Axact Landing in Hot water over Degree Mill Scam

Today early morning New York Times Pakistan Desk editor Declan Walsh publishes an expose on Axact and its Degree Mill Scam that has been under the covers for many years.  Previously any attempt to expose this company usually ended up in a legal cease and desist letter issued to anyone whosoever published anything negative on Axact.

We, as independent bloggers suffered the same fate when in 2008 Unaiza Naseem published an simple inquisitive story Unveiling operations of a local software house

Now that this article was printed in a news paper, I have the urge to know if there’s any fact in the software house “AXACT” doing porn business. There are links in the article that show the name of the software house and the discussion forums from the employees

It landed her with a hefty lawsuit which the metroblogging team in LA fully resisted and refused to delete the link – but Unaiza was tormented locally in Karachi,

Axact ultimately petitioned Google to have it removed from its search results.  The chilling effects reproduction of the notice shows that the Sindh high court notice is against Ummat newspaper, they only included KMB links and got away with it from Google.  Similar incidents have happened to WCCF techie forum run by Saad Abdullah, who reportedly deleted the forum topic 20 days later to avoid unnecessary issues.

Declan Walsh it seems finally reported this news story with support from an ex-employee who has provided him with some concrete evidence of the scam happening in the name of online degree mills.  $600,000 from only 22 customers, is a goldmine

In October, Mr. Jamshaid quit Axact and moved to the United Arab Emirates, taking with him internal records of 22 individual customer payments totaling over $600,000.  Mr. Jamshaid has since contacted most of those customers, offering to use his knowledge of Axact’s internal protocols to obtain refunds. Several spurned his approach, seeing it as a fresh effort to defraud them. But a few, including Mohan, accepted his offer. After weeks of fraught negotiations, Axact refunded Mohan $31,300 last fall

Once the story went public – some digital forensic experts spotted some commonalitiy spread across all the Axact websites, the presence of the exact same Live Chatting app being used across all websites – all leading to the Axact Chat Server found at

Simply open any Axact Site – Click – Live Chat Now – view the source code and see the magic happen. Watch this quick video of randomly selected websites from NYTimes published list of Axact’s scam universities and you see how all lead to the same dead horse located on Kh-e-Ittehad

For those Karachiites living in Karachi have also wonder as to how the Axact building “grew” three additional floors, when DHA/CCB bylaws prevent any building beyond the standard ground plus four buildings, the mystery in not much of a mystery for those in the know, I too dont want to comment on it mostly worried about the inconvenience of unnecessary law suits, I leave it as a simple innocent question and you are welcome to do the maths






3 responses to “Axact Landing in Hot water over Degree Mill Scam”

  1. james Avatar

    If you do a tracert (network trace) for the domain,, and the fake university sites, it appears that all of them appear to be served from the same server group and IP address range. I also can’t figure out who owns, they don’t seem to be mentioned on WHT or anywhere else, and are in turn hosted by SingleHop.

  2. THomas Dreyer Avatar
    THomas Dreyer

    Yes I was also scammed by them using one of their recent websites:

    it also has the same “live chat” which traces back to

    this might be why they disappeared of the face of the planet suddenly and I cant get hold of them