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’47 The Unfinished Agenda

Saturday night I had the opportunity to preview the documentary
” ’47 The Unfinsihed Agenda” a well produced peice by Saadia Ashraf.

Talks about the problematic borders of Pakistan – Its a step in the right direction to promote the Pakistan cause albeit a bit twisted to the Paki version nevertheless amazing job

Well done Saadia


Bookmark this site if you are interested in discovering the latest Pakistani music scene.

They publish an online monthly newsletter, which is an outstanding piece of work, as well as a decent BLOG –

BandBaja you ROCK


A website that one should surely pay a vist –

this group of individuals ask people to write manuscripts published in adobe format on any topic that is of interest – browse through the website im sure you might find some good reading.

To love thy Child

Allow me to introduce my baby boy – Zaafir Habib Alvi. To say the least simply a bundle of joy.

I come home from work and walk into the ever joyous welcoming smile greeting me on the driveway, that simple act lasting for probably barely a minute washes away all the tensions from work. Not to say work is hectic – I love dentistry but even then its amazing.

I can’t expect that much love and affection from any other child except your own. Zaafir with his smelly diapers 🙂 is still my twinkle twinkle star of my life – oops and also my wife Sadiqa (she’ll love the side note – wish me luck tonight)

Wide world of people – talk to you later

Email to Blog service

Im impressed at the developers at GOOGLE to be able to develop such a user friendly service – you name it anything published by GOOGLE is outstanding – I am a loyal fan of google – here is an EMAIL-BLOG test

CYA next time

Mobile Blogging into the Next Frontier

Technology leaps forward by leaps each and every day the open world with its unregulated policies permits companies to be creative and hence today I can blog from my cell – what the future holds next year, I dare not even predict

On the other hand the Government of Pakistan feels threatened by each and every new idea and regulations are created to block the progress. What good is a govt that is consumed with monitoring of its own people – it should be worried about other problems –

might one need to outline the problems – i doubt as we all are well aware of the present state of affairs in Pakistan

Until next time

Bush in his acceptance speech

excerpt from Slate.com

Back to the Future
What Bush would do if he were president.

For $2.4 trillion, guess what wordother than “a,” “and,” and “the” occurs most frequently in the acceptance speech George W. Bush delivered tonight.

The word is “will.” It appears 76 times. This was a speech all about what Bush will do, and what will happen, if he becomes president.

Except he already is president. He already ran this campaign. He promised great things. They haven’t happened. So, he’s trying to go back in time. He wants you to see in him the potential you saw four years ago. He can’t show you the things he promised, so he asks you to envision them. He asks you to be “optimistic.” He asks you to have faith.

“Since 2001, Americans have been given hills to climb and found the strength to climb them,” said Bush. “Now, because we have made the hard journey, we can see the valley below. Now, because we have faced challenges with resolve, we have historic goals within our reach and greatness in our future.”

Are the Saudians guilty of 9/11


After the Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11” was released it has haunted the Saudian Government to such an extent that they have launched a web campaign and adverts were displayed on Slate.com (picture attached)

Are the Saudians really guilty or is it just a clean up affair? One has to wonder – I am secretly glad that the Saudians were shipped out in time BUT then agaiin WHY? why them only i would then say BUSH is to blame and is guilty – he must have been in a haste to remove all evidence ASAP –

According to the Richard Clark in his book titled “Against All Enimes” he quotes Bush as saying that “find if Saddam is involved”. Bush only wanted revenge and that meant removing Saddam and invading Iraq like he has done so already


Here is a hyperlink of the website which it redirects to check it out –

Vodafone & Orange controversy

Rumors have it – (Pakistani gossip scene)

The reason why Vodafone and Orange backed out of the Cell Phone licenses in Pakistan was due to the reason (rumor) PIA was going to sign a purchase agreement with AIRBUS but at the last moment with some US pressures backed out and committed to BOEING this infuriated the French Govt and told VODOFONE and ORANGE (both french multinationals) to back out of further commitments in Pakistan

Can anyone attest to this rumor

SA tribune Blocked

To all those pakistanis facing the problem of censorhip through the PAK GOV – as they have blocked an ANTI-MUSH artcile on SA Tribune – interested email me at

EMAIL: Devilzadvocat(at)hotmail(DOT)com
SUBJECT: SA TRIBUNE – to filter through my junk mail


What about Dentistry

Well the name goes – Pakistan Dentist – where is the blog for dentistry – well my advise to the world get a second opinion – ALWAYS – today i saw many mishandled patients – dentists are more interested in making money then doing a service – PEOPLE get a consultation then look on the net for a solution – or drop me a an email explaing the issue – ill try my best – email me at drawab “@” gmail “.” com remove the necessary colons – im trying to avoid SPAM

New here

New out to blogging –

Hi to the world out there – Im new to blogging and hope to enjoy it – just recenlty i got INVITED to GMAIL by a guy in Spain who offered the invitation in return for a POSTCARD from Pakistan – well the postcard will be mailed out tom –