please start planning and constructing Roads and Bridges all the way from Hayatabad to connect it to M1 Motorway thru Northern By-pass. We the people of Hayatabad and surrounding people finding it so difficult to reach Motorway thru the existing University road. Before you do anything please make Islamabad type Expressway from Hayatabad all the way to Motorway. People will remember you everytime they use this Peshawar Expressway. The only good thing Nawaz Sharif did was Motorway believe me. Please just concentrate on means of Communication. Also be available in Peshawar to supervise all these projects yourself like what is going on in Lahore. Please don’t waste time in Lahore or Islamabad unless necessary. Pay attention to Peshawar first. Make Non-Stop roads and Side Walks in Peshawar.
    After Peshawar make another Expressway from Mardan Interchange to Mingora Swat this road is very much neglected. Nawaz Sharif should have started first Swat Motorway before Hazara but what we can do his son in law reside there. So please start doing these projects before it is too late. You must complete this projects before next election…..

    1. ahmmad g Avatar
      ahmmad g

      Good . Very nice

  8. ahmmad Avatar

    Pti is not right why (stupid language ) parhy likhy gahil . Kya hamra deen Islam Aur hamary Maa bap ki talim ye he batati hai hum ko k saber na kary Aur sab ko ghali dena bura bala kehna shuru kar dy?

  9. ahmmad g Avatar
    ahmmad g

    Pti is not right why (stupid language ) parhy likhy gahil . Kya hamra deen Islam Aur hamary Maa bap ki talim ye he batati hai hum ko k saber na kary Aur sab ko ghali dena bura bala kehna shuru kar dy?