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24 MQM MNA’s Sign Pakistan Protection Act, to Seal their Militant Workers fate

One year back on facebook I wrote as to how 24 MNA’s voted yes to the Pakistan Protection Bill – giving LEA’s sweeping powers to take control – I even warned that this bill would have impact on them mostly then anyone else

Now one year down the road abundant MQM militants have been taken to task and at each 90 becomes a crying fest “dewar saye laga diya” they should first crucify their MNA’s for rubber stamping this bill to seal their workers fate !!

24 MQM MNA’s voted YES to the Pakistan Protection Bill – which gives LEA’s sweeping powers and legal cover, so if the next day when some MQM militant gets killed in an “encounter”

So when that unfortunate day comes, the MQM workers & Rabita committee should blame its 24 MNA’s who voted AYE to the Pakistan Protection Bill

… Now when Bhai wakes up in London he calls it a Black Law and seems to have missed the memo. Ironically this bill has been on the floor for a few months !! and the MQM parliamentarians voted as per consultations from London.

So im wondering whats going on

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